Kik Themes : Different colours available and Installation guide

Android users that have Kik messenger downloaded to their mobile devices can change Kik themes according to their moods and personal preferences. The process of changing theme is very easy and user-friendly. One of the most popular themes available for android Kik messenger is the peppermint pink theme. The steps to change default Kik theme to peppermint pink theme takes Google Play into the role. This theme and all the other Kik themes are not available for iOS and Windows devices the reason being their strictness regarding apps in their catalog. Usually, there are a lot of apps in the android app store when compared to that of Apple or Windows devices.

Having lots of apps on android gives you the freedom to download various apps of different kinds but at the same time, many of these apps can be scams or filled with inept content. This is where the Apple and Windows phone score higher. Before we proceed to change the Kik theme to peppermint pink theme, let us understand a fact that this is not an official theme. It means that any Kik theme is not made available by Kik Interactive as of now. All the themes, including peppermint pink theme, is an unofficial way to change how your Kik app appears. There is no Kik customization authorized by Kik messenger app; so if you come across any technical problem, the developers at Kik Interactive won’t be able to help you out. Let us know understand what Kik themes are and how you can change your default theme to peppermint pink theme.

Risks in Theme Versions

Because themed Kik app is not the official version, there are some risks involved in it. A potential threat includes that the downloaded theme Kik app might discreetly send your mobile use statistics and history to its developers, a popular work of Trojans and spyware. Other risks involve spamming and virus which may cause your phone to hang or run unexpectedly slow. To reduce the chances of such errors and any malicious activity, it is always recommended to download themed versions of the app from a trusted website. You must double check the credentials of the website before downloading any app or software in general.

kik themes

Understanding Kik Theme

In the layman terms, a theme is how your app or software appears. Sometimes the word ‘skin’ is also used in the place of the theme. It is how your app, Kik in this case, will appear to you. Changing Kik theme means downloading something to your android device. You must also know that a theme is a different app and not a standalone program file. To use peppermint pink theme, you will need to delete any version of Kik you are using on your mobile device. It means that you need to save your login details and all the content you want to retain after the app is uninstalled. All the chats will be lost even after once you uninstall the app and reinstall it. You may either copy and paste the chats or take screenshots of the same. The same thing can be followed up for all the media files such as audio and video.

If you are logged in Kik messenger on your phone and uninstall it, you will be asked to log in again when you reinstall the app. sometimes, the user forgets the login details over the period of time, so it is better to recall the login details so that you are not blank when you are asked to login in the reinstalled app. The login details that are asked are an email address and password. Now, with Kik theme, you cannot use the latest version of Kik messenger. The reason for this is that themes are not supported by Kik officially. These themes are not authorized by Kik messenger developers. And as usual, using the older version of the app might show you some differences in its functioning. This is pretty normal because newer versions of any app tend to have differences in option placement and functioning.

Installing Kik Theme

Now that you have understood the risks involved in downloading and applying a theme to Kik, let us now understand how to install peppermint pink theme. The first thing is to access the device web browser. If you search for ‘peppermint pink Kik theme’, you will get many websites in the search result from where you will be able to download it. The best way, as we recommend, is downloading it from ‘Beautiful Droid’. The website shows the preview of the app layout in all the themes it has to offer. So based on the appearance, you can choose which theme to apply if not peppermint pink theme. Once you are convinced about a theme, you can proceed to download it. Downloading a theme means downloading an APK file to your mobile device system. Once the APK file is downloaded, you must install it like any other app. Remember that you will be able to install the themed version only when you have deleted the last version of Kik messenger app.

The same mobile device will not hold both versions of the app at the same time as naturally a version of the app has to be removed before downloading the desired version. Once downloaded, you must tap on the installed app icon and login into your account. The basic functioning and operation of the themed version will be similar to Kik with minor differences in features. By using the theme, only the appearance changes, not the controls and functions. Now, if you face any technical problem in using the themed version of Kik, no support will be given to you by Kik Interactive. If for some reasons, your app is not working properly, you may choose to reinstall it or download a different theme altogether. If none of the themes work fine and stable on your device, it is suggested to visit Google Play app store and download the latest official version to continue using Kik.


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