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Disclaimer: The information provided in the following article is strictly for educational purpose. It should not be used in any manner to violate the terms of KIK Login Online and all the trademarks associated with it. Read KIK Messenger Terms of Service for details.

About KIK Messenger

KIK Messenger was developed by a group of passionate students from University of Waterloo in 2009. It was intended to shift the focus from computers to smartphones and enable users to keep up with the conversation on the go. A little short than a decade, it became a great way to connect with friends and family in the easiest possible manner. The app reduced the communicational distance and filled the void of staying connected all the while. One of the prime features of KIK is that it protects the identity of the user and is easy to sign up. There is no requirement of putting phone number anywhere. There is no restriction of the session, and you can message as long and as much as you wish to. A lot of people still don’t have access to a laptop or a desktop and primarily use smartphone, which is why the app is extremely popular among masses.

For those who have access to a computer system, KIK has evolved itself to be used on computer as well. It has been designed perfectly to integrate with personal life by the means of technology. Statistics say there are over 275 million KIK Messenger users across 230 countries. Check out how to use KIK Messenger online on computer system in the following article and other ways to harness its potential to the maximum.

Principles of KIK – Online Instant Messaging

Just like the SMS, KIK lets the user send messages to another person in his contacts. The difference being, to send an SMS, you need mobile number of another person but to send messages over KIK, you just need to know his KIK username. Apps like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and BBM use an active internet connection to send messages and multimedia however they need mobile number of the recipient, unlike KIK. It was designed keeping in mind the online security and anonymity of users. When it was launched in October 2010, little the developers know that it will rake in 1000000 users within 15 days of its launch. Since then, the app has garnered millions of users. KIK uses cellular data or Wi-Fi to send a message to anyone who has KIK installed in his device. Those who don’t have KIK installed on their device cannot receive or send a message from and to respectively another person with KIK.

Highlights of KIK Messenger App

KIK is completely free to use and there are no ads or pop-ups to bother between the chat. It makes money through in-app purchases like stickers. There is no limitation on the number of messages sent in a day to friends or family members. There is no restriction on the number of media messages as well. You can set a status and let everyone know your current status or availability. It will show if you are busy, at school, at gym. You can also set custom status for everyone to see, which includes the contacts in your messenger. Status of other contacts can also be seen through the messenger app. If you send a message to someone and he has read it, you will get to know. This is the form of acknowledgment of message delivery and reading.

KIK Features List

  • KIK allows its users to send and get text messages, photos, videos, sketches, websites, and much more all within the app.
  • It is based on created username, rather than real name derived from Facebook or Twitter hence protects privacy.
  • You can also group chat with other friends in your circle however the limit for the number of persons in a group is 10.
  • It has a built-in web browser that lets you surf the internet without leaving the app. You can easily share links too.
  • You can share profile within the app to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter thereby connecting to more friends globally.
  • KIK also lets you play games in single player and multiplayer mode and chat with other people conversing on trendy topics.

How To Do kik login online

Primarily, KIK was developed to be used on mobile devices of different platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. However, owing to the latest technological changes and improvements, KIK is also available to be used on computers. Thus, there are two ways to use KIK now – on mobile and on computer system. Using KIK on mobile requires a smartphone and data connection, either from phone or Wi-Fi whereas using it on computer requires a computer system (desktop or laptop), active internet connection, and special software called emulator. Let us first understand the conventional method of using KIK, on mobile and later on progress to using KIK on computer system.


Using KIK on Computer System

Owing to the developments and continuous efforts to integrate devices, KIK can also be used on PC without any difficulty. Apart from a PC and internet connection, you will need emulators to run KIK on your computer. Unfortunately, KIK Interactive, the developers of KIK, have not release a desktop or online version. Which leaves users to stick to the native method i.e. phone. However, with the help of a wonderful tool called emulator, we can simulate the phone environment on desktop and easily run KIK. Thus, the app will run on desktop in the same way it runs on mobile and that too without any lags or hang. The emulator here acts as an android device which is registered with Google and thus follows all the legal policies and terms of use. There are many emulators available to use however the top three are – BlueStacks, official Android emulator, and Andyroid.

