I Found A Bug In Kik Messenger ! What To Do?

Kik Messenger is being continuously improved in terms of functioning, stability, security, and sturdiness. However, a bug in kik messenger like any other app or website, may hamper its normal operation and may cause discomfort in terms of lag or hang. Though the chances of occurrence of such bugs are negligible but they cannot be ignored for sure. Developers of the app work hard to make the app a hassle free experience and take in users’ feedback and reports to improve the app. Now, suppose you encounter a bug and wish to get it fixed. The following article tells you how to proceed with it and how to report the bug to Kik Interactive, the developers of Kik app.

Kik Interactive – A Brief Introduction

Kik Interactive is the company behind Kik messenger app. It was found back in 2003 but the app was first launched in 2009. It might interest you to know that although a majority of Kik users are from the USA, it is a Canadian company. A bunch of college students from University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada incorporated the company to deliver great online instant messaging solutions through an app. The revolution of smart phone technology and increasing number of smartphone users acted like a catalyst and prompted them to develop an app which makes online messaging easy and fun. Since then, Kik Interactive has grown phenomenally and such is the success that it has major investments from leading business giants of the world.

Common Kik App Problems

Howsoever well built and developed an app may be, there are chances of its crash due to bugs. If you are lucky, you may never face such problems at all. The bugs may appear unexpectedly when everything is going perfect. It is better to be aware of the bugs that might diverge the flow of your conversation and the course of action to follow later. Some of the common problems a Kik user might face are:

  • Kik messenger fails to connect regardless of strong connection or high data speed. You may go on rebooting your phone or restarting your Wi-Fi but it just doesn’t seem to connect.
  • The app connects only to the home Wi-Fi and fails to connect with other wireless networks. You may face ‘connection failed’ messages when trying to connect with Wi-Fi in any other location.
  • Failure of delivery of messages is another problem that you might face. Suppose you type a message and press the send button but somehow the message is not delivered to the receipt.
  • Delay in delivery of the messages by a considerable time. This problem is usually accompanied with long spells of downloading something which may take longer time than usual.

Reporting Of a bug in kik messenger

So you encountered a bug in kik messenger which you had never expected in the first place. Now, you might be thinking what to do so that the bug never appears again. The best thing you can do at this instance is to report the issue to Kik Interactive. The process of reporting a bug to Kik Interactive is simple and easy to follow. Just read the steps here to know what to do in face of detecting a bug:

  • Take your mobile device, phone or tablet.
  • Open the Kik messenger app by tapping its icon.
  • Tap the settings icon from main chat list.
  • Tap on help icon from available options.
  • Tap on report an issue option to proceed.
  • Choose the most relevant problem from the list.
  • Include screenshots to make the report clearer.
  • Finally tap on report to submit option to report a bug in kik messenger.

The Course Of Action

Kik Interactive will follow up on the report submitted by you and try to eliminate the bug in kik messenger by tracing its origin. You can not only report any technical problem but also a bot or a spam. So the bottom line is, if you face a problem of any nature, you must straight away report it to Kik Interactive for solution. The developers of Kik app, which consists of a team of well learnt and experienced techies, will address your issue and resolve it at the earliest possible. In no way will your report go unnoticed, that’s for sure. For all the latest updates by Kik Interactive, you may choose to follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well. Although you may put your problem on their social media profiles but it is not suggested because even then you will be asked to follow the above steps. It means that if you decide to tweet at @kik (official Kik handle), you will be sent a message or tweeted to follow the steps or reporting the bug as already described. Following this process will only increase the time of your query resolution. So why follow a long method when you can report it directly from the app?


Where Kik Interactive Might Not Help?

As long as you are following the usage advisory of Kik and going about everything as suggested, you will not face in problems in getting help from Kik Interactive. However if you are using an unofficial version of the app, Kik Interactive might not be able to help you. Before reporting the bug in kik messenger, you must ensure that you are using only the official version of the app. To ensure that only official version is used, you should download the app from your phone’s app store only. Downloading APK file from web and installing the same in your mobile phone may cause damage since many such APK files are laced with viruses and spam. For Windows, Android, and Apple phones, you will be required to visit Windows App Store, Google Play, and iTunes app store respectively. If you are using Kik messenger app from your computer using an emulator, you might not get any assistance from Kik Interactive.

Problems With Modded Kik Apps

Similarly, this very problem will be faced when using the unofficial version of the app. There are dozens of modified Kik apps which are basically unofficial Kik apps with modified and enhanced features. These apps are not supported by Kik Interactive and might face many difficulties in regular functioning. These apps are created by amateur developers and are made available on the app store as well as websites. Features such as disabled read receipt, graphics, stickers, fake camera, new interface, and themes might lure you into downloading the app but beware some of these apps might slow your phone considerably. Further, you even face the threat of viruses and other spam. While not all of these modified Kik apps are dangerous but it is recommended to use only the official version for your as well as your smartphone’s safety. Any bug in kik messenger or technical errors in these modified apps are not resolved by Kik Interactive simply because they are not liable for unofficial versions of the app.


For best Kik experience, it is suggested to use only official version of the app which is readily available from app stores on different OS. The simple reason is official version are safe and secure to use and doesn’t steal identity or go around phishing. While modified Kik apps might sound like more fun, they are potential threats which can seriously harm your device. In this case, even Kik Interactive will pull out. Some of the features that modified Kik apps boast of will be soon incorporated in the official app, especially when we see the team of developers at Kik Interactive working hard day and night to make Kik the best app for online instant messaging. We can expect many more great updates in the time to come to enhance our Kik experience.


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