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What is a Kik Party? – Steps to organize a Kik Party

Kik PartyThe word ‘party’ is enough to give us thrills! And if we add ‘Kik’ before it, there is a whole new meaning to it. Of course, the millions of Kik users around the world use the app for fun and partying is a great way to meet new people and have great moments. The following article is focused on Kik parties, a new phenomenon in the world of Kik users which is taking them by storm. We shall explain how to organize a Kik party and how to add them to your event. Before we proceed, let us first understand what a Kik party is. A Kik messenger party is a Kik group chat which intends to add those users who are willing to have a digital (or virtual, as you prefer) party. The users take part in the event, without having to meet in person at a venue, and play games, have an interesting conversation etc.

Organizing A Kik Party

So if you are planning to throw a Kik party, you have to first think of the purpose of the party. Or you can say the theme of the party. Use your imagination and think a little about some popular themes of the party in real life. It may be a movie based party or role-play, whatever sails your boat. Now, it is not a hard and fast rule to have a theme because you can always have a casual party without any hullabaloo. The next thing is to think of people you are going to invite to the party. You can go two ways at this step – ‘the more the merrier’ or ‘a private affair’. So, it depends on you if you want to add a maximum number of your friends to the party or keep it restricted to a few. In case you would like to keep your Kik party limited to your existing friends, you can manually add them up. There are two ways to add them up, and we have described them both here:

1. Starting A New Party And Adding People In The Beginning

  • Take your mobile device and launch the Kik app.
  • Go to the main chats list.
  • Tap on the ‘talk to’ icon, located in the top right-hand side of the screen (for Apple devices).
  • Tap on the ‘talk to’ icon, located in the bottom right-hand side of the screen (for Android devices).
  • Tap on the ‘start a group’ option.
  • Now, tap on the names of the Kik friends you will like to add to the party.

The above step will add them to the party and not invite them. It means once you have tapped on the names of all the friends you have wanted in your party, they will be added regardless of their choice to attend the party. This is up to you to tell them in advance that you are throwing a Kik party so they can tell if they want to be added or not. If you add a friend up without informing him, he might leave the party which will not put a good impression in front of other friends in the party. So it is better to actually send a message to the friend that you are going to add him to the Kik party group. Once you have added all the friends, you can set a specific name for your party like ‘Christmas Bash’, ‘Reunion’, ‘Farewell’, and ‘New Year Bash’ etc. You can also set a picture according to the theme of the party or its mood. This is an optional step though we recommend you to go for it because it adds value to the party. You can change name and picture during the chat as well, so pick a good choice else just change it later. So cool! Once you have chosen all the friends, just tap on the ‘start’ icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

2. Adding People To The Kik Party After It Has Started

In this way, you can add people even after you have already a Kik party going on. Just follow these steps:

  • From the group chat, tap on the ‘info’ icon located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the ‘add’ icon to select, one by one, the friends you would like to add in the party group.
  • Finally, tap on the ‘done’ icon to finish adding them up. This process can be repeated any number of times.

3. Meeting New People And Sharing Party Across The Web                      

If you want to expand the horizon of your party to new people and strangers, you can use Kik codes to do so. For this, you have to share the Kik code of your Kik party group across various social media apps and websites. To know the process of sharing Kik code across these platforms, just follow these steps:

  • From the group chat, tap on the ‘info’ icon located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the ‘show Kik code’ icon to show the unique Kik code of the chat.
  • Finally, tap on the ‘share’ icon to share the Kik code.

If you are an active user of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Tumble, Pinterest, and other social media websites. You can share the Kik code with appropriate hashtags such as #kikparty #kikroleplayparty #kikhalloweenparty #kiknewyearparty #kikyounggunsparty and so on. Relevant hashtags will increase the possibilities of meeting new people genuinely interested in the theme and occasion of your party. You can also search for Kik codes on these platforms if you want to join an already on party. You can make your search smarter by looking out for relevant hashtags, as already explained. All you need to do, when you find the relevant party, is just scan the Kik code with the help of your device. As soon as you do it, you will be added up the party.

