Fancy Kik Bot Usernames

Kik BotBots are a great feature unique to Kik app and in this article; we shall introduce some of the cool Kik Bot Usernames in the Kik bot shop! You can chat with them and have loads of fun like 240 million other Kik users are having. These bots are sometimes promotional in nature and sometimes for plain fun. Whatever the reason for their development is, you will not get bored of bots because they are designed to behave like real users. Yes! These are in fact virtual identities that act like real Kik users. Such is the level of artificial intelligence at this stage of technological development. The basis of using Kik bot is that you interact with them and they learn about you through the conversation. Eventually, they present to you tailored services and content for maximum engagement. You can explore various Kik bot on your own and the list below is just recommendations based on our use and reviews from users.

1. Kik Points Bot

origBy chatting with Kik Points Bot, you get to earn Kik Points, the virtual currency of Kik app. To earn Kik points, you have to participate in promotional activities such as watch a video, fill a survey form, interact with the sponsor, play a little game, or simply download a set of the sponsored emojis. You can keep on earning KPs in denominations from 40 to 100 and even more! The more you chat, the more you earn. You can use the KPs to buy items at Kik smiley shop or Kik sticker shop.

2. Monkey Pets

Well affording a monkey or taking care of it might not be possible for everyone so why not opt for a virtual monkey? Your goal here is to keep your pet monkey happy and content. You have to name your monkey and begin a lifelong relationship with a pet! You have to feed him and take care of him in all ways. Be cautious because he feeds on emoji fruits and may not like all of them.

3. Secret Admirer Bot

Ever wishes to make your crush go gaga without dropping hints? Or tease a friend without revealing your identity? Send them an anonymous message from this bot and let the fun begin. You will have to exchange introductory secretadmirer_bannermessages with the bot and it will ask you if you want to send a message. Then, you can choose anyone from your contact list and send a message. You can keep chatting with Kik Points Bot to keep your KP account full because KPs are used to keep the message anonymity tight. With KPs, you can send a new hint every day for a week to impress your crush and intrigue her. Now, the bot gives you multiple options with KPs such as:

  • You can send a message and there are 50-50 chances the bot will keep your identity a secret.
  • If you pay 15 KPs, the chances of your identity revelation reduce by 25%.
  • If you pay 25 KPs, the chances of your identity revelation are 0%.

4. WIZ

Take a break from usual typing and make chats fun by sending movie clips instead of your own words! Yes, suppose you are going for a short break, so rather than typing ‘I will be back’ or ‘BRB’ send a relevant clip from Terminator movie i.e. “I’ll be back.” Scan the code and learn how to put clips in a message. You can also see the list of matching keywords with matching clips.

5. When Words Are Not Enough

This is a great bot to radically change the way you start a conversation. There are many creative ice-breaker words and phrases to begin a chat in a fun way.

6. Games Bots Play

Use this bot to play mini games and get entertained. You don’t have to find someone anymore to play games because this bot has many options when it comes to game genres. One great thing is these bots aren’t traditionally programmed to beat you up in the game.

7. Riffsy

This bot lets you send a GIF file instead of words. All you need to do is type @gif before the word you want to giffify. There are millions of GIFs, as claimed by the bot, which means you will never run out of the options.

8. Tickers

Tic-tac-toe has now come in the form of the bot and you can enjoy it as much as we do. This bot lets you invite a friend to the game and you can play with him. This classic game has never been better because, in Kik, you don’t need the physical presence of your friend anymore to play with.

9. Make Four

Similar to the popular game we all played in childhood. You have to connect four discs in your color vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The score builds up as you play the game and we found this bot to be of sweet nostalgic value.

10. Johnny-on-the-Spot Bots

This bot is full of optimism and you might end up loving yourself after chatting with this bot. You get inspirational feeds and positive content in this bot. Further, it might help you in finding a job as well.

11. Zombie Survival

If you like games with artillery, armors, weapons, and all macho stuff, this is the game for you! With this Kik bot, you have to prove your mettle as a zombie survival expert. You will have to make decisions to keep your health safe and avert or outrun zombies when you encounter them. There are chainsaws, knifes, hammers to knock zombies down and save your life! Cool, isn’t it?

12. Wirkn

Those who are seeking an entry level job, this is a great bot to begin the search with. If you don’t have any experience or resume, it is pretty tough to land up a job and this Kik bot promises you to work it out. This is particularly helpful if you are working through school and paying bills on your own.


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