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Bots are the future of online instant messaging and Kik has excelled them like no other app has by maintaining funny kik bots. They are one of the greatest virtual reality developments that have been materialized in a fun way in Kik messenger app. Bots do not just represent the future, but the present as well. There are numerous bots for every occasion, purpose, and mood that you can enjoy. You can check news, weather, career prospects, fashion products, innovative ideas, events, and practically everything. However, we will focus on funny Kik bots in this article to tickle your funny bone and your friends’. So, whether you are vacaying or back to school, a little fun will not harm.

How to interact with funny kik bots

These Kik bots are available at Kik messenger app store. You can go on and easily use them by just visiting the Kik app store. Bots are very interesting as often hailed as the future of human-computer interaction. It is obvious that the bots will see expansion in the time to come which means a lot of fun and new information can be expected. The development of Kik bots will make them better with each day passing. There are many bots out there which mimic real life Kik user perfectly. So let us take a look at some of the hilarious and popular funny Kik bots. This list is not finite and all the bots here might not appeal to everybody which is why we have included a variety of bots, from light humor to surrealistic one.

  1. Jokes Bot Kik Bot

    kik bots

The name testifies the bot and this is one of the coolest bots for your daily dose of laughter. You can totally rely on it when you are having a bad day or just upset, there will surely be a joke that will lift your spirits and make you jovial once again. You can interact with this bot and soon, you will find out how much fun it is. For Jokes Bot to work, you have to ask for a joke. Simply mention and ask it to tell you a joke. There are no bounds on the number of jokes; you can ask for as many jokes as you want! This is a must-have bot for every Kik user. We highly recommend this because many jokes are easily relatable with your friends and family members!

  1. Funny or Die Kik Bot

Funny or Die doesn’t need any introduction; it is one of the hippest websites on the web. But those who haven’t ever heard of it before, do not miss and straight away mention @funnyordie in Kik app. It is one of the funniest Kik bots and one of its kinds. You will also find a little bit of sophistication here with advanced jokes and memes. You can customize your preference for topics of jokes. It means that whether you ask this bot for either funny or die responses, you will get some that will fit your personal taste and preferences. It means even the jokes will be suited to your choice. Is there anything funnier and fancier than reading jokes of your choice?

  1. Dat Bot Kik Bot

The next funny Kik bot in the list is Dat Bot or It is quite different in nature when compared to the other Kik bots discusses in this list. This is an advanced Kik bot which particularly acts and behaves like a real Kik user. Such is the experience of this bot that you eventually feel that you are not chatting with a virtual reality generated Kik user but an actual human being. This bot is not about memes or jokes. You can send pictures to this bot and see the hilarious reply. The bot fails to recognize the pictures and gives funny answers in return. You can always have a good laugh at its funny responses and innocent observation of a picture.

  1. iFunny Kik Bot

This awesome bot goes under the name, @ifunny. Like the Jokes Bot, iFunny Bot lets you interact with it. Think of it as chatting with the most hilarious of your friends! It shall give you great jokes and funniest of memes on the web. There is no restriction on the count of the jokes and you can go on asking for jokes till your cheeks hurt from laughing. We highly recommend this bot for everyone who wants to have awesome jokes right in his mobile device. There is no repetition of any joke, until you ask for that specific joke. What’s great is you can share laughs with your friends too! So just use this app for light but great humor.

  1. Mikey Kik Bot

This is one of the funny Kik bots which will not disappoint you. Pretty much like Dat Bot, you can easily mistake this bot for an actual Kik user. For the uninitiated, Mikey is a popular character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. You can really interact with it and get hilarious responses in return, something for which Mikey is famous for! You can find this bot from Kik bot store @mikey.partydude. What makes this bot great is that it throws an idea for other developers, where other popular characters such as Superman, Batman, Sheldon Cooper, or Khalisi can be made into Kik bots. What is greater than conversing with your favorite characters?

  1. Lit Weekend Kik Bot

It is one of the weirdest funny Kik bots which will specifically appeal to those who have a weird sense of humor. You will love chatting with @mylitweekend if you have a twisted sense of humor. It might not be as surrealistic as you expect it to be but for sure, it will not disappoint you at all. So if you are bored or looking for something fun, you can head over to his app and start interacting. This bot will give you weird and intriguing plans for weekends. It is recommended to be realistic about the instructions of the plan because some of them might be a little tough to carry out in real life. But still, it will give you all the dark and dank humor you expect from it.


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