Best Kik Hacks, Tricks, and Secrets

Kik HacksOnline instant messaging has certain risks and fallacies involved. Kik, being one of the most popular messaging apps, is not invulnerable as well. The app was designed by Kik Interactive to connect people around the world without revealing their identity. Users pose anonymity and chat with each other. As long as it is done in the ethical and moral manner, there is no problem. But as soon as some users try to take disadvantage of this feature, it becomes questionable. This situation can, however, be detected with the help of awesome Kik Hacks spying tools which will detect any immoral or unethical activity of a user you are concerned about. Some of the situations in which you may want to use these spying tools are:

  • If your husband is cheating on you, and talking to girls on Kik or if your wife has a secret lover and often passes on excuses to you, just to meet him.
  • If you suspect your daughter or son is involved in sexting or talking inappropriately to other users.
  • Your kid is being lured by predators or if your kid is planning to throw a secret party when you are away.
  • To check if your crush is already engaged with somebody and you are just fooling around her.
  • Your ‘friends’ talk behind your back and spread wrong information about you to others.

Whatever the reason is, you can use the following spy tools to determine what is going on in the life of the person you want to keep an eye on. By using these hacks, you will be able to see their messages and conversations in real time. You can determine if they are lying or just being true to you. Further, we request you to use these Kik hacks responsibly because ‘with great powers comes great responsibilities’. Do not misuse these Kik hacks for any other purpose other than spying. Passing on vulnerable information through catfishing or hacking can have serious consequences. As long as you stick to merely finding out the target user’s activities and not something else, it is perfectly ethical to use these hacks.

Kik Hacks: Kik Monitoring and Spying Apps

  • Social Hacks – This tool lets you access the username and password saved on Kik servers. The hack extracts the data from Kik server and you will be able to get access to anyone’s Kik account. All you need to have is the username of the person you want to spy on. It is a free app and you won’t have to spend anything to spy on someone.
  • Kik Hack – This software was developed by top-notch hacking professionals. It works similar to ‘Social Hacks’ as you have to simply enter the desired person’s username. The interface is easy to use and quick to download. Once you get the access, you can read the chats and they will never know about it. Even more, you can edit their contacts list and change the account photo.
  • mSpy – This app lets you find the other person’s activity. You can spy on them to see if they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing. A simple download of a few minutes will let you inside their activity log.
  • SpyToApp – Again a great spying and monitoring app which utilizes advanced updates to find the other person’s activities. You can determine the people the target user is chatting with, the chats itself, and all the media exchanged among them. You can check if the target user is involved in something that he shouldn’t be a part of.
  • Kik Hack Spy – This app is perfect for breaking in somebody’s Kik messenger and find out what all he is up to. You get this for all the operating systems – iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. It lets you access the messages exchanged between the target user and other Kik users. On encountering any error code, you can download the Microsoft .NET Framework first and reinstall it. You can download the framework from

Kik Hacks: Some More Kik Monitoring and Spying Apps

  • Kik Account Hack Tool – How about stealing someone’s password? This hack tool is perfect for stealing the password of the target user and spy on his Kik account. It will allow you to access the information that you need on Kik Messenger. You can see the chats that took place and media that was exchanged.
  • Kik Shark – It can be easily downloaded from The process to be followed comprises entering the target’s username and your own email ID. The target account will be redirected to a unique link. The email gets changed to the chosen e-mail account and then receives the e-mail within 24 hours or less which allows you to change the password on the Kik account. You can then sign in using the information that you have and get in the depths of the target’s Kik activity.
  • Kik Hacker – With the help of this software, you can get access to the target user’s Kik account. It will allow you to get the details ranging from conversations to media exchange. All you need to have is the user’s Kik username or mobile number. Soon, you will be able to see what the target user is up to.
  • Storify – It’s a web-based system tool and works from a Mac or Windows computer. You can also use it on an Android phone or iPhone. Similar to the tools described above, you will need to have the user’s mobile number or username to spy on their account. Parents and guardians can use this wonderful tool to determine their child’s presence on Kik and the activities followed by him or her. Information such as messages, photos, videos, voice notes, and chats can be traced in no time.
  • iKeyMonitor – This keylogger hack is perfect for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android phone. With the help of this tool, you can find the websites, chats, screenshots, keystrokes, and passwords used by the target user. You can easily trace the course of activity followed by the user and check their intentions.

