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If you have been using Kik for quite a while, you must have wished to converse with people outside your phone book. After all, with more than 250 million users from around the world, it is quite natural to explore the depths of Kik and utilize its reach. A great feature of Kik app is groups where many users come together to chat with each other. Some Kik GroupsKik groups last a couple of hours whereas some others may even last for years. Users converse on a variety of topics, ranging from ‘I am bored’ to ‘Game of Thrones’. It all depends on the group you want to join and chat you want to have. Now, some of the groups are private and meant for a closed set of people whereas some others are of public domain. The latter kind of group is shared publicly as an open invitation. Anyone who feels connected with the group and wants to proceed with chatting in it can easily join it. Invitations for such publicly shared Kik groups are shared across various social media platforms – Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Plus. There are two ways to join the group, either drop your username or scan the Kik code. In this article, we will understand how to find Kik groups on the aforesaid social media platforms.

How to Find Kik Groups

Kik groups are created by individuals when they join many people to a single chat. Each group has a capacity of 50 members. The host of the group decides how to invite users and it is up to him to add a person or not. Typically, the host either adds members from his own contact list or extends invitations through social media platforms. Various hashtags and keywords are used to attract people to the group; some of them being – #kikme #kikparty #kikgroup #kikboys #kikgirls and so on. Multiple hashtags increase the chances of people finding the host and requesting inclusion in the group. The invitations for public Kik groups are posted on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. Any person can use these social media platforms to find the relevant group; all he needs to do is search for the relevant hashtag(s). On spotting the username of the host or party’s Kik code, he can send a message or scan the Kik code using code scanner.

If the host deems suitable, he shall be added to the group chat. Another way to find Kik groups is to search for them on Reddit. You can find subreddits by the name HashtagKik and KikGroups to find suitable Kik groups. There shall be multiple posts by people promoting their respective Kik groups. A majority of these groups will list the nature of the chat and the theme of the group. Further, you can see the timestamp of the post see if the chat is going on or if the group is old. Time lapse is not the same as it is on a Kik friend finder website. As already discussed, the groups may last for a few hours or a few years, depending upon the enthusiasm of the users. So, if the group’s description appeals you and matches your taste, just proceed to scan the group’s Kik code. In case the host has given his username, you can message him to add to the group.

Joining A Kik Group and Participation

Kik group invitations shall ask you to ‘drop your Kik’ or may even post a Kik code for you to scan. In the lingo of Kik, ‘dropping your Kik’ means you are required to put your username as a comment or reply to the invitation post. The host will then add you to the group by your username of Kik code. To scan a Kik code, you have to open the app and direct camera to the Kik code. The app will soon scan the code and you will become a part of the respective Kik group. A group’s success depends on its members and with only 50 members limit, it is necessary to keep the conversation going on. Once you become a member, you shall contribute by sending messages, involving in a chat, sharing pictures, and videos. The host has a responsibility of keeping the group vibrant and active. Nobody likes a passive member and if you are being one, it is about time to change. A passive member actually harms the group spirit in two ways – by not participating in the group chat and by blocking another willing user’s position. Further, the host has to take the responsibility of removing a member who is trolling, spamming, or violating the rules. When you plan to be a member of a Kik group, be prepared to take active participation and get involved. Don’t put yourself in a position where the host asks you to leave.

Creating a Kik Group

If you fail to find any suitable Kik group of your taste and interest, why not create your own? Many times it happens that you are not able to find your desired Kik group, in this case, you can easily create a group and invite people. Just as you take help of social media to find Kik groups, you can use it to post your Kik group for others to join. First thing first, thinks of the topic you want to create. Remember, a happening group is that in which members participate equally. So you may like to think of a popular topic, which many people might be interested in. Whether you are into wildlife or food, culture and heritage or gaming, there is actually no limit on the topics you can make a group on. Anything that holds your interest and others’ too is a perfect choice for a Kik group theme. Creating a group is equally easy and you just need to share the Kik group code across social media platforms to invite users from around the world.


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