How to Kikme on kik messenger, ping all your kik friends at once

Kikme is how Kik users greet each other or invite strangers to use this highly popular online instant messaging app known as Kik. To any uninitiated person, it may sound like as if someone is asking for a ‘Kick’ but it is a way of inviting people to use Kik or chat on Kik. If you are looking for new friends to chat with or want everyone in your contact list, it is always said ‘Kikme’. Of the entire online messaging app, Kik is distinctive and very cool which is why around 70% of its users are below 24 years of age. They are socially active and making friends on Kik from all over the world. Around 240 million people have already downloaded Kik on their mobile devices and around 250,000 people are downloading the app to register, every single day! The app was built to bring people closer so it is very easy to find new friends on it. All you have to do is share your username and start chatting. You can share your username on all the social media platforms you use such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. You can either post the username or use hashtag to reach out for wider audience. Also, there are numerous Kik Friends Finder websites which have millions or profiles waiting to connect and get connected globally.

Security And Identity Protection

One of the main features of this app is that it protects identity completely. The app has been designed to keep your identity secure from displaying anywhere. All the login details are not shared publicly. You don’t use your social media profile or mobile number to get chatting with anyone. All you need to share it your username which can be totally random and doesn’t have to bear any resemblance with your real name or identity. Kik messenger doesn’t use your mobile phone number or social media profile to identify you to other users. The username we have talked about here can be anything but it must be unique and shouldn’t have been taken by anybody else.

So a Kik user just gets to see the username and nothing else. Of course, you still have to play your part in maintaining your online anonymity and safety. For this, do not give any personal details ever without identifying the person on the other end. Be very cautious if he asks for your name, address, city, street, phone number, workplace, school, college, email ID, birth-date, or vehicle number. Passing on such information to any stranger is like inviting a lot of troubles. For cross verification of the person on the other end, you may ask for his photo or video.

It will give you an assurance that the other person you are chatting with has not lied about his age and gender. That said, there are many fake camera apps available that allow people to make a stored photo appear as if it taken when it was sent. There are some modified Kik apps as well which support this function. Fake camera apps let you send a photo with fake timestamp of date and time. So a photo taken in June 2015 will appear as if it is taken instantly. Many dubious and fraud people use this function excessively to extract information for any reason.

There may be an older person who is claiming to be in his 20s or there may be a man pretending to be a girl; so the bottom-line is there can be anything and you need to be alert about this. It is recommended to exchange a short clip or photos to cross verify a person. Further, you must also tell each other some action to be followed in the video to double check the person is genuine. Prescribed video is the sure-shot method which no fake camera app can cheat. For example, ask the person to send a video while he is brushing lower teeth. Crazy it may appear but hope you got the idea! Or ask her to say your username thrice with putting finger on the cheeks. Make sure to change it with every new person you meet or initiate chat with.

Getting To Know Kik

When someone says ‘Kik’, it can imply the following:

  • The app itself, ‘Are you on Kik?’ OR ‘Do you use Kik?’
  • The username, ‘What’s your Kik?’ OR ‘Drop your Kik.’
  • The message sent, ‘Send me a Kik’ OR ‘Kik that video.’

Kikme is the phrase which is unique to Kik users. It is a special kind of web-lingo they have developed. If you wish to invite someone to use Kik or send you a message on Kik, all you have to say is Kikme. It has become universal and all the Kik users will understand that you are referring to a chat or invite. It is often used as a hashtag and combined with other hashtags as well such as #kikboys, #kikgirls #kiksportsfreaks. You can use it alone or in combination to find the friends of your choice. So it is a guarantee that you will find a lot of friends to chat with, and most often with common interests and hobbies.

So you can start chatting with them and have fun! There are multiple features such as emojis, stickers, and points to share. Above that, there are bots you can share with your friends and extend the communication level. There are so many Kik users around the world that you will never get bored again! You can take the help of social media as well and search for your friends on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, depending upon your post privacy settings, you can find thousands of people waiting to be messaged or message.


Or you may choose a safer route and set the privacy of your post to friends only or friends of friends. You can specify your chat preferences with another hashtag. For example, if you are about to chat with strangers only on culture and tourism, you can post like – kikme #kikme #cultureandtourism #cleanchatonly. It will help other people know your chat preferences. Trust us; it will save you a lot of time and frustration. If anyone starts chatting with you and seems to violate your terms of chatting, you can block him. It is very necessary to post the hashtags because otherwise you will have hundreds of chats in your chat-room, and not every one of them will be good enough to proceed with.

A lot of people, using Kik for fun only, post their usernames without any restriction and specification. These people are often found across all the social media platforms and discussion forums. Many of these people are genuine but there are a few with malicious intentions. In any case, it is better to follow the safety guidelines as mentioned in the above sub-topics. Kik is freely available which is why many users create profiles just like that. For avoiding unfortunate encounters, it is better to play safe and strictly follow the norms.

Finding Friends

One of the original Kik Friends Finder is the KikPals page at Reddit. To post a kikme thread at KikPals, you must be registered with Reddit. Once you are registered, you can message your username to connect with even more friends. You must, however, abide by the page rules which are listed in the right side of the page. One such rule is that no member is permitted to post their Kik in a post within the thread. If anyone wants to make a contact, he has to send it through private message. It maintains a little bit of accountability and credibility among the users. Each person at Reddit has an email ID attached to him so it is a better idea to make safe and genuine friends. Other friend finder websites though may list hundreds and thousands of Kik usernames but there is no guarantee that these usernames are of genuine users.

Other such websites may ask for a pre-registration before joining them. These websites usually allow you to specify the nature of chat you want to proceed with so you can safely chat and meet only those people you want to share talks about common interests and hobbies. Sharing of usernames must be undertaken carefully in all the circumstances because if a person is blocked by you for any reason, he may message you again by creating a different Kik ID. We are not scaring you, just letting you know the risk involved in sharing username publicly.


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