Cool Kik Girl Usernames and Suggestions

kik-messenger-usernamesThe first thing when you sign up for Kik messenger, you are asked to create a unique username. It is the personalized identifier through which other Kik users will find you on the app. Since username has to be unique (no two Kik users can have the same username), it might take some time to pick the best one according to your personality, preferences, and other factors. Also, you must bear in mind that Kik username is something that you cannot change so you might as well take some time before actually deciding one and regretting later. There are over 275 million Kik users around the world, and nearly 70% of them are in the age group of 17-24. Whoa, that is some number! With so many already registered users, the chances of slim that your desired username will be available at the time of signing up. However, if you are not able to select your desired username, you can create its variation by adding a letter or removing one. Further, you may even choose rhyme words or numbers to get your desired username selected. Some things that you should bear in mind before choosing and sharing a username are:

  • Many times, people judge you not only by the profile picture or display name but username as well. So choose a username that doesn’t mislead anyone.
  • Username should be catchy and fun. Avoid choosing mumbo jumbos and heavy vocabulary; usually, people tend to add other users who have an interesting username.
  • A username cannot be changed like display name, so be sharp and firm in your decision. You may better take some time and work around your desired username.
  • Other people can add you on Kik only when they know your username. All the other information is not shown to other users (unless you make your address book accessible).

As already discussed, your username will reflect your personality and your intentions of joining Kik. Be wise, a little sharp, and take some time. You surely don’t want to attract mean looks when you share your username with someone. Kik doesn’t require exchanging of telephone numbers for two people to connect rather, all it takes is usernames. Because you may decide to chat with strangers and random users in the future, it is better not to use your real name in the username. It is important from security and privacy perspectives.

Kik Display Name v/s Username

The next detail asked when you sign up on Kik is display name. Now, many people tend to get confused here between username and display name. Your display name is the name which is shown to you and the contacts in your Kik address book. While your display name can be Timothy Leary, your username may be yrcb7r. Neither username nor display name has to be your real name. Also, you can use your username as your display name to make your profile more secure and anonymous. Unlike username, you can change your display name as many times as desired. Further, there is no restriction of uniqueness on the display name. Let us now understand the way to change display name:

  • Open the Kik app and click on the tool daisy in the top menu bar.
  • Select your account from the list of available options on the screen.
  • Remove your old display name by deleting it and add new display name.

The first name field can hold only one word whereas the last name field can hold more than one word. If you wish to show your name as one long word, you can avoid spaces and enter it as the first name; for example – ‘moltenlavacandy’, or ‘skullharleyrider’. If you want two or more words separated, you can enter combined names in both, first and the last field; for example – ‘chocoberry’ as the first name and ‘islandgirl’ as the last name.

Kik Profile Picture

In case you wish to change your display picture as well, follow these steps:

  • Open Kik app and click on the tool daisy in the top menu bar to visit settings.
  • You will now see the current profile picture or a blank spot (if no picture was chosen).
  • Click on the set photo option and choose from ‘Take Picture’ or ‘Choose Existing’.
  • ‘Take Picture’ will let you take a fresh picture from the camera app of the phone.
  • ‘Choose Existing’ will take you to the gallery for choosing already existing photo.
  • Adjust the picture in the centre of the frame and click done when done the adjusting.

Kik Girl Username Suggestions and Tips

Before reading the list of some cool Kik girl usernames, let us follow some tips to remember before picking one from the list or choosing your own:

  • Select at least 3-4 username just in case your default choice of username is already taken.
  • If you want to stick to your default desired username but it is taken, create its variation.
  • Don’t choose a username which is randomly related to any of your personal information.
  • Make sure that your username bears no resemblance to your real name. It is for your safety.

Kik Username Generators

If you are unable to think of any proper username, you can take help of a username generator. Here are some of the results we got on generating Kik username with keyword ‘baby’ and ‘jelly’.

  • BabaBaby
  • BabeBaby
  • BabkaBaby
  • BabyAnime
  • BabyBabe
  • BabyBabiche
  • BabyBabka
  • Babybili
  • BabyBird
  • Babyblex
  • Babyelgani
  • BabyForb
  • Babygges
  • Babyggin
  • Babyhookar
  • BabyNot
  • Babyound
  • Babyparket
  • Babypast
  • Babypate
  • Babyspee
  • Babysphe
  • Babystef
  • Babytecham
  • Babytecs
  • Babyteen
  • Babytemann
  • Babyteme
  • Babyters
  • Babyteta
  • BabixzJelly
  • DeanJelly
  • FollyJelly
  • JellibJelly
  • Jellyaker
  • Jellyancy
  • Jellyania
  • JellyBob
  • JellyBristle
  • Jellycent
  • Jellydeac
  • JellyDigest
  • JellyFarer
  • JellyFate
  • JellyGamer
  • Jellyge
  • JellyJin
  • JellyKat
  • Jellyncer
  • Jellynnie
  • Jellynxit
  • Jellypsis
  • Jellyseme
  • Jellysett
  • Jellysi
  • JellySkolly
  • Jellystas
  • JellyTastic
  • JellyTin
  • Jellytion

