Kik Messenger Safety Issues for App and Kik website

The popularity of Kik Messenger has resulted in mushrooming of namesake websites and apps. These apps and websites often turn up in our search results and appear to offer a great experience, but taking specifically for kik, Kik Messenger Safety Issues are a big concern. It has also raised some security concerns among the parents of Kik users and other Kik users as well. These websites are not affiliated to Kik Interactive, the company behind Kik Messenger app and thus may not offer proper security and safety. Kik app in itself is highly secure and promises to keep a user identity protected in the way no other app or social media platform can. A great feature is ‘anonymity’ in which users need not exchange their phone number or email addresses to contact each other and get started with the conversation. In this article, we will discuss specifically on Kik websites and security concerns related to the app itself. We shall also cover the basics of security and identity protection for a happy Kik experience.

Kik Messenger Safety Issues for Profile And Threats

Kik app connects users across the globe by their usernames, not real names, not the mobile number, and not even email address. The details in Kik profile are not publicly shared with anyone on Kik or outside it. This feature is very strong to highlight because as of now, no other app is offering this. While this feature is positive and very assuring towards safety, this is also how some people with malicious intentions exploit other genuine users. All the users are required to be above 13 to use Kik; minors of age group 13-17 need the permission of one of their parents or legal guardians to create an account.

If a user is below 13, he cannot technically create an account on Kik, of course, unless he lies about his age. After registration, you have to set a username through which other users will search for you on the app to chat. You can also disable getting searched by other people if you wish to stay hidden. In theory, you are largely protected because Kik doesn’t need anything apart from username to connect and further, you can disable this feature as well if you intend to talk to only a fixed set of people in your circle. No one will be able to guess who is behind a Kik username. Now, if you use the same username for all your online activity and social media platforms, it makes you a little vulnerable since tracking you now becomes easier.


A person might look up to various social media sites and apps to find out your real identity or at least get a wild idea about it. We recommend using different usernames for every social media platform and connect with only genuinely seeming people. People on Kik can communicate with each other without adding or sending requests unlike they do in Facebook. So anyone can get in touch with you without crossing any filter per se. Now, this can be seen as an advantage since you get the chance to make new friends or a disadvantage since you become vulnerable to predators.

These predators or cyber criminals often pose as a friend and try to extract information. If you find that your child, who is less than 13 years of age, is on Kik, you can deactivate the account yourself. For this, you can access your child’s phone and deactivate the account by clicking the link sent by Kik in return of deactivation of account. Remember, you must have access to the email ID. If you know your child’s username, you can drop a mail to Kik Interactive for Kik Messenger Safety Issues on explaining the situation clearly. Precisely speaking, a child below 13 years, with a Kik account has lied about his age during registration.

Some More Risks And Threats On Kik Websites

Kik websites is a great way to enlarge your friend circle and connect with Kik users from all walks of the life. However, these sites should be used very carefully. Some of the threats associated with these sites are:

  • Kik websites are not endorsed by or affiliated with Kik Interactive. If you encounter any problem using the website of modified Kik app, you will not get any assistance from Kik Interactive for Kik Messenger Safety Issues, the developers of original Kik app.
  • Kik websites have hoards of fake Kik profiles. There may be men posing as girls, criminals posing as friends, and what not. Proceed with chatting with any user very cautiously. They may try to harm you in any possible manner.
  • Most often, Kik websites are laced with sexually suggestive or explicit content. If you are a minor below 18 years of age, do not use these sites. Behind the veil of beautiful friends, there may be potential abusers and harassers.
  • Some people may even try to extract your bank details or credit card details in lieu or offering a huge sum of money you just ‘won’. Be very cautious because these kinds of messages are just bogus and illegal in nature.

Safety Measures and Precautions while using KIK 

To ensure that you have a good experience of messaging through Kik, follow some safety precautions as follows:

  • Be cautious in chatting with new people. Do not spill beans about your personal information such as address, phone number, email ID, bank details, residence details, etc.
  • Scammers target people to extract their information, create a fake identity, and eventually add people you know. By this, they will fool people into thinking they have added ‘you.’
  • Do not click any link right away because it may redirect you to third party websites which may contain viruses and other harmful elements.
  • If anyone of Kik makes you uncomfortable with chatting, do not proceed any further. Any smallest suspicion should be taken seriously in light of various cyber crimes.
  • Block a person right away if he is asking you for personal details or photos. Do not proceed with the exchange of images until you are sure of their identity and intentions.
  • Do not trust any photo or video quickly because some apps are specially designed for this purpose in which these images or videos can be forged to look like real and latest.
  • If you want to make sure that you chat with people you know in real life, better ask their username yourself. This will limit your reach on Kik but make it the safest possible
  • Suppose you come across a person who is impersonating someone you know or passing content that is either spam or criminal in nature; you must report it to Kik Interactive.
  • Following the above step will ensure that such people are reported, and they are not able to follow up on other genuine Kik users.

Like any other app or social media website, using Kik comes with a bundle of responsibilities. You must follow the guidelines stated above to make sure that you don’t fall prey to any person with bad intentions. It is vital to know the safety guidelines associated with Kik to get the best possible experience of conversing with your friends and family members alike. We hope you have a wonderful time using Kik!


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