What Does Light D In Kik Mean?

A great feature of Kik messenger is that it lets you know the current status of a message sent or received. Whenever you send a message, a small icon is placed against the message which tells if the message has reached, failed to reach, read, or yet to be read. So basically you can know how far the message has reached in the journey to the receiver’s device. Now, the confusion arises because there are multiple message status icons, and each of them implies a different meaning. Further, most of the letters are pretty straight forward but in some devices, ‘D’ has a different meaning depending on its shade. Now, in this article, we will crack what light ‘D’ means so that you are not confused next time when you see this icon against a sent message.kik

Cracking Message Notifications

The message status indicator on Kik app is a great way to learn the current status of the message in the journey from your mobile to the receiver’s mobile. You can come to know if the message has been delivered or not, or it is somewhere stuck. All the message status indicators are meant for the convenience of the users. Many times, we get frustrated at delayed replies and that’s where these indicators help us out in knowing if the receiver is not replying for genuine reasons. All these status codes keep us in the loop about the progress of the message and they start showing up as soon as we press the send button. Whenever you send a message, either text or any multimedia, a receipt status indicator is displayed. The ‘R’ message status means the message has been read by the receiver after it was sent and delivered. If the message shows ‘D’, it means the message has been sent from your mobile, reached the central server of Kik, and receiver’s mobile from there. The ‘D’ icon means the message has been delivered to the receiver’s mobile; it doesn’t mean the receiver has read the message. Depending on the smartphone of the receiver, the ‘D’ might appear dark in colour or solid, or it might appear as light and faded in the beginning.

Meaning Of The Light (Faded) ‘D’

Let us now understand the meaning of light or faded ‘D’. We shall use the words ‘light’ and ‘faded’ interchangeably because they mean the same in the context of Kik messenger app. When you send a message to a friend, the message goes from your device to your friend’s device via Kik server. When the message leaves your mobile phone, it is travelling towards the Kik server from where it is further sent to the receiver’s mobile. Now, if the message sent by you shows light ‘D’, it means the message has been sent as a push notification. By push notification, we mean that the message has not been fully delivered to the receiver’s mobile. The reason behind this is your friend might not have opened the Kik app or it might not be running at the moment. When the message goes as push notification, it shows light ‘D’; and when the message reaches the device of the receiver, light ‘D’ converts into solid ‘D’.

Many apps use push notifications as a means of notifying alerts, updates, or any new activity. Basically, these are reminders for the app user which are meant for immediate action by the user in the app. So next time you send a message and it shows light ‘D’, be calm and wait for the message to be read by the user before expecting a prompt reply. Sometimes, many of us in haste take light ‘D’ as delivered but as we have learnt just now, this is not the case. Light ‘D’ simply means the message is waiting for the receiver to open the app and let it establish a connection with web before finally getting delivered. When the receiver opens the app and uses it actively, the light ‘D’ will change into solid ‘D’ and when the message is read, the solid ‘D’ will change into ‘R’.

Other Kik Message Indication Statuses

  • S for Sent – it means when you send a text, the message has left your phone and has begun the journey towards the receiver’s phone. It usually takes milliseconds for the message to get delivered to Kik server so you will be able to take only a glance at it before the next status shows up.kiks
  • D for Delivered – it means the message has been delivered to the receiver’s mobile phone. There are two types of ‘D’ – light and dark. The former means the message has been sent as a push notification to the receiver and it is yet to be delivered. The dark or solid ‘D’ means the message has finally reached the receiver’s device.
  • R for Read – it means the message has been finally read by the receiver on his mobile device.hc-ios-read-receipt-r

    • … for Message Attempt – It means the message is being attempted to send at your end. When the message is sent, it will change into ‘S’. If the message hangs in this status for a long time, check your internet connection.

  • ! for Failed Message – This status means your message has failed to deliver. The reasons for which this status shows up are – poor web connectivity or server problem at your cell phone service provider’s end.

Apart from these notifications, one might also encounter a message – “Oops it looks like this person’s phone has been off/ disconnected for a while. We’ll deliver your message when they connect again”. This means that the receiver has not been active at Kik for quite some time. This message is not likely to be witnessed if you have been Kikking back and forth for quite some time. Whenever the receiver will open the app and connect it to the web, he will receive the message and then the message status on your mobile phone will follow the same path as described above.


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