Kik – Its Popularity, Meeting People, and “Kikme”

Advent of Kik in the world of online IM apps has come along with its own lingo and slangs. Millions of users around the word communicate by the means of exchange of messages, pictures, and graphics with each other through Kik. For an outsider or a person who has never used Kik, Kikme slang might sound like “Kick Me” which is quite offensive in our perspective. However seasons Kik users know what exactly the slang refers to. Such is the popularity of this messenger that around 240 million users are using Kik to converse with their friends and family members. And with the arrival of bots, the number is only expected to rise significantly. Kik users have started asking for message by telling other Kik user, “Kikme”. It is the way how Kik users ask each other to message them.

Often when any particular tool or facility gets immensely popular, it makes way in the modern day to day language. Take for an example, Google. Now, Googling something obviously means searching for it. Google has integrated so much in our lives that ‘to search’ equals ‘to Google’. That is how technology evolves and gets incorporated in our lives. For heavy social media users, kikme, tweet, DM, and PM just conveys the message asking for a message. Looking for other users having same app was never so easy and that too with anonymity, one of the prime features of Kik. Dropping a post on Facebook or tweeting ‘Kikme’ will attract all your friends and followers respectively to message you. Rest is all hours of conversing, sharing ideas, or having sheer fun. Sounds great already!

Scaling Popularity of KikMe

As of now, Kik has already been downloaded by more than 250,000 people around the world and we assure you the number is increasing every day. Versatility of the app and its availability on Windows, Apple, and Android has made it easier for any user with any smartphone to access the app and open a world of opportunities. What is cool is that even if you are relatively new to the app and don’t have any circle of friends using the app right now, you can always proceed to chat with random people. You may also choose to search for the people who share same interests as you. So, you will never run short of interesting people to talk to!

It is estimated that Kik is being used by around 40% of teenagers in the USA and 70% of them are less than 24 years old. This particular age group is really active on Kik and they are sharing it with their friends and family members to stay in touch 24 x 7. Exposure from internet, rave reviews, and word of mouth publicity are the factors what is bringing Kik to even other continents such as Asia and Europe. Let us tell you another fun fact, according to statistics, it is estimated that users are active from around 230 countries! Talk of popularity, eh?

I Feel Exhilarated, How To Meet People On Kik?

Once you have downloaded Kik and started using it, you may find it easier to connect with friends if they are already using Kik. However, if you are a new user with almost nil number of fellow Kik users, it might be a little tough for you to get started. On downloading the Kik, the app asks your permission to read contacts and sync them. If you allow the app to do so, it reads all your contacts and automatically syncs them to the app. Kik will read details such as name, mobile number, and email ID to get hold of fellow Kik users. Once it has done reading, it will list all the users in the app who are in your phone address book.

Now, let us come to the part where you want to meet new people apart from connecting to usual friends. Now, Kik not only puts you in touch with friends in your contact book but also people around the world who use Kik. It might be a little discouraging for you initially to end up chatting with usual friends only but don’t let your heart sink already! Think of integrating WhatsApp and Facebook where you can communicate to your friends and search for strangers as well! That’s what we are talking of! It is extremely easy to find new people on Kik and get started with them. Now, it is up to you whether you want to extend your circle or keep it short and sweet. Now, the real part of the question, how to connect to strangers or my friends on Kik?

  1. There are some third party sites which are not affiliated with KIK Interactive, the developers of Kik where users around the world share their profiles, avatars, and other details. Now, if you are interested in meeting or catching up with really random users, you just need to Google specifically your requirements. Depending upon your search, you may find scores of people that cater to your search. So if you are looking for random guys or girls to talk to, you just need to search ‘kik girls’ or ‘kik guys’. This is a tricky way to attract users and make friends since many times the users are often bogus with fake profiles. Some of them might even share graphic content including pornography.
  2. This option is highly recommended because it is discreet and more private in nature. Suppose you don’t want everyone to know that you are using Kik and wish to select your own set of friends. Now, what you can do is instead of waiting for them to message you, you can search for them yourselves. This particularly will help you if you wish to Kik a fixed set of friends and not all of them in your friends or followers list. This option requires the principle of hashtag where many users share their usernames publicly through hashtags. Just visit any social media platform and search ‘#kikme’. All the users who have shared the same hashtag will be listed and you can choose who to talk to.
  3. You can choose to share your Kik username through app settings. Now, it will show your username to people around the world that are using Kik and also enable them to search for you. It will make finding you easier for them. Now that you have publicly shared your Kik username, you can either tell the same to your friends verbally or through message/ post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You just need to add Kikme as prefix of your username and voila! Now, any one in your friends or followers list will be able to message you and get in touch. Take for example, a post like ‘Kikme @carljosesamson’ on Facebook will imply that you are available on Kik. Simple, isn’t it?