We suggest either BlueStacks or Andyroid because the official Android emulator is intended for developers and has a difficulty curve for beginners. It is important that you have a Google Play account since emulators or KIK won’t install in absence of a Google Play account. Google won’t let you download apps from its store unless you have an android device that is compatible and which has Google Play logged in. if you don’t have an android device, ask your friend or family member to login into your account on their device. It doesn’t matter if you are using Windows or Mac; all you need to have is a little patience since the process takes a little longer than it takes in mobile.

You can easily download KIK to your computer and not just smart-phone. It will allow you to access KIK right in the comfort of your home at your personal computer. A great feature is that it is compatible with MAC and Windows simultaneously. Using KIK on computer will allow you to access the messenger where cell-phones are prohibited or nor getting sufficient network. Further, you can use the messenger on computer if your phone is on charge. There is no extra cost in using KIK on computer hence you need not worry about spending anymore. One important point here is that if you are using KIK on PC, you will be logged out of KIK on mobile phone automatically. This is to ensure that no impersonation is being carried out.

Features of KIK for Computer

  • KIK runs on computer system in the same way it runs on the mobile phone, thereby ensuring there is no difficulty in accessing the app on computer.
  • Using KIK on computer enables the user to exchange messages in the comfort of his home, with a larger screen, better graphics, and ease to type.
  • All the functions of KIK run similarly as they do in the mobile phone. The icons and options are same so the user doesn’t face any problem in using the app.
  • By using KIK on computer, you can continue working with other software. You can play music, send emails, and browse through your system altogether.
  • Like mobiles, KIK can be run on computer system without any cost. You can download the app for free from the respective app store and enjoy chatting.

Installation of KIK on Computer System

Use Of Emulator

An emulator is software or hardware that allows a particular computer system to act like another computer system. Using the emulator will allow your computer system to act as a mobile device. This is how KIK Messenger app will be made to fit to play on the computer system. An emulator is an excellent way to use the mobile apps on the computer, without any lag or hang. Two main emulators can be used in PC; we have given the description of both the emulators here.

KIK for PC using Andyroid

The best option for choosing an android emulator is Andyroid. It is relatively new but easy to install and configure. It has been awarded as well for its stability and simple interface that doesn’t confuse a user. The guide here will give you information on downloading the emulator Andyroid, then installing KIK, and finally running it on the computer. The whole process is free so all you need to have is patience and enthusiasm. Make sure you have an android device and Google Play account. If you don’t have any android device, borrow from a friend, sign in into your account and then sign out quick as soon as the device is registered. Here are the steps to download Andyroid and KIK:

  • Access net and download the emulator. On clicking the download, it will be saved automatically to the desired location of downloads.
  • Once it is finished, double click the Andyroid icon and start the installation process. Now, follow all the steps. Make sure not to skip anything.
  • On installing the emulator, you shall see a screen similar to a new Android tablet screen. The latest version of Andyroid is running on Jelly Bean version.
  • Now, access the Google Play icon at the bottom right of the screen by double clicking it. You will be prompted to login into your Google Play account.
  • It will sync your personal account onto Andyroid now. After syncing, search for KIK Messenger in Google Play and download the same when it shows up.
  • Once KIK is finished downloading, you can double click the app and start using it. You can either create an account or login into the existing one, congratulations now you have kik login online enabled at your end.kik-login-online-users

Note: It is important to have latest graphics card since emulators use graphics heavily. Weak graphic card or old version of the same card will suck the life out of RAM and make processing incredibly slow to work.

KIK for PC using BlueStacks

You may also use BlueStacks as an option, however there are some bugs. Usually, people face issues with it while pairing with different graphic cards. An error message is returned on pairing the graphics card. It is also tough to pair Google Play account with BlueStacks if you don’t own an android device. There have been also reports of error with 1-click option for syncing the devices. However, despite all these flaws, the emulator is very efficient and backed with great investments of time, efforts, and money. Developers are continuously improving the emulator in terms of performance. They are running the system on different platforms and with different apps. Emulator comes with preloaded package of apps; many of them are either suggested or sponsored. Here are the steps to download BlueStacks. All the aforementioned precautions and requirements regarding Google Play account apply here as well.

