Kik For PlayStation Vita, 3, 4, Linux, Tablet

Kik is a versatile online messaging app which can be used on a variety of devices and operating systems. So if you have a smartphone or mobile device and an active internet connection, you can use Kik for playstation easily. What is great is that it comes free of cost and doesn’t involve any hidden cost at all. You can visit the app store of your OS and download the app easily. If you have an android phone, you have to visit Google Play; if you are having a Windows phone, you have to visit Windows App Store, and Apple owners are required to visit iTunes app store. This makes Kik very ideal which has a great coverage on various devices and operating systems. Still, some people insist on using the app on other devices. There are options to use Kik on other devices as well but all of these are unofficial and not supported by Kik Interactive, the developer of Kik app. You can easily use Kik on a computer and the overall process though may sound long, is easy. As you need to do is download an android emulator and then, the Kik app from Google Play store.

kik for playstation

In that sense, you can use Kik app on any computer and also kik for playstation. A catch here is that you must have an account with Google Play and to have an account on Google Play, you must have at least one android registered device. Each mode of using Kik has its own benefits and disadvantages. It can be very convenient to be able to switch to different devices without losing track of communication. There may be certain situations where you will be able to use a specific device only, for example, a computer at workplace and phone while traveling. In this situation, you will always be connected to people through Kik app. Let us now come to the point of using Kik on devices other than mobile and computer systems. Unfortunately, Kik Interactive has limited its support to only official Kik app which is downloaded from the app store. There is no official provision of using Kik on the computer as well, not just PlayStation, Linux, Ubuntu, and tablets. There is no way as of now to use Kik on these devices so you can’t download, install, or use Kik app in any version of PlayStation. Obviously, with time we might see Kik Interactive working on this feature and improving the app to the point where it supports multiple devices.

Alternatives To Kik For PlayStation Vita, 3, 4, Linux, Tablet

Kik is not available as of now for any version of PlayStation. However, if you have PlayStation Vita or any different version and would like to share messages with your fellow PlayStation friends, you can use the recently launched PlayStation messaging service known as PlayStation Messages. If you also use Kik, you will find some similarities between these two messaging apps. To download the PlayStation messaging app, you will have to visit the app store on your phone and download it to the system. Once logged in, you will be easily able to access the app. Let us now compare them and know their features:

  • With PlayStation Messages and Kik messaging app, you can share messages with your friends. You can either have a one-to-one conversation or many-to-many (group) conversation. Sending messages in both the apps follow the same method where one person types and presses the send button.
  • With both apps, you can share pictures with your online friends. You can either send a fresh picture or already stored one that is on your mobile device or PS; either way, you can share images of multiple file formats, and that too many at once so that you don’t have to pick one image at a time.
  • Both messaging apps allow users to send stickers. There are a lot of stickers available to enhance chat and make messaging a better experience altogether. Stickers come in a variety of moods and description. With each update, new stickers are added to the already existing folio.
  • Both apps allow searching friends on the same platform. Of course, you will be able to find only those friends who use the same chatting app as you do i.e. Kik for Kik and PlayStation for PlayStation. So a Kik user can’t find his friend on Kik who is using PS Messenger app and vice versa.

Features Exclusive to PlayStation

There are some points where PlayStation leads and Kik doesn’t. However, that doesn’t make Kik any less of a competitor since it works on a different platform and device altogether. There may be a time where Kik Interactive expands the app to work officially on computers of all operating systems, including Linux and Ubuntu. Till then, we can just wait for the day and hope that Kik Interactive, seeing the neck to neck competition, releases official versions of Kik for all devices and OS. Many of the features that PlayStation has included and Kik hasn’t are as follows:

  • With PlayStation Messages, you will be able to see who is online at any given point of time. This means you will know from your friends’ list, who is available to chat and who is not.
  • You can also see who is playing games on PlayStation and the game as well. This can be a great point for initiating a conversation with a recently added friend.
  • Since this app is linked to a gaming platform, you will be able to manage your game downloads with the message app. This is very useful especially when you are chatting.
  • The PlayStation Messages app allows its users to control PlayStation remotely. This provides flexibility when they are playing their favorite games or messaging.
  • Another interesting feature is PSN Messenger allows its user to enable the second screen for some games. Only a fixed set of games allow this so you have to check in advance.

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