Kik Groups On Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, & Facebook

If you have been using Kik for quite a while, you must have wished to converse with people outside your phone book. After all, with more than 250 million users from around the world, it is quite natural to explore the depths of Kik and utilize its reach. A great feature of Kik app is groups where many users come together to chat with each other. Some Kik GroupsKik groups last a couple of hours whereas some others may even last for years. Users converse on a variety of topics, ranging from ‘I am bored’ to ‘Game of Thrones’. It all depends on the group you want to join and chat you want to have. Now, some of the groups are private and meant for a closed set of people whereas some others are of public domain. The latter kind of group is shared publicly as an open invitation. Anyone who feels connected with the group and wants to proceed with chatting in it can easily join it. Invitations for such publicly shared Kik groups are shared across various social media platforms – Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Plus. There are two ways to join the group, either drop your username or scan the Kik code. In this article, we will understand how to find Kik groups on the aforesaid social media platforms.

How to Find Kik Groups

Kik groups are created by individuals when they join many people to a single chat. Each group has a capacity of 50 members. The host of the group decides how to invite users and it is up to him to add a person or not. Typically, the host either adds members from his own contact list or extends invitations through social media platforms. Various hashtags and keywords are used to attract people to the group; some of them being – #kikme #kikparty #kikgroup #kikboys #kikgirls and so on. Multiple hashtags increase the chances of people finding the host and requesting inclusion in the group. The invitations for public Kik groups are posted on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. Any person can use these social media platforms to find the relevant group; all he needs to do is search for the relevant hashtag(s). On spotting the username of the host or party’s Kik code, he can send a message or scan the Kik code using code scanner.

If the host deems suitable, he shall be added to the group chat. Another way to find Kik groups is to search for them on Reddit. You can find subreddits by the name HashtagKik and KikGroups to find suitable Kik groups. There shall be multiple posts by people promoting their respective Kik groups. A majority of these groups will list the nature of the chat and the theme of the group. Further, you can see the timestamp of the post see if the chat is going on or if the group is old. Time lapse is not the same as it is on a Kik friend finder website. As already discussed, the groups may last for a few hours or a few years, depending upon the enthusiasm of the users. So, if the group’s description appeals you and matches your taste, just proceed to scan the group’s Kik code. In case the host has given his username, you can message him to add to the group.

Joining A Kik Group and Participation

Kik group invitations shall ask you to ‘drop your Kik’ or may even post a Kik code for you to scan. In the lingo of Kik, ‘dropping your Kik’ means you are required to put your username as a comment or reply to the invitation post. The host will then add you to the group by your username of Kik code. To scan a Kik code, you have to open the app and direct camera to the Kik code. The app will soon scan the code and you will become a part of the respective Kik group. A group’s success depends on its members and with only 50 members limit, it is necessary to keep the conversation going on. Once you become a member, you shall contribute by sending messages, involving in a chat, sharing pictures, and videos. The host has a responsibility of keeping the group vibrant and active. Nobody likes a passive member and if you are being one, it is about time to change. A passive member actually harms the group spirit in two ways – by not participating in the group chat and by blocking another willing user’s position. Further, the host has to take the responsibility of removing a member who is trolling, spamming, or violating the rules. When you plan to be a member of a Kik group, be prepared to take active participation and get involved. Don’t put yourself in a position where the host asks you to leave.

Creating a Kik Group

If you fail to find any suitable Kik group of your taste and interest, why not create your own? Many times it happens that you are not able to find your desired Kik group, in this case, you can easily create a group and invite people. Just as you take help of social media to find Kik groups, you can use it to post your Kik group for others to join. First thing first, thinks of the topic you want to create. Remember, a happening group is that in which members participate equally. So you may like to think of a popular topic, which many people might be interested in. Whether you are into wildlife or food, culture and heritage or gaming, there is actually no limit on the topics you can make a group on. Anything that holds your interest and others’ too is a perfect choice for a Kik group theme. Creating a group is equally easy and you just need to share the Kik group code across social media platforms to invite users from around the world.

