Best Kik Hacks, Tricks, and Secrets

Kik HacksOnline instant messaging has certain risks and fallacies involved. Kik, being one of the most popular messaging apps, is not invulnerable as well. The app was designed by Kik Interactive to connect people around the world without revealing their identity. Users pose anonymity and chat with each other. As long as it is done in the ethical and moral manner, there is no problem. But as soon as some users try to take disadvantage of this feature, it becomes questionable. This situation can, however, be detected with the help of awesome Kik Hacks spying tools which will detect any immoral or unethical activity of a user you are concerned about. Some of the situations in which you may want to use these spying tools are:

  • If your husband is cheating on you, and talking to girls on Kik or if your wife has a secret lover and often passes on excuses to you, just to meet him.
  • If you suspect your daughter or son is involved in sexting or talking inappropriately to other users.
  • Your kid is being lured by predators or if your kid is planning to throw a secret party when you are away.
  • To check if your crush is already engaged with somebody and you are just fooling around her.
  • Your ‘friends’ talk behind your back and spread wrong information about you to others.

Whatever the reason is, you can use the following spy tools to determine what is going on in the life of the person you want to keep an eye on. By using these hacks, you will be able to see their messages and conversations in real time. You can determine if they are lying or just being true to you. Further, we request you to use these Kik hacks responsibly because ‘with great powers comes great responsibilities’. Do not misuse these Kik hacks for any other purpose other than spying. Passing on vulnerable information through catfishing or hacking can have serious consequences. As long as you stick to merely finding out the target user’s activities and not something else, it is perfectly ethical to use these hacks.

Kik Hacks: Kik Monitoring and Spying Apps

  • Social Hacks – This tool lets you access the username and password saved on Kik servers. The hack extracts the data from Kik server and you will be able to get access to anyone’s Kik account. All you need to have is the username of the person you want to spy on. It is a free app and you won’t have to spend anything to spy on someone.
  • Kik Hack – This software was developed by top-notch hacking professionals. It works similar to ‘Social Hacks’ as you have to simply enter the desired person’s username. The interface is easy to use and quick to download. Once you get the access, you can read the chats and they will never know about it. Even more, you can edit their contacts list and change the account photo.
  • mSpy – This app lets you find the other person’s activity. You can spy on them to see if they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing. A simple download of a few minutes will let you inside their activity log.
  • SpyToApp – Again a great spying and monitoring app which utilizes advanced updates to find the other person’s activities. You can determine the people the target user is chatting with, the chats itself, and all the media exchanged among them. You can check if the target user is involved in something that he shouldn’t be a part of.
  • Kik Hack Spy – This app is perfect for breaking in somebody’s Kik messenger and find out what all he is up to. You get this for all the operating systems – iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. It lets you access the messages exchanged between the target user and other Kik users. On encountering any error code, you can download the Microsoft .NET Framework first and reinstall it. You can download the framework from

Kik Hacks: Some More Kik Monitoring and Spying Apps

  • Kik Account Hack Tool – How about stealing someone’s password? This hack tool is perfect for stealing the password of the target user and spy on his Kik account. It will allow you to access the information that you need on Kik Messenger. You can see the chats that took place and media that was exchanged.
  • Kik Shark – It can be easily downloaded from The process to be followed comprises entering the target’s username and your own email ID. The target account will be redirected to a unique link. The email gets changed to the chosen e-mail account and then receives the e-mail within 24 hours or less which allows you to change the password on the Kik account. You can then sign in using the information that you have and get in the depths of the target’s Kik activity.
  • Kik Hacker – With the help of this software, you can get access to the target user’s Kik account. It will allow you to get the details ranging from conversations to media exchange. All you need to have is the user’s Kik username or mobile number. Soon, you will be able to see what the target user is up to.
  • Storify – It’s a web-based system tool and works from a Mac or Windows computer. You can also use it on an Android phone or iPhone. Similar to the tools described above, you will need to have the user’s mobile number or username to spy on their account. Parents and guardians can use this wonderful tool to determine their child’s presence on Kik and the activities followed by him or her. Information such as messages, photos, videos, voice notes, and chats can be traced in no time.
  • iKeyMonitor – This keylogger hack is perfect for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android phone. With the help of this tool, you can find the websites, chats, screenshots, keystrokes, and passwords used by the target user. You can easily trace the course of activity followed by the user and check their intentions.

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