KIK messenger – Introduction,How To Use,Features

A Brief History of KIK Messenger

KIK messenger is a popular real time online messaging app, developed by a group of students from University of Waterloo, Canada in 2003. Since its inception, it has been gaining growth primarily in the USA, and later in the other countries. The app offers a great deal of features and enables the users to chat and exchange media over internet. It uses smartphone’s data or WiFi to exchange messages, photos, videos, graphics, emoticons, and other content. One of the prime and best selling features of KIK messenger is that it preserves anonymity of the users by allowing them to register without providing details of mobile number.


Such is the popularity of KIK messenger that over 240 million, of which 40% are the teenagers of the USA, use the app for instant online messaging. It is available free of cost for iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems. A user can visit the respective app store to download the same to his mobile system or any other device. Users need to have an account on the app store (iTunes for Apple, Google Play for Android, and Windows App Marketplace for Windows) for downloading KIK. There is no limit on the count of messages sent in a day thus users can communicate freely without any restrictions of message count.

Prime Features of KIK

KIK is a popular online instant messaging app which boasts of many features which are exclusive to it. The number of registered KIK users is growing rapidly and it has 240 million users by now which is enough of a proof to determine its famousness among teens and young adults. It was built to mimic the look and functionality like smartphone’s SMS text messaging however it comes equipped with many cool features for maximum fun. Unlike SMS, users need to exchange KIK username and not mobile numbers to begin chatting. This ensures privacy and anonymity, one of the highlights of KIK app. Some features of KIK to gain the most out of it are as follows.


  1. Notifications: When you send or receive a message, you are notified with a short tone. Of course, you can disable the alarm tone if desired. Like traditional text messaging, notifications allow the user to get an acknowledgement of the delivery and receipt of messages. You can customize the tones as well for every new message that is sent or received. Customization can also be done for messages from a new user.
  2. Invitations: You can invite your friends and relatives to use KIK by the means of SMS, email, and Facebook or Twitter. When the invited friends downloads and signs up for KIK, you will be notified of the same. For this, KIK reads the contacts in the device and detects if the invited friend’s number or email address is saved in your phonebook or contacts.
  3. Multimedia Exchange: Not only text messages but you can also send images, sketches, doodles, emojis, videos and much more in KIK. For this, you have to tap the appropriate option and choose the media to be sent. You may also take photos with intergraded camera option which uses phone’s camera to click the picture.
  4. Profile Customization: You may customize your profile by providing a profile picture and other contact information such as mobile number. You can also choose to remain hidden from being searched by mobile number.
  5. Live Type Status: Through this feature, you can see if the other person you are chatting with is composing a reply or not. If he is typing, a blink notification of “typing” will be displayed on the top of the screen. Thus, it will let know if you should expect a reply or hold back for a while.
  6. Read Receipts: A user can know if the message sent by him to the recipient has been read by the latter. This feature works the entire time even if the recipient is not reply instantly or has not started typing yet.
  7. Customization of Chats: You can customize your chat and choose color for chat bubble. It will help you to find specific chat from the chat list and proceed with the conversation. It is a fun way to customize chats and assign different colors to different co-users of KIK in the contacts.
  8. Conversation List: KIK messenger lists all the conversations together, which can be scrolled if the number of conversations is higher to accommodate in a single screen. Once you message a person, a conversation entry will be formed in the list. So that next time, you don’t have to search for the specific person in the contacts and tap on his name to begin the conversation.
  9. Promoted Chats: It is an interesting feature which enables candidates to see a list of interesting chats and be a part of them. On tapping the search icon to add new people, an option of “Promoted Chats” will pop up. On clicking the option, various chats will be displayed with common discussion on any interest or topic in general.
  10. Privacy and Anonymity: You can choose if you want KIK messenger to access your address book to match it with your contacts. You can also block users from contacting you over KIK. Also, there is an option where you may choose to display your mobile number so that other persons may contact you over phone as well.
  11. Web Surfing: On the bottom of the conversation tab, a little globe icon will take you to KIK Browser. It is a gateway to access all the funny web-pages where you can meet new people, play games, surf the web, and share links with the persons in your contacts.
  12. Group Conversations: If you wish to create a group of your friends from a common background or interest, you can do so by tapping “Start a Group” icon and adding them. A group enables multidimensional messaging from several users altogether. A message sent in the group stays in the group and doesn’t go to the other members’ individual chat list.
  13. KIK QR Code: Each KIK user has a distinct KIK QR code which can be accessed from the settings (the gear icon in the top right corner of the conversations tab). To add a user from his KIK code, tap the search icon and then, “Find People”. Now, tap the option “Scan A KIK Code”. You will have to allow KIK to use the camera before scanning other user’s KIK QR code in order to add him.

How to Use KIK messenger on your android phone?

To use KIK on  an android  phone, a user needs to access the google play store and download the app. On downloading, locate the app in the mobile phone and tap its icon. Now, he has to create an account and register by providing first name, last name, email address, birth date (at least 13 years), and a desired username. It is up to the user to provide mobile number in the respective field as it is not mandatory.

kik messenger

kik messenger

Thereafter, a profile picture can be set, which is purely option like mobile phone number. On successful registration, KIK messenger account will be created which will enable the users to start messaging or exchange media with other users with KIK installed on their devices.


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