What Is Kik Spam?

Like any other online application and website, Kik messenger is also a hot target for spammers. No application is perfect and at some point of time, a Kik user may also face spam. It is annoying to encounter a spam, but with a few precautions, you can minimize the chances of facing one. In this article, we shall explain how to identify a spam and the course to action to follow if a spam is detected. A general problem with spam is that it is tough to recognize and when it is done, it is usually late. In the majority, spam will only cause waste of time or distraction from your usual activities; however, beware because spam can also lead to serious consequences. Our target here is to ensure that you are aware of all the possibilities of spam and the steps to take if a spam is taking over. We shall also focus on various methods Kik spam usually follows.Kik Spam

The company that owns Kik Messenger ensures users’ safety and keeps it a priority always. No data of users is shared anywhere hence you can be assured of your privacy on the web. The company and its team of developers work day and night to make the app spam free. However, there are possibilities where a spam occurs and disrupts your normal Kik activities. Kik Interactive makes all efforts to ensure a smooth and pleasant Kik experience but naturally, they cannot always stop it. This is why you must report a spam as soon as you face it. There are millions of Kik users in the world and obviously, not every profile is genuine. Hence it becomes our responsibility to help Kik Interactive find these spammers and block them.

Way To Recognize Kik Spam

  • Pay close attention to the language of the spam. Many times, spam are created from remote locations in the world where English is not the primary language. A typical spam will write in poor English, often with the poor vocabulary, spelling mistakes, and improper grammar.
  • An unusually proficient use of English is also doubtful. Pay close attention if the language being used is of very high and sophisticated standards. See if the words and sentence structure is unnatural and unusual. This is again a red marker for a bot.
  • Since Kik is used by millions across the world, language is not the sole criteria. Another method to determine a spam is to see the nature of the conversation. It shouldn’t be intrusive, inquisitive, and interrogative. The course of conversation should be easy and smooth.
  • See what kind of questions is the other ‘person’ is asking. The questions shouldn’t be about extracting personal information or any detail related to your school, workplace, bank account, family, college, and home. If you find so, beware because it is a spam.
  • Many times, the spam generates pre-saved sentences which are posted as messages after a keyword in your message is detected. This is a usual technique of spam because obviously, it is not a real person.
  • Spam sends links in its conversation. The links are usually of third party websites and applications. Beware because to access these links, you will have to leave the Kik app, which is not at all recommended.

Course Of Action If Kik Spam Bot Is Detected

Once you have detected that you are talking to a spam bot, you will have to follow a course of action. Many people, in the lack of sufficient knowledge, block the account of the spam though it is not the only way to deal with a spam. Instead of simply blocking, you should report those accounts as spam to Kik Interactive. It will ensure that the company blacklists these accounts and blocks their access to the app, for good. Let us now come to different ways in which you can report an account as spam. You can do it either from your chats or you from your new chats lists. Both methods are quite similar and comprise of few easy steps. In both methods, you shall be asked to include the chat history. It means if you want to include the chat with spam account, you can do so. It is up to you if you want to include it or not. This step shall cause no effect on the reporting and blocking the process. If you decide to include the chat history, you will have to tick the relevant option on your screen.

Method I

In this method, you report the spam the current chat. It is better to follow this method if you decide to report spam from the chat itself and without leaving, follow these steps:

  • Open the conversation you have been having with the spam account.
  • The next step is to tap on “ignore” and either “report and block” or “report”.
  • The above options might vary with the mobile device you are using.
  • Now, tap on the option “this is a spam bot” and decide if to include the chat history or not.
  • Finally, just tap on “report and block”. The Kik spam account is now reported and blocked.

Method II

In this method, you report the spam directly from the chats. If you are chatting and realize it has been a spam all this while, it is better to follow this method. If you decide to report Kik spam instantaneously during the chat, follow these steps:

  • Tap on the icon in the top right corner of the profile of the spam account you were chatting to.
  • Now you will see the spam profile info. Find the icon with three vertical dots, tap on it.
  • If you cannot find this icon, look out for it in the right-hand corner in the top of the info screen.
  • You will now see different options on the screen, find “report” and then tap on it.
  • Again, different options will now be shown. Select “this is a spam bot” now.
  • If you want to include the chat history, you can do so or just skip it.
  • Finally tap on the report and block icon. The Kik spam account has now been reported and blocked.

