Kik Address Book : kik privacy concerns for private profile

Worrying about privacy and security on web is a genuine concern and specially when it comes to kik privacy, especially when there are numerous cases of cyber crime every day. This problem has escalated with the advent of online instant messaging apps. There are many such apps for example Kik, FB Messenger, Line, and the biggest of them all, Kik messenger. Nearly all of these apps want to give us the best experience by putting in touch with the maximum people we know. For this, they access the address book of our phone. Now, this might not appeal to some users because they wouldn’t have wanted the app access in the address book. We, in this article, will discuss in detail about Kik messenger app and the feature of address book reading.

An Introduction To Kik Address Book privacy conerns

Let us first understand the process of Kik registration before we proceed to understand address book matching. The process of registration on Kik involves providing details such as – username, first name, last name, date of birth, and email ID. The purpose of asking date of birth is to ensure that the user is above 13 years of age. The purpose behind asking for email ID is to authenticate that a genuine person is creating an account and letting only the registered person to delete or deactivate the account. Another purpose of asking the email ID is because the app syncs the contacts in the phone with email ID. This part makes some potential Kik users nervous because they fear of having their details public by the app. This is absolutely certain that Kik doesn’t make user IDs public. It is up to you whether you want the app to sync your email ID or not.

No details of any kind, provided or personal, is shared anywhere so there is no potential risk of identity theft. Only you can allow the app to sync the contacts for your own convenience. If you are skeptical regarding allowing the app to sync contacts, you can disable the option at any time. Thus, whether you let the add match address book or not, your personal details will always be protected and kept safe. Unlike other apps, Kik messenger doesn’t require your real name but a username which you can decide by yourself. You have to choose a unique username which will be the only detail other persons on Kik will see, and that too if you allow yourself to be searched through the app. It is recommended to choose a username that bears no resemblance to your real name or any of your personal details. This is much needed if you want to go totally anonymous on the app and to protect your identity from cybercrime.

Turning Kik Address Book Matching On or Off

Now that you have understood the purpose of address book matching, you must be wondering how it works and how you can turn this feature off or on. A great feature to be mentioned here is that you, at any point of time, can enable or disable the option and that too, without any count restrictions. The first thing to ensure is that you have the latest version of official Kik app (downloaded from the app store of your phone). Now, if you have already an account on the app, you just have to login into your account.  Let us now come to the steps needed to turn on/ off the address book matching feature on the app.

  • Take your smartphone or any other mobile device.
  • Tap on the Kik messenger app icon to open it.
  • Go to the app settings and then, privacy menu.
  • Find address book matching icon.
  • Turn it on to match the address book.
  • Turn it off to disable address book match.

Working Of Kik privacy Address Book Matching

On turning the address book matching feature on in the app, the app will automatically match the smartphone’s address book and app’s address book. All the contacts in your phone address book that are using Kik will be listed in the app’s address book. In other words, if your friend is using Kik and you have his number saved in your phone’s address book, his contact will appear in the app’s address book as well. So basically you will come to know who all in your contacts are using Kik. Now, the catch of privacy is only those users will be listed who have turned this feature on in their phones as well. When your app address book is updated with their names, their app address book will be updated with your name making it a two way connection. Now, the important thing is even if you turn on the sync feature, they will not be able to see your email address, telephone number, and other personal info. This also means that if your contacts are added to Kik chat lists, you will not be able to guess who among your contacts has been added to the chat list i.e. a kik privacy concern.


Adding New Contacts On Kik

It may happen that not all of your friends are added to the chat list, thanks to the app’s awesome privacy strategy and your friends’ respective settings. It can be frustrating to know that not all of your friends are added, despite having the address book matching feature on. Now, if you want to add your friends and don’t have any clue about them on the app, you can ask them to download the app. Once they download the app and create an account, you can exchange your username with him without giving any other information, if you don’t want to. It might not be possible for you to visit every friend or ask him in person to download the app so there is a solution for this. When you go the address book feature, there is an option ‘tell friends about Kik’. Go back to settings and tap that option; the app will now ask you how you want to let your friends know about Kik privacy. You can choose any mode from SMS, social media network, and e-mail. Window users are notified that the option is called ‘invite a friend’ instead of ‘tell friends about Kik’ in their phones. The rest of the process is the same.


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