Kik Bots To Enjoy In your Vacations

Vacations have always been associated with trips,memories, and more importantly kik bots that make them a lot of fun. It is the most awaited time of the year when young and old plan to travel and get a break from the daily routine. Many of us enjoy visiting our family members living distantly whereas many others chose to spend time learning new things or for hobbies. For enhancing the overall experience of summer fun, you need not be outdoors all the time. Especially when the sun is blazing hot and you just chose to laze around in the comfort of your home. And here comes Kik messenger for kik bots to boost your productivity and have fun at the same time. You can carry Kik in your smartphone wherever you go and get the most out of it for fun filled activities. Enter Kik Bots, to harness all the features, including extended ones, of the popular messaging app. So, let us see the most popular bots you can enjoy not just in Vacations but upcoming winter and autumn break too!

How Can Kik Messenger Make My Vacations Awesome?

Well, many of you must be apprehensive or skeptical about using Kik messenger app in the summer vacations when you can do a lot of outdoor activities! But fear or doubt not because the app can be used in a great way to mingle with your outdoor activities and make Vacations more fun! You can keep in touch with your friends and family members while you are away. So no longer your mum or pa have to worry about you as you can always message them on the go and show them what great time you are having! You can send them photos and videos in a single click which is again a great feature of Kik bots.

You can search for your old schoolmates or friends you once left in moving to a new city. After all, it is always great to get back to your old friends with whom you have a lot of memories. In this turn, you will be able to meet new people around and extend your circle. If you get lucky, you may meet some of them who share same interests as yours! Isn’t it great? There are a lot of bots you can use for fun and useful services in summer vacation, on which this article is focused. Bots help you extend the functionality of Kik messenger app and provide you with cool features you can flaunt.


Bots? What Are That Anyway?

Bots are automated identities. Whoa, that seems like a random science fiction word, doesn’t it? Well, you can think of bots as a user with who you can interact but with a limitation. Think of Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri, they are automated system controlled identities which respond to most of your queries. These are created by a team of highly intelligent computer engineers on the principle of artificial intelligence. Well, surely that’s a bit tough to comprehend but all you need to know is bots are those system operated artificial intelligence backed users to which you can talk and get answers to your queries.

There are no people behind them but that will not bar you from using one of them, isn’t it? Some of the bots are serious in nature while some others will be there just to have fun. Messenger bots allow you to either interact with them or mention in conversation with other Kik bots users. A great advantage with using bots is that you will not have to download many apps as the respective bots will inform you everything about them. Think of it as a virtual assistant to help you out with information. So you can get hold of news of your county, see if Celtics or Lakers won, find out what is the weather in your hometown and much more.

Before We Proceed onto Kik Bots!

Howsoever cool bots sound, there is always a fraction of risk involved in downloading and using them. While many bots are genuine and offer a plethora of services, many others are filled with malicious intentions. Unfortunately, there are some bogus bots which are designed exclusively to commit fraud and pass on viruses or Trojans. You must be very-very cautious while interacting with bots. Thumb rule is to never let any bot get hold of your personal information, which includes your mobile number and address. If any bot tries to get such information, block them immediately. Genuine bots provide information and other services about Kik and affiliates. Do not download any software or file that seems fishy. Needless to say, if any bot asks you to click a link which redirects you to another page or service, be sure that it is genuine. A good move will be to check genuineness of the bot on web before proceeding with it.

Nice! Tell Me Some Of Cool kik Bots!

Now that you have got the idea of bots, how awesome they are, let us know some cool bots you can use this summer!

How hot it is outside? Weather check!

Suppose you are sitting in your home and wish to know is the weather okay to play basketball. Here you can use a great bot, @yahooweather, by Yahoo! It has been designed to give you an idea of the accurate weather, regardless of the place you are at. You can choose to see weather of your hometown or the city you are currently in. For this, all you need to do is choose the city and click on the option; you can see the weather for L.A., San Francisco, Phoenix, Tampa, just anywhere. The bot will let you know if the weather outside is cloudy, clear, or if there is a possibility of rains! You can also get an idea of predicted weather for today or tomorrow or even a week! It is advised to check the weather before you plan because nobody likes hot rays of the sun when you plan to go on a hike in the noon! @yahooweather comes to your rescue and gives you the best time to go hiking, play basketball, or just enjoy reading a book while lying on the hammock.