Fancy Kik Bot Usernames

Kik BotBots are a great feature unique to Kik app and in this article; we shall introduce some of the cool Kik Bot Usernames in the Kik bot shop! You can chat with them and have loads of fun like 240 million other Kik users are having. These bots are sometimes promotional in nature and sometimes for plain fun. Whatever the reason for their development is, you will not get bored of bots because they are designed to behave like real users. Yes! These are in fact virtual identities that act like real Kik users. Such is the level of artificial intelligence at this stage of technological development. The basis of using Kik bot is that you interact with them and they learn about you through the conversation. Eventually, they present to you tailored services and content for maximum engagement. You can explore various Kik bot on your own and the list below is just recommendations based on our use and reviews from users.

1. Kik Points Bot

origBy chatting with Kik Points Bot, you get to earn Kik Points, the virtual currency of Kik app. To earn Kik points, you have to participate in promotional activities such as watch a video, fill a survey form, interact with the sponsor, play a little game, or simply download a set of the sponsored emojis. You can keep on earning KPs in denominations from 40 to 100 and even more! The more you chat, the more you earn. You can use the KPs to buy items at Kik smiley shop or Kik sticker shop.

2. Monkey Pets

Well affording a monkey or taking care of it might not be possible for everyone so why not opt for a virtual monkey? Your goal here is to keep your pet monkey happy and content. You have to name your monkey and begin a lifelong relationship with a pet! You have to feed him and take care of him in all ways. Be cautious because he feeds on emoji fruits and may not like all of them.

3. Secret Admirer Bot

Ever wishes to make your crush go gaga without dropping hints? Or tease a friend without revealing your identity? Send them an anonymous message from this bot and let the fun begin. You will have to exchange introductory secretadmirer_bannermessages with the bot and it will ask you if you want to send a message. Then, you can choose anyone from your contact list and send a message. You can keep chatting with Kik Points Bot to keep your KP account full because KPs are used to keep the message anonymity tight. With KPs, you can send a new hint every day for a week to impress your crush and intrigue her. Now, the bot gives you multiple options with KPs such as:

  • You can send a message and there are 50-50 chances the bot will keep your identity a secret.
  • If you pay 15 KPs, the chances of your identity revelation reduce by 25%.
  • If you pay 25 KPs, the chances of your identity revelation are 0%.

4. WIZ

Take a break from usual typing and make chats fun by sending movie clips instead of your own words! Yes, suppose you are going for a short break, so rather than typing ‘I will be back’ or ‘BRB’ send a relevant clip from Terminator movie i.e. “I’ll be back.” Scan the code and learn how to put clips in a message. You can also see the list of matching keywords with matching clips.

5. When Words Are Not Enough

This is a great bot to radically change the way you start a conversation. There are many creative ice-breaker words and phrases to begin a chat in a fun way.

6. Games Bots Play

Use this bot to play mini games and get entertained. You don’t have to find someone anymore to play games because this bot has many options when it comes to game genres. One great thing is these bots aren’t traditionally programmed to beat you up in the game.

7. Riffsy

This bot lets you send a GIF file instead of words. All you need to do is type @gif before the word you want to giffify. There are millions of GIFs, as claimed by the bot, which means you will never run out of the options.

8. Tickers

Tic-tac-toe has now come in the form of the bot and you can enjoy it as much as we do. This bot lets you invite a friend to the game and you can play with him. This classic game has never been better because, in Kik, you don’t need the physical presence of your friend anymore to play with.

9. Make Four

Similar to the popular game we all played in childhood. You have to connect four discs in your color vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The score builds up as you play the game and we found this bot to be of sweet nostalgic value.

10. Johnny-on-the-Spot Bots

This bot is full of optimism and you might end up loving yourself after chatting with this bot. You get inspirational feeds and positive content in this bot. Further, it might help you in finding a job as well.

11. Zombie Survival

If you like games with artillery, armors, weapons, and all macho stuff, this is the game for you! With this Kik bot, you have to prove your mettle as a zombie survival expert. You will have to make decisions to keep your health safe and avert or outrun zombies when you encounter them. There are chainsaws, knifes, hammers to knock zombies down and save your life! Cool, isn’t it?