  • First, download Android emulator BlueStacks by clicking PC download button on its official website.
  • Now, install it in the PC by following all the instructions as they follow up and show on the screen.
  • Once the installation of BlueStacks is complete, open the emulator by double clicking its icon.
  • Interface of BlueStacks in terms of icons and placement will be similar to any other android smartphone.
  • Click the “1 click sync” button to sync Google Play account with BlueStacks app on the computer system.
  • Go through the login and enter Google username and password correctly in the respective fields.
  • Now, the KIK app will be synced with the BlueStacks emulator. Now, go to the app store and search for KIK.
  • Click the icon for KIK Messenger to install it to the computer system. Let the installation get complete.
  • When installation is over, sign-in into KIK app and begin using it. The complete process will take 10 minutes.

Caution: On logging into KIK using the computer, all the data of KIK on mobile phone will be erased. You may also face some compatibility issues between app and emulator. Now since the application has increasingly becoming popular, we hope this issue to be resolved soon.


Using KIK on Mac

If you are having a Mac in your home, you might be thinking that you may get Apple advantage however KIK has not been released for Mac either. It is now in Alpha testing so currently unavailable to use. Some of the options that can be tried to access KIK on Mac are:

  • Preinstalled Boot Camp, which will let you download Windows on Mac. Later, you can use Windows on Mac and follow any of the steps above to get KIK Messenger on computer.
  • Another option is ManyMo, which is an online emulator and doesn’t actually run on the computer. In this, a user logs into his ManyMo account and runs a virtual emulator. From there, he can upload KIK and run it easily on Mac. This option is also good for those who don’t want to install a software to their system.

KIK for Mac using Manymo

Manymo is a popular android emulator which can be used to do kik login online on the computer system. It will allow you to access any of the mobile apps directly from Manymo online service. Basically, an interface is created which mimics the android phone and virtual in nature. Manymo is free to download and easy to use, you can just signup for the service and upload KIK messenger to use on this virtual platform. To use Manymo and later KIK, you need a Google Play account, so that you can download the APK file and upload the same in emulator.

  • Open Google Play and register the device by signing up. This step will allow accessing the applications.
  • Now, sign into the emulator to begin. Find the KIK app on Google Play and download the APK file.
  • Save the APK file and create its backup copy because in free version, you have to download it every time.
  • Create an account and signup. Note down the information separately for login next time.
  • Choose to upload KIK app on the emulator. You can choose the screen size here for better visibility.
  • Hit the “Launch with App” button and locate the APK file for KIK on the computer.
  • Finally, upload the KIK Messenger online and start conversation with friends using your computer.
  • All the conversations will be synced with KIK on computer, if you use your KIK user information.

Using KIK on Computer System

Get started by registering account on KIK. Once the application opens on the mobile device, you will have to press “register” button as the next step. Now, all the asked personal information shall be filled. If you have an account already, press “login” button. You can use KIK users only if you have allowed the app to find your friends. The app is powered to find names, email IDs, and numbers in the contacts of the phone. It will return with the list of those users who have KIK installed and use the same. You can disable the option of getting searched later. For this, you have to tap the gear icon and click “Chat Settings” and follow “Address Matching”.

  1. Adding Friends

It is very easy to add friends on KIK. You have to start by tapping the “Speech Bubble” which will be in the upper right corner. Enter KIK username or real name in the search field to find that friend. Click name of the desired user and tap it. KIK also allows you to find people with interests same as yours. For this, you have to enter the respective interest or hobby in the search field. If there is a group for that particular interest, it will show up in the search column. You can create a group on your own if there isn’t any group. Other people may choose to join the group if they share similar interests.

