How to spot kik scammers and spammers

Kik is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and there are some vices attached to it as well that include kik scammers and spammers. Like any other social media service or product, there are some elements on Kik which are harmful and filled with bad intents. Kik scammers are constantly in search of new ways to reach their potential victim users. They want to extract crucial personal and social life details from the unaware users. What makes people fall for their talks is that either they are unaware of the threats or they are not ‘trained’ enough to detect the attacks. Many times it is too late to realize that you are being targeted by the scammers for their own personal benefits. This is why we have written this article, to make you aware of the social media life risks. We shall focus on Kik scammers and the course of action to be followed if a potential scammer is detected. People have been scammed by various methods from years. With the advent of technology, the scammers have devised new ways of duping people of their money. It is always possible to get scammed in real life in person or over the phone and hundreds of complaints are a testimony of the same. With various social media platforms, they have found a new way to cheat people. Let us now read some ways to detect scammers and the ways to avert them.

What Makes A Kik Scammer 


The best thing to know about Kik scammers is that they can be real users or bots. There is not much difference in the intentions but the approach might be a little different. Since bots mimic real users, it sometimes becomes very tough to identify a real user and a bot. Since Kik bots are exclusive to Kik, there is an additional danger but the real life scammers can be found on every social media website or app. Let us first crack bots which are relatively easier to identify. Bots are automated and follow a script. They can be quite sophisticated and many a time, as we have explained, to separate Kik from real users. These bots are designed to replicate chatting with a real user which makes it a little difficult to identify a bot from a real user. If you don’t play attention carefully, you may easily confuse a bot for a real person.kik scammers

The first thing you must notice is the language used. Any unnatural sounding English should be looked upon suspiciously. You got to trust your instincts here and follow the course of natural detection. Now since Kik is being used by many people around the world, not every one of them is proficient in English. Many of them might not have English as their first language so this is not the only criteria you should follow. Further, not every English speaking country speaks or types English in the US accent or manner. If the language sounds over formal and structured, watch out. Usually, the conversations on Kik are informal in nature so if the language is too much structured and uses perfect grammar, it might be a bot. The next thing is to see the flow of conversation which might be unusual in the case of a bot. Genuine Kik users start by getting to know you first.

They may not ask direct questions naturally. So if you are chatting with someone who directly asks some questions of personal information nature, get alerted. The ultimate target of scammers is to extract your credit card details or bank details. They will not directly ask you these details for obvious reasons but lure you in availing a free discount coupon or gift card on a website. They will ask you to visit the website and enter these details as a part of verification process. This is again an alert alarm because no one throws gift coupons just like that. If you are redirected to a website where you are asked to enter any details, exit the website immediately. Another trick applied by bots is to send ‘invites’ to play online games.

These bots often pose as a ‘female’ to target Kik using men and boys and extract bank details out of them. Bots are programmed to mimic humans so it is quite natural to fall for their luring offers. If the ‘person’ you are chatting with sounds too good to be true, be aware of his intentions. Start questioning a lot because it will irritate him to the point he will back out or get confused. If the bot asks you to click any website link or download any app, do not proceed at all. This is the common method of scamming people into getting their details. So this is how you detect a scammer bot and eventually save yourself from being duped or cheated.


Many times the kik scammers are not actually bots but real users. These users work day and night to scam people, cheat them in any manner possible, and even cause harm. You cannot afford to be naïve when it comes to the web. It is very essential to be alert while using any website, app, or downloading any content. With the plethora of websites and apps, the possibility of malware, virus, Trojans, and spam ware has increased manifold. If you don’t remain alert, you are likely to fall for their enticing offers and claims. Now since these scammers are real people, it is tough to identify them in the first place. However, many of the factors that we explained about scammer bot detection apply here as well.

After all, every kik scammer just wants to get hold of your money. Scammers may be located in your neighborhood or any other country. Since they are professionally scamming people, it is a bit difficult to understand their intentions on the basis of language alone. They may have developed a good command of English with years of practice and training. Now coming to the next stage of the identification process, be very careful when someone approaches you. Now, it means that when a totally random stranger messages you on Kik, get a little suspicious.

Do not divulge any information till the person confirms his identity and you start to recognize him. It is the rule of the thumb that the person who imitates messaging introduces himself so if the person messages you first, just ask him to confirm his identity by any manner. If the person just sends you a link and disappears, do not click the link at all. Some scammers cook up a story about their ailing parents and will try to ask for donations. Do not fall for such stories and don’t proceed with anything until you recognize him. If you have some doubt about the story or the person, stop chatting immediately. To double check on the person, you can search for his username on any search engine.

If people have reported about him or had bitter experience with him, you will come to know. This is not a sure shot method though very effective if the person has not made several IDs and usernames on Kik. Of course, the best way is to avoid chatting with people you don’t know in real life. This is the best method to be safe from being approached by creepy strangers and scammers. If it seems too radical, well it is! But this is how 100% guarantee of safety is ensured. Further, you must pass on your username only to the people you know if you want to talk to a limited number of friends and family members.


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