12. Wirkn

Those who are seeking an entry level job, this is a great bot to begin the search with. If you don’t have any experience or resume, it is pretty tough to land up a job and this Kik bot promises you to work it out. This is particularly helpful if you are working through school and paying bills on your own.

What Does Light D In Kik Mean?

A great feature of Kik messenger is that it lets you know the current status of a message sent or received. Whenever you send a message, a small icon is placed against the message which tells if the message has reached, failed to reach, read, or yet to be read. So basically you can know how far the message has reached in the journey to the receiver’s device. Now, the confusion arises because there are multiple message status icons, and each of them implies a different meaning. Further, most of the letters are pretty straight forward but in some devices, ‘D’ has a different meaning depending on its shade. Now, in this article, we will crack what light ‘D’ means so that you are not confused next time when you see this icon against a sent message.kik

Cracking Message Notifications

The message status indicator on Kik app is a great way to learn the current status of the message in the journey from your mobile to the receiver’s mobile. You can come to know if the message has been delivered or not, or it is somewhere stuck. All the message status indicators are meant for the convenience of the users. Many times, we get frustrated at delayed replies and that’s where these indicators help us out in knowing if the receiver is not replying for genuine reasons. All these status codes keep us in the loop about the progress of the message and they start showing up as soon as we press the send button. Whenever you send a message, either text or any multimedia, a receipt status indicator is displayed. The ‘R’ message status means the message has been read by the receiver after it was sent and delivered. If the message shows ‘D’, it means the message has been sent from your mobile, reached the central server of Kik, and receiver’s mobile from there. The ‘D’ icon means the message has been delivered to the receiver’s mobile; it doesn’t mean the receiver has read the message. Depending on the smartphone of the receiver, the ‘D’ might appear dark in colour or solid, or it might appear as light and faded in the beginning.

Meaning Of The Light (Faded) ‘D’

Let us now understand the meaning of light or faded ‘D’. We shall use the words ‘light’ and ‘faded’ interchangeably because they mean the same in the context of Kik messenger app. When you send a message to a friend, the message goes from your device to your friend’s device via Kik server. When the message leaves your mobile phone, it is travelling towards the Kik server from where it is further sent to the receiver’s mobile. Now, if the message sent by you shows light ‘D’, it means the message has been sent as a push notification. By push notification, we mean that the message has not been fully delivered to the receiver’s mobile. The reason behind this is your friend might not have opened the Kik app or it might not be running at the moment. When the message goes as push notification, it shows light ‘D’; and when the message reaches the device of the receiver, light ‘D’ converts into solid ‘D’.

Many apps use push notifications as a means of notifying alerts, updates, or any new activity. Basically, these are reminders for the app user which are meant for immediate action by the user in the app. So next time you send a message and it shows light ‘D’, be calm and wait for the message to be read by the user before expecting a prompt reply. Sometimes, many of us in haste take light ‘D’ as delivered but as we have learnt just now, this is not the case. Light ‘D’ simply means the message is waiting for the receiver to open the app and let it establish a connection with web before finally getting delivered. When the receiver opens the app and uses it actively, the light ‘D’ will change into solid ‘D’ and when the message is read, the solid ‘D’ will change into ‘R’.

Other Kik Message Indication Statuses

  • S for Sent – it means when you send a text, the message has left your phone and has begun the journey towards the receiver’s phone. It usually takes milliseconds for the message to get delivered to Kik server so you will be able to take only a glance at it before the next status shows up.kiks
  • D for Delivered – it means the message has been delivered to the receiver’s mobile phone. There are two types of ‘D’ – light and dark. The former means the message has been sent as a push notification to the receiver and it is yet to be delivered. The dark or solid ‘D’ means the message has finally reached the receiver’s device.
  • R for Read – it means the message has been finally read by the receiver on his mobile device.hc-ios-read-receipt-r

    • … for Message Attempt – It means the message is being attempted to send at your end. When the message is sent, it will change into ‘S’. If the message hangs in this status for a long time, check your internet connection.

  • ! for Failed Message – This status means your message has failed to deliver. The reasons for which this status shows up are – poor web connectivity or server problem at your cell phone service provider’s end.