  1. Adding Photos

KIK also enables you to send photos with messages. For this, you have to press the “+” button by the message field. On tapping the button, the app will open option to send a photo or video already in the gallery or take photo at the instance. For fresh photo, you have to click the icon that resembles a camera. When you take your photo and press the arrow button, photo will be sent to the person the chat is going on with. Depending upon the data speed, the photo or video will be sent immediately or after a few seconds.

  1. Adding Emojis

To add characters and fun graphics to the chats, you can send emojis. It will help you to enhance the quality of conversation and imparts an idea about the tone of the message. A message without emoji usually lacks the emotional connect. Emojis give you various facials expressions icons to send. All you have to do is choose the correct emoji and tap on it. The emoji will be placed where the type cursor is present. Not just facial expressions, there will be a wide array of emoticons that you can use which includes symbols, animals, dishes, and graphical numbers.

  1. Searching Contacts

You can search for the contacts on KIK in your phone book either by letting the app automatically read them or by manually searching. KIK app will read the contacts and search for the person by its name, mobile number, and email ID.

Comparison of Android Emulators

Here is the quick comparison of major emulators that can be used to run KIK on computer system i.e. to do kik login online. Performance of each emulator depends on the graphics card, computer system, and internet connection speed. You can choose any emulator that suits your taste however we suggest reading the following table before proceeding to get one. There is a new emulator after every few days but the top three have been listed here.

Serial Number Emulator Pros Cons
1 Official Android Emulator ·         Official Google emulator hence no or little bugs and tons of support.

·         Works perfectly on setting up.

·         Not meant for general use and inclined towards developers.

·         Requires coding to set up.

·         Big hurdle for beginners and novice users.

2 BlueStacks ·         Most widely used Android emulator out there.

·         Heavily funded and backed thus lots of support in development and updates.

·         General reviews found it to be the most difficult emulator to work with.

·         Creates problems with graphics card etc.

·         Doesn’t feature a full Android user interface like others.

3 Andyroid ·         It has fetched some of the best reviews on the web.

·         You can use your phone to direct and control Andyroid.

·         It accepts push notifications, if you wish to push KIK messages to Andyroid.

·         Since this is the newest simulator, it may be a little buggy. However, to each his own.

·         It is not well funded or backed hence may get updates less than the others.


Using KIK on Mobile Phone

Features of KIK for Mobile

  • Various platforms have various app stores for KIK to do kik login online; user needs to visit the respective app store to download the app.
  • Mobile is the conventional and primary form of using KIK. The app was primarily made to function on mobile phones.
  • It enables the users to communicate with other KIK users, while on the go thereby ensuring conversations never break.
  • Mobile KIK uses either phone’s data or Wi-Fi, which depends on the internet settings chosen by the user for access.
  • You can use mobile where laptops aren’t accessible and simultaneously, exchange messages while travelling or away.

Installation of KIK on Mobile Phone

To use KIK on mobile phone is the conventional method of using this online IM app. All you need to have is a smartphone and internet connection in the form of phone data or Wi-Fi. Now, depending upon the type of smartphone you have, you need to visit its app store. For Android, Windows, and Apple, you need to open Google Play, Windows App Marketplace, and iTunes respectively. Now, once the app store opens, search for KIK. On locating the app, tap its icon and begin installation of the same. Progress of installation can be seen in the notification bar on the screen.

Once the app is downloaded to the mobile, tap its icon to open. Now, you will have to create an account and register to begin using KIK. On the main screen, tap “Register”. The next screen will ask for first name, last name, email ID, birthday, and password. You also need to choose a KIK username. Once all the details have been filled, tap “Register”. To complete the registration, you will have to enter the capcha code from the image. This step ensures that you are not a robot. Enter the capcha code carefully and tap “Finish” button”. You will now be taken to the welcome page where you will be asked for sync of contacts. You can also choose contacts manually. Once the contacts are synced, you are ready to use KIK.

So, we can see that using KIK on the computer is same as using KIK on mobile device. So next time you are unable to use your mobile phone but have ready access to the computer system, KIK Messenger for PC is the way out! You can keep up with the conversation you are having and have fun!


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