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It is very irritating when a reply is not sent instantly by the person you are in a chat with and you want to know the kik message status. Let us not blame it to the modern age problem and technology fiasco but understand how the feature of message status works in Kik, one of the most popular online IM apps. Not only it will reduce the frustration significantly but let you know the current status of your message’s delivery. We will explain in this article what different Kik message statuses imply so that you don’t have to wait endlessly to get a reply from the other person. Many times, we often take a person’s business for ignorance and end up having conflicts. The message delivery statuses function whether largely reduces the problem or aggravates it, it depends on the persons in chat but at least it will put forth a clear picture of conversational progress with little room for excuses! Being knowledgeable of the message status will help you understand several things about the message and the mechanism of its delivery from your phone to another person’s phone.

Terminology – S, D, and R for kik message status

Basically, there are three symbols: S for ‘sent, R for ‘read’, and D for ‘delivered’. Of course, this is not a detailed explanation rather will leave you in even more confusion. These three symbols define the current status of a message in chat. We shall take one symbol at a time and try to explain their meanings. ‘Sent’ means that you have sent a message from your phone to the Kik’s server. If a message has ‘S’ as a symbol, it implies that the message you have composed has been successfully sent by the app to the main server of Kik. It is a guarantee that you have sent the message from your end but is yet to be received by the receiver.

The message, depending upon the web speed of the sender and receiver might take some time but once the sent symbol is displayed, it means that the sender has done his job from his end and now it is up to Kik’s serve to send the message further to the receiver’s mobile. The next symbol is ‘D’ which stands for ‘delivered’. It means that the message from sender has been delivered to the receiver’s mobile. So if the receiver lies to you about getting any message, you will know because the message will show ‘D’. However if instead of ‘D’, ‘S’ is displayed, it means that the message is yet to be received by the receiver and it is in transit by the Kik server.

kik message status

If a message or many messages are showing ‘S’ for a long time, it means that there is something wrong at the receiver’s end. It is possible that his phone is disconnected from the internet or he is not getting the strong network. ‘S’ means the messages are not sent to the receiver’s phone but lying with the Kik server. Now, if a message has shown ‘D’, it doesn’t mean that they have read it. ‘D’ only means that the message has reached their phone but is yet to be read. Now, it might be a little confusing to know the fundamental difference between ‘S’ and ‘D’, isn’t it? Simply put, if a message shows ‘S’, it means the message is sent to the Kik server and ‘D’ means the message is sent to the receiver’s mobile. Nothing is wrong at your end if the message shows ‘S’ or ‘D’ for a long time. If any of these symbols show up, there is nothing you can do except wait for a reply. A user may not receive messages for the following reasons:

  • His active data connection is off (for cellular data only)
  • The phone is in airplane mode
  • The phone is somewhere near cellphone jammers
  • The Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough (for Wi-Fi only)
  • The phone is turned off due to low battery or whatever reason

In any of the above cases, the message will be sent to the receiver’s phone only when the phone is turned on or data connection (either thru cellular or Wi-Fi) is established. Till the person turns on his phone and data connected is regained, the message will show ‘S’. Once the data is on, Kik server will send the message to Kik app; and the read receipt will change from ‘S’ to ‘D’. On seeing the ‘D’ symbol, you must understand that the message has now reached the receiver’s phone and is ready to be read. Obviously, one cannot read a message unless it has reached his phone. Let us now understand what ‘R’ means. ‘Read’ is denoted by ‘R’ symbol which means that the sent message has now been read by the receiver.

Now you can be assured that the message has been read and you can wait for an instant reply. The symbol of a message will change from ‘D’ to ‘R’ as soon as the receiver opens the chat and reads the message. A short recall again, ‘D’ means that the other user has received the messages and ‘R’ means the user has read the messages. Many times a user is unable to read the messages but in this case if his data connection is on, the messages will keep on coming to his phone. It is advised to be a little sensitive and understanding if the user takes a little time in replying or doesn’t reply at all. There are many situations where typing is not possible or the network is not strong. Long story short, do not jump on to conclusions easily and wait for some time before sending another ‘reminder’ message.

Other Message Status Symbols

Apart from these three regular symbols, there are three more symbols that you should be aware of. The following table explains these symbols:

…. It means that the messenger app is not connected to the server but trying to establish a connection. If you see this symbol, it means your internet connection is not strong enough to send the message. Once the network is strong enough, this symbol will instantly change into ‘S’ very quickly. You can try changing your location or switching data off and then on.
! It means that there is actually a problem in sending a message. Sometimes, it may be due to either Wi-Fi problem connectivity or system technical updates.
Gray colored “D” Gray ‘D’ means that the message has reached the recipient’s mobile phone but they have not opened the app yet. Once they open the app, the gray color will change to blue. Remember, blue ‘D’ still doesn’t mean the user has read the message.



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