Privacy and Identity Concerns with kikme

Kik allows users to chat with strangers from around the world and it is a natural concern to be worried about identity and privacy. Especially when you are adding strangers, you must be extra cautious. This feature of Kik is what makes it popular and simultaneously lets people with bad intentions take undue advantages. First thing first, Kik is safe and very secure until you show loopholes to the other user yourself. Protecting users’ identity and maintaining their privacy has been priority of Kik Interactive ever since the app was conceptualized. Now, you may be skeptical about using Kik since there are a number of bots and fake usernames floating around. Fear not, because the age old saying ‘our safety in our hands’ stands true just anywhere, not just Kik. All the users of Kik are connected through a unique username, which you can choose to display.


The app doesn’t share phone numbers and email IDs publicly or on Kik unless you want them to be. You can freely connect with strangers without having their phone numbers and email IDs and giving yours in return. When you are assured of their identity and they stand true to their profile description, you may choose to share your detail however that is all your decision at the last. Other users find you on Kik if you have shared your username but if you choose to remain anonymous, you can do so without any hassle. Even the address book is accessed by the app when you give permission for the same. The app has been built in such a manner that you can safely connect to anyone without exposing your details. The user data stored in the server of Kik is removed after a fixed duration so the images and other graphics you share are not stored anywhere.

The bottom-line however comes down to the fact that cyber world is very sensitive and you should be aware of using all the apps and social media platforms with responsibility. It is very crucial that you never pass on your real information without properly ensuring identity of the other user. Typically, a bot or spammer will try to extract details such as name, address, city, date of birth, email ID, mobile number, state or county, place or work or school, and vehicle details. All these details are linked to your real documented identity in records of the concerned organization which makes it easy for the stranger to track you down in real life. These details might help you in connecting with strangers but these details are also used by stalkers alike.

Unless you have met the other person in real, don’t exchange sensitive information at all. Think of these details as your bank details, now surely you don’t pass on your information of card number and PIN to anyone, do you? It is always suggested to meet the other person in a public space rather than his residence or yours; your first meeting shall always be in public domain such as a café or park. Double check your privacy settings on downloading the Kik and understand the responsibility of using internet. If anyone keeps on asking you to share details to the point you are irritated, get alert! Block the person anyway because any random stranger hell-bent on extracting information might have some other motives. Do not use your real first or last name because it will only make task for the stalker easier than you think.

A Word of Caution

Before you proceed to add random strange people on Kik, there are a few things you must keep in mind. Like any other social media platform, there are fake users on Kik as well. Not everyone is genuine on Kik, that’s the truth. While this should not discourage you from adding people, we suggest double checking the profile and ensuring that the other person is not an impersonator or having malicious intentions. There are some users and bots which will try to extract information from you by any means. You shall be extra cautious in these matters because the information you pass on in good spirit might cause cyber-damage later. To ensure that the other person is genuine, you can take some precautionary measures as follows:

  • Cross verify the user by asking the same number of questions of similar interest in return. If he staggers in answering or passes on information that is factually incorrect, stop chatting. He may claim to be from the same school as yours so surely he would know the directions of cafeteria from main gate, won’t he?
  • Check the profile and username on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You might not get much information but chances are there of detecting a spammer. If the other person is spammer, you will find his name specifically on websites of Kik users with graphic content.
  • Ask the user to do something extremely random. For example, ask them to send a photo of a pen lying on the floor near a carpet or a shoe. Or may ask him to send a selfie with tongue sticking out and finger on the nose. We hope you got the idea!
  • You can also ask the user to send you random videos to check if the other person is the one he is presenting to be. A series of videos will eventually help well in this matter. Unlike photos, videos are secure and extremely customized since Googling the exact video is very tough.
  • Ask a set of questions to see discrepancy in their answers. Suppose the other person is from Italy, ask him the capital of Italy and current prime minister. Surely, the other person might Google the answers out but a chain of such questions will eventually help you in detecting the impersonator.

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