How To Get More Kik Points

Ever felt the sadness when you are not able to buy a smiley just because you are not having enough Kik points ? Well, in this article, we will explain how to get more Kik points so that you can buy all the smileys and emojis you want to, without the fear of running out of points. In Kik Messenger, points are an in-app currency with the use of which Kik members enhance the look and feel of chats. With the help of Kik points, you can buy exclusive emojis and insert them in the chats. Points are totally free and we shall explain how to procure them after we learn how to use them. It is to be remembered that no matter how hard you try, you cannot buy these emojis from real money.

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When you chat with a friend, you get a variety of options to make the chat fancier. All of these options are free and easy to use. Obviously, plain text messages lack the luster quotient. So the ways in which you can boost a chat experience are:

  • Choosing GIF files with the help of Riffsy .gif gallery and inserting them in the Kik text messages.
  • Taking a photo or short video clip with the help of the camera and sending it to the friend in chat.
  • Adding smileys from the standard phone keyboard or emojis by pressing “+” sign when creating a new message.
  • Sending a freshly generated funny meme with the help of Kik meme generator to send to the friend.

Kik Points Bot

When you chat with Kik points bot, you will get some KP in exchange for the time you spend with him. The bot might be sponsored by a Kik sponsor. It usually takes a few seconds to watch the video, play the game, download the free branded sticker pack, or visit the website link as directed by the bot itself. Usually, a bot presents 3 offers per day and you can choose to complete them and get KP in return. You may also refuse and the bot will come up with something that you like better. When all the three offers are exhausted, Kik points bot will ask for another spin game to win more KP. It is matter of chance as you may or may not win KP always. It is a great way to bag KP and you can easily get 150 KP a day. Obviously, with passage of time, you will learn the ropes of the game and may even earn twice or thrice!

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On chatting with Kik’s partner bots regularly, you will come across many offers to get KP in exchange of fulfillment of the service offered by the bot. It doesn’t take long for KP to credit in your KP account and if you are regular in chatting with Kik points bot, you will soon gather a lot of KP. Don’t use cheat codes or tricks because it is risky. You might lose your account because Kik can suspend it for unauthorized activities. It is very easy to add credit to your KP balance every day, all it takes is a little patience. If you want something that costs thousands of KP, just do not forget to visit Kik points bot and take the offer he presents. Be patient because it builds character and gets you far in the long run. Now that you know how to add Kik points to the balance, let us know some ways to spend them!

1.The Smiley Shop

You can choose to spend your Kik Points (KP) in the smiley shop, sticker shop, or even bot shop. In the smiley shop, you will come across exclusive emojis that you can buy individually or in Mystery Packs of three. There is Unique Horn from the Ye Olde Smileys collection which is absolutely cute and displays “mad” or “misc” feelings in a message. It is a little pricey and may not be within everyone’s reach but of course, ‘Legendary’ collection never comes cheap! Smileys can be categorized in ‘Common’, ‘Epic’, and ‘Legendary’. They will cost more when their status is higher. Unique Horn costs 4000 KP. A great feature about Unique Horn is that it goes into your locker and you can use it even after the collection is discontinued for purchase. Another interesting smiley is ‘Falling for the Fuzz in the Fuzz Friends’ collection. It is Legendary as well and costs 8000 KP. Both of these collections offer a Mystery Pack for 150 KP. Mystery Pack means you never know what is there inside; it can be anything. You cannot choose the emojis and they are given randomly.

2.Bot Shop

Now that you have realized how to get more KP, let us know some more fun ways to spend them. Let us introduce to you, ‘Secret Admirer’ bot. It will send an anonymous message to someone who is in your contact list. Take this as a positive and happy admiration and not stalking, pestering, or worse. The receiver might not know who sent the message but he will have the option to report inapt content and for sure, Kik will know the sender. The bot offers three levels of assurance that your anonymous message will go through. When you send it free, there is a 50-50 chance that he or she will cloak you. On spending 15 KP, your chances of remaining secret increase to 75% and on spending 25 KP, your identity will never be disclosed.

3.Sticker Shop

Stickers are little piece of art which you can add to the texts in Kik messenger. You can choose to spend your KP in the sticker shop and enhance your chatting style. Unlike the emojis, stickers are priced consistently and modestly. Stickers offered in packs cost 250 KP per pack. As of now, pack stickers include the Emotes, Basketball, and Hashtags collections. Other collections offer stickers individually at 40 KP. Some of these collections are Daisy Doodles, Student Life, Owl Town, Vintage LOLs, and others.

4.Using Lucky Patcher

This tweak does not require you to root your smartphone, this is the reason I strongly suggest this method of getting unlimited points in KIK messenger. To get Lucky Patcher click Here.
The Lucky Patcher website will guide you how to use Lucky Patcher with step by step method and with a video tutorial. The latest version of lucky patcher is v6.4.5.


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