Kik Messenger Download Without App Store

The conventional way of  Kik messenger download is to download it from the app store of your phone. Depending upon your mobile device, tablet or smartphone, you have to visit app store of your phone and download it. The app is free to download anad doesn’t involve any costs, explicit or hidden. It is easy to download and doesn’t require any rocket science. Anybody interested in downloading the app can do so in easy steps. Now, there is another method of obtaining Kik which is unconventional; this process doesn’t need an app store. We will explain the pros and cons of downloading the app from this process.

Downloading Kik In Traditional Way

To download Kik in the traditional way is very easy and recommended. Following regardless of the device you have is easy. This method involves accessing the app store and downloading the app, as easy as that.

So if you have Android OS phone or tablet, you have to visit Google Play, if you have iOS then visit iTunes and for Windows visit Windows app store.

Getting the app from the app store is easy and convenient. Another benefit is that you will find official and fully supported app version on these app stores. It is needed to have an account on these app stores because without an account; you will not be able to download Kik app. It is equally easy to create an account on these stores and require basic details. Kik messenger download official version is backed by Kik Interactive which means you have full support from the developers. If you encounter any bug, you can report it easily for correction.


Why you need download Kik messenger without App Store?

Now you have understood that downloading Kik from the app store is easy and convenient, you must be wondering why to download Kik without the app store? The official version of Kik (that you download from play store) lacks some great features that unofficial versions have to offer. These functions are not as of now incorporated in the official app however there is no denying that some of them might get included later. These extra features will help you enhance your chat experience in a way you have never imagined. Kik app is more than online instant messaging app and reading its features below will convince you about it:

  • Privacy

There are many apps out there which require an exchange of mobile numbers or email IDs to communicate. Kik app doesn’t need any exchange of email IDs and mobile numbers to initiate the conversion with anyone on the app. All you need to have is a username which you can choose yourself. It is one great feature of the app which works for it and against the users as well, which mostly depends on the user itself. Anyway, the app offers lots of identity protection from random strangers and cyber criminals in a way no other app does. For registration on the app, you need to provide your email ID but stay assured; the email ID is not shared anywhere by the app. Some modified Kik apps offer even an added layer of security regarding user verification and authentication by possible global search and cyber footprints.

  • Productivity

You can enhance your chats with Kik messenger app which means not only texts, but you will also be able to send different multimedia content such as photos, videos, and GIFs. There are bots now which is another level of messaging. These bots are virtual users which can help you with feeds from sports, health, news, entertainment, and other domains. Bots also help you with knowing more about services and products of various companies and brands in general. Then there are emoji stickers to make your chat brighter, attractive, and expressive all at the same time. You can choose from over 100 emojis to make your chat cool. An in-app sticker store is always present just in case if you wish to buy stickers and put them in your chat. So we can see that Kik messenger is not just about sending plain old school messages but a lot more.

  •  Interfaces and Themes

Modified Kik apps come with attractive interfaces, themes, and other great visual features. So if you are into customizing your app as per color, fonts, the size of icons, and more, you know what to do. These features sometimes get updates so don’t be surprised next time you see a new theme in your themes folder. Some of the ideas and visual features are free whereas some others may cost you a few bucks. Nevertheless, just like you like a customized back cover for your phone, themes, and OS launchers, you can proceed with using these interfaces and themes. Considering the wide horizon and possibilities of themes, there shall be millions of options to choose from. So it doesn’t matter if you are a Star Wars fan or a Star Trek fan, there shall be something for you.

  • Chatting, All At Once

Group chatting through modified Kik app is altogether a different experience. It is entirely up to you if you want to communicate with one person or a group of individuals. The app lets you decide if you want to extend your circle of friends or limit your Kik interaction with only a chosen few. Users can create their groups and let other users search them. They can also disable the option of getting searched so as to protect identity and maintain privacy. To add people to group is easy, all you need to do is manually add people to the group by going to relevant option. You can also advertise your group on various social media platforms to invite your social media followers and friends to your group. Creating a group brings followers and friends with same interest and hobbies so that you can share ideas, create events, and even meet up.

How To Download Kik Messenger App with APK?

Downloading Kik app without app store is not as easy as downloading it from the app store however it is simple, if not simpler. There are various websites which offer modified version of Kik apps however we will leave that to you which site to prefer and download Kik app from. A basic Google search will show you various websites from where you can download Kik app. You must be very careful in downloading Kik Messenger app from website because sometimes the app you download in the name of Kik is a spam ware or a Trojan in disguise. Here is the list of steps to follow to download Kik from website and get it running:

  • Open your web browser on the computer system and search for ‘modded Kik’ or ‘modded Kik messenger app’.
  • Find the download link of Kik app and click it. An APK file will now be downloaded to your system/ dropbox.
  • It is recommended to download app file to Dropbox or any other drive to share content between mobile and computer.
  • Once the app is downloaded, scan the APK file with any antivirus software to detect any possible harm.
  • Now, grab your mobile phone and transfer the APK file either to your phone memory or card through data cable.
  • If you have download APK file to Dropbox, open the Dropbox app and install the app to your mobile phone.
  • If you have copied the APK file to your cell phone, open the copied app icon and install it.
  • Once you have installed the app, log in to your account like you does in the regular version of the app.
  • If you have never used Kik before, you will have to create an account by giving some basic details.

Downside Of Unofficial Kik App

The download of the downloading unofficial version of Kik app is that you will often end up downloading the older versions. Usually, these apps are not updated frequently and may not be backed with a team of developers to work on it. For downloading the latest version of Kik, you will need to head to the official app store. These unofficial apps are not authorized by Kik Interactive, so if there is any harm to your mobile device, Kik Interactive is not liable for the same. Further, on facing any bug, Kik Interactive will not help you with it. Some of the modified Kik apps may contain harmful content, often sexually explicit in nature, which can cause damage to your mobile. Another disadvantage is that these modified versions are heavily equipped with ads which may pop up at any time. Even if you accidentally tap on these ads, it may result in deduction of your mobile balance.


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