Cool Kik Girl Usernames and Suggestions

kik-messenger-usernamesThe first thing when you sign up for Kik messenger, you are asked to create a unique username. It is the personalized identifier through which other Kik users will find you on the app. Since username has to be unique (no two Kik users can have the same username), it might take some time to pick the best one according to your personality, preferences, and other factors. Also, you must bear in mind that Kik username is something that you cannot change so you might as well take some time before actually deciding one and regretting later. There are over 275 million Kik users around the world, and nearly 70% of them are in the age group of 17-24. Whoa, that is some number! With so many already registered users, the chances of slim that your desired username will be available at the time of signing up. However, if you are not able to select your desired username, you can create its variation by adding a letter or removing one. Further, you may even choose rhyme words or numbers to get your desired username selected. Some things that you should bear in mind before choosing and sharing a username are:

  • Many times, people judge you not only by the profile picture or display name but username as well. So choose a username that doesn’t mislead anyone.
  • Username should be catchy and fun. Avoid choosing mumbo jumbos and heavy vocabulary; usually, people tend to add other users who have an interesting username.
  • A username cannot be changed like display name, so be sharp and firm in your decision. You may better take some time and work around your desired username.
  • Other people can add you on Kik only when they know your username. All the other information is not shown to other users (unless you make your address book accessible).

As already discussed, your username will reflect your personality and your intentions of joining Kik. Be wise, a little sharp, and take some time. You surely don’t want to attract mean looks when you share your username with someone. Kik doesn’t require exchanging of telephone numbers for two people to connect rather, all it takes is usernames. Because you may decide to chat with strangers and random users in the future, it is better not to use your real name in the username. It is important from security and privacy perspectives.

Kik Display Name v/s Username

The next detail asked when you sign up on Kik is display name. Now, many people tend to get confused here between username and display name. Your display name is the name which is shown to you and the contacts in your Kik address book. While your display name can be Timothy Leary, your username may be yrcb7r. Neither username nor display name has to be your real name. Also, you can use your username as your display name to make your profile more secure and anonymous. Unlike username, you can change your display name as many times as desired. Further, there is no restriction of uniqueness on the display name. Let us now understand the way to change display name:

  • Open the Kik app and click on the tool daisy in the top menu bar.
  • Select your account from the list of available options on the screen.
  • Remove your old display name by deleting it and add new display name.

The first name field can hold only one word whereas the last name field can hold more than one word. If you wish to show your name as one long word, you can avoid spaces and enter it as the first name; for example – ‘moltenlavacandy’, or ‘skullharleyrider’. If you want two or more words separated, you can enter combined names in both, first and the last field; for example – ‘chocoberry’ as the first name and ‘islandgirl’ as the last name.

Kik Profile Picture

In case you wish to change your display picture as well, follow these steps:

  • Open Kik app and click on the tool daisy in the top menu bar to visit settings.
  • You will now see the current profile picture or a blank spot (if no picture was chosen).
  • Click on the set photo option and choose from ‘Take Picture’ or ‘Choose Existing’.
  • ‘Take Picture’ will let you take a fresh picture from the camera app of the phone.
  • ‘Choose Existing’ will take you to the gallery for choosing already existing photo.
  • Adjust the picture in the centre of the frame and click done when done the adjusting.

Kik Girl Username Suggestions and Tips

Before reading the list of some cool Kik girl usernames, let us follow some tips to remember before picking one from the list or choosing your own:

  • Select at least 3-4 username just in case your default choice of username is already taken.
  • If you want to stick to your default desired username but it is taken, create its variation.
  • Don’t choose a username which is randomly related to any of your personal information.
  • Make sure that your username bears no resemblance to your real name. It is for your safety.

Kik Username Generators

If you are unable to think of any proper username, you can take help of a username generator. Here are some of the results we got on generating Kik username with keyword ‘baby’ and ‘jelly’.

  • BabaBaby
  • BabeBaby
  • BabkaBaby
  • BabyAnime
  • BabyBabe
  • BabyBabiche
  • BabyBabka
  • Babybili
  • BabyBird
  • Babyblex
  • Babyelgani
  • BabyForb
  • Babygges
  • Babyggin
  • Babyhookar
  • BabyNot
  • Babyound
  • Babyparket
  • Babypast
  • Babypate
  • Babyspee
  • Babysphe
  • Babystef
  • Babytecham
  • Babytecs
  • Babyteen
  • Babytemann
  • Babyteme
  • Babyters
  • Babyteta
  • BabixzJelly
  • DeanJelly
  • FollyJelly
  • JellibJelly
  • Jellyaker
  • Jellyancy
  • Jellyania
  • JellyBob
  • JellyBristle
  • Jellycent
  • Jellydeac
  • JellyDigest
  • JellyFarer
  • JellyFate
  • JellyGamer
  • Jellyge
  • JellyJin
  • JellyKat
  • Jellyncer
  • Jellynnie
  • Jellynxit
  • Jellypsis
  • Jellyseme
  • Jellysett
  • Jellysi
  • JellySkolly
  • Jellystas
  • JellyTastic
  • JellyTin
  • Jellytion

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