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Kik cnn bot – Bots are the future of Kik and just every other online IM app is soon going to imitate Kik for it. One of the great features of Kik is bot which is a bundle of fun and information together. For the uninitiated, bot is an artificially intelligent virtual Kik user which converses like a real user. It gathers data from user’s feedback and provides customized services and answers. There are literally hundreds of bots available on Kik which range from music to sports, jobs to health, weather to traffic, and fashion to gadgets. So basically there is something for every Kik user! This trend has attracted competitors of Kik as well as various biggies of the business. To add to the list of Kik bots, CNN has developed its own bot for the popular messaging app that we term as Kik cnn bot.

Why Do I Need CNN Bot?

To get hold of the latest happening around in the world, read news about politics, society, sports, health, infotainment, culture, just everything, you must use CNN bot for sure! This bot will provide you with what’s going around in your city, country, and the world all within your mobile screen and a single tap. So basically, CNN bot is like your personal news reader which will return you with news as per your fields of interest. CNN is making all efforts to stay relevant in the news media industry which is why it shifted its focus from internet to instant messaging. And what could have been better than Kik, one of the most popular online messaging apps in the USA. With the launch of CNN bot, it has become the first news network to have this sort of instant messaging service. The bot allows you to choose the stories you want to read. You can customize the feed according to your preferences. By actually choosing your preferences, you will be training your bot to become smarter. Thanks to the artificial intelligence, every conversation you make with the bot, it enhances its knowledge of human interaction and behavior.


Gradually, based on the type of news you read and the average duration you spend on a particular article, CNN bot will show relevant news to you. Whenever you find a news article interesting, all you have to do is tap on it and the news will open up! CNN is smart in developing the bot since a large number of users are from the age group of 14-24 and the number of young and teen Kik users is 70% of the total users. It automatically will improve their readership and draw in large number of readers. An advantage of using the bot is that if you are chatting with someone, you need not drop out of the chat to read news. Further, if you find any article worth sharing in your group, you can easily do so without leaving the app to run in the background. Of course, the bot cannot replace standalone news apps but it is a great way to keep in touch with the events of the world. Though the piece of information might be concise, but it will be sufficient in keeping you updated. Suppose you are interested in a piece of news and would like to read it in detail, you can use Kik app browser to read about it in depth.

Cool! Now Tell Me How To Get kik CNN Bot?

When you decide you get Kik cnn bot, you must take care of a few things. First, use only trusted source to download bot. For this, you are suggested to visit official Kik bot shop or Kik website. Second, make sure that you are downloading official bot and not a fake. There are really imitation bots out there which are misleading and often filled with graphic content and incorrect information. For making process of verification easier, Kik has implemented a system of bot verification. Just like verified profiles on Facebook and Twitter have special symbol, official Kik bots have a blue bolt symbol with their icon. If the bot is real, you will see a purple bot at the bottom right of the picture. So you can safely proceed to add it to the main chat list. Now that you are convinced to download Kik cnn bot, let us know the steps to get it. So, just follow the process here:

  • The first step is to head over to Kik Bot Shop on the device. To open the bot shop, you have to open the Kik Messenger app.
  • Now go to the main chat list and tap on the search icon. Select ‘find people’ from the available options and type ‘bot shop’.
  • Once the bot shop opens, enter ‘Kik cnn bot’ in the search field. Add the bot and star using it for getting all the latest news.
  • If you do not wish to open Kik Bot Shop, you can proceed to visit Kik Bot Shop online at and download the bot.

Using CNN Bot

Now that you downloaded the CNN bot and wish to know how to use it, you must grab your smartphone and open the Kik messenger app. Go to the main chat list where all the conversations are recorded. Open the chat in which you will like to use CNN bot. Type @ and wait for all the bots to display. Just tap on the name of the bot you will like to mention. In case you fail to find the desired bot, type full user name of the bot. on detecting the CNN bot, tap on it to send. You can communicate with bot and eventually it will learn the type of news you will like to read. All bots, including CNN, can be used in individual chats as well as group chats. You can also chat to bot to one-to-one basis. For this, you have to just mention a bot to which you are not chatting with.


Bots will be the future of messaging and service extension. There is no strict way to use bots as they are very flexible in approach and can be used as desired. Bots are being improved upon to ensure they are harnessed to maximum potential. Now that CNN has released its bot, we can be assured that many others will follow.


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