Games and more!

Snoozing around and not sure what to do? It is too hot outside and you have no plans of getting sunburn. So what do you do? Well, let @arterra help you with this. It is a great bot which we are sure will be liked by many! If you are a gaming addict, you know how tough it is to spend summer vacations without a little arcade or racing action. And while away from home, you surely miss the comfort of your PS4 or Xbox. Fear not, because this bot lets you play a number of games. You can choose to play chess or racing, just anything. This bot will learn the type of games you prefer and comes up with similar suggestions. So you just need to explore a bit and there you are, reading to test your ability in any game! We are sure this bot will be liked by school kids. Again an awesome feature is that you can share the game with your friends and exchange your highest scores. So next time it is hot outside and you wanna “play”, you know where to go!


Music, dance, and fun!

No Vacations are complete without music and dance and Kik bots surely that care of that too! An awesome bot @rithm is a popular music bot which lets you explore new music. The more you interact with it, the more it will know of your taste in music. It will get the idea of the particular genre you are interested in. So cool! It will take in all the suggestions and then return with similar genre of music, artists, labels, and music. So if you are a One Direction fan or Hannah Mortana makes you groove, @irithm will give you details of latest happenings around them. One more awesome feature is that you can share the music you are listening to with your friends so that they can also know what all awesome music you have been listening to. So, get ready to explore more music, come across great dancing tracks, and hey, isn’t a house party with new friends a fabulous idea? That’s why Kik bots are popular so much!

Your personal travel guide

This bot will particularly appeal to all those wanderers who wish to get the best on their trips. @sensay is a wonderful bot which lets you know more about the places you are going to visit through the perspective of a local person. It puts you in touch with the local Kik user of the city you are going to visit so that you can get all your queries resolved easily. All of it is done anonymously so you need not worry a bit. Suppose you are in India and want to ask the best place to have Chicken Tandoori, just head to @sensay and ask the question out. The bot will then reach out to other Kik bots users and return with a person who is willing to answer this question. You can then proceed to chat with the person anonymously and get all your doubts cleared. For better and quick results, it is suggested to ask specific questions and be precise in approach. Similarly you can go on and ask about places to see, memorabilia to buy, and recipes to savor.


Jobs and work

Some of us prefer utilizing summer vacations to search for jobs or internships. @wirknjobs is such one bot which will help you in searching jobs. It is an awesome feature of this bot that you can limit your job search for your area and around. You can take a 6 question personality quiz and receive job listings base on your preferences. Thus you can get customized listings based on your set of skills, preferences, and city of employment. You can also help your friends in getting a suitable summer job. It will not only help them out but also get you good regards from them! You can go on and enquire about the nature of job, the salary and incentives involved, and working hours. You can continue searching for the specific job listing on Kik browser and get more details on the same. What is greater than utilizing summer vacations through a job and get paid for hard work in return? We recommend @wirknjobs for practically every Kik bots user!

For the abroad flyers

Visiting another country is always a wonderful experience and to make it more of fun, you can use many Kik bots. Head over to @countryquiz, which is a wonderful bot you can use to learn about countries’ flags. Now, that you have decided the place to visit but the country’s native language is not English, what to do? Use @lingiotranslator bot, which will translate your phrase in English in the desired output language. Suppose you are in Japan and want to buy an ice-cream. Now you see the stall but you don’t know how to speak in Japanese. All you need to do is use @lingiotranslator and enter English phrase, the bot will translate it and show. You can show the translated phrase to the ice-cream vendor and bingo! So let it be Spanish or Korean, Hindi or Japanese, you have a handy translator right in your pocket you can use whenever there is a problem in conveying a message. Language is not a hurdle anymore in the foreign country now, isn’t it?


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