Apart from these notifications, one might also encounter a message – “Oops it looks like this person’s phone has been off/ disconnected for a while. We’ll deliver your message when they connect again”. This means that the receiver has not been active at Kik for quite some time. This message is not likely to be witnessed if you have been Kikking back and forth for quite some time. Whenever the receiver will open the app and connect it to the web, he will receive the message and then the message status on your mobile phone will follow the same path as described above.

Kik Themes : Different colours available and Installation guide

Android users that have Kik messenger downloaded to their mobile devices can change Kik themes according to their moods and personal preferences. The process of changing theme is very easy and user-friendly. One of the most popular themes available for android Kik messenger is the peppermint pink theme. The steps to change default Kik theme to peppermint pink theme takes Google Play into the role. This theme and all the other Kik themes are not available for iOS and Windows devices the reason being their strictness regarding apps in their catalog. Usually, there are a lot of apps in the android app store when compared to that of Apple or Windows devices.

Having lots of apps on android gives you the freedom to download various apps of different kinds but at the same time, many of these apps can be scams or filled with inept content. This is where the Apple and Windows phone score higher. Before we proceed to change the Kik theme to peppermint pink theme, let us understand a fact that this is not an official theme. It means that any Kik theme is not made available by Kik Interactive as of now. All the themes, including peppermint pink theme, is an unofficial way to change how your Kik app appears. There is no Kik customization authorized by Kik messenger app; so if you come across any technical problem, the developers at Kik Interactive won’t be able to help you out. Let us know understand what Kik themes are and how you can change your default theme to peppermint pink theme.

Risks in Theme Versions

Because themed Kik app is not the official version, there are some risks involved in it. A potential threat includes that the downloaded theme Kik app might discreetly send your mobile use statistics and history to its developers, a popular work of Trojans and spyware. Other risks involve spamming and virus which may cause your phone to hang or run unexpectedly slow. To reduce the chances of such errors and any malicious activity, it is always recommended to download themed versions of the app from a trusted website. You must double check the credentials of the website before downloading any app or software in general.

kik themes

Understanding Kik Theme

In the layman terms, a theme is how your app or software appears. Sometimes the word ‘skin’ is also used in the place of the theme. It is how your app, Kik in this case, will appear to you. Changing Kik theme means downloading something to your android device. You must also know that a theme is a different app and not a standalone program file. To use peppermint pink theme, you will need to delete any version of Kik you are using on your mobile device. It means that you need to save your login details and all the content you want to retain after the app is uninstalled. All the chats will be lost even after once you uninstall the app and reinstall it. You may either copy and paste the chats or take screenshots of the same. The same thing can be followed up for all the media files such as audio and video.

If you are logged in Kik messenger on your phone and uninstall it, you will be asked to log in again when you reinstall the app. sometimes, the user forgets the login details over the period of time, so it is better to recall the login details so that you are not blank when you are asked to login in the reinstalled app. The login details that are asked are an email address and password. Now, with Kik theme, you cannot use the latest version of Kik messenger. The reason for this is that themes are not supported by Kik officially. These themes are not authorized by Kik messenger developers. And as usual, using the older version of the app might show you some differences in its functioning. This is pretty normal because newer versions of any app tend to have differences in option placement and functioning.

Installing Kik Theme

Now that you have understood the risks involved in downloading and applying a theme to Kik, let us now understand how to install peppermint pink theme. The first thing is to access the device web browser. If you search for ‘peppermint pink Kik theme’, you will get many websites in the search result from where you will be able to download it. The best way, as we recommend, is downloading it from ‘Beautiful Droid’. The website shows the preview of the app layout in all the themes it has to offer. So based on the appearance, you can choose which theme to apply if not peppermint pink theme. Once you are convinced about a theme, you can proceed to download it. Downloading a theme means downloading an APK file to your mobile device system. Once the APK file is downloaded, you must install it like any other app. Remember that you will be able to install the themed version only when you have deleted the last version of Kik messenger app.

The same mobile device will not hold both versions of the app at the same time as naturally a version of the app has to be removed before downloading the desired version. Once downloaded, you must tap on the installed app icon and login into your account. The basic functioning and operation of the themed version will be similar to Kik with minor differences in features. By using the theme, only the appearance changes, not the controls and functions. Now, if you face any technical problem in using the themed version of Kik, no support will be given to you by Kik Interactive. If for some reasons, your app is not working properly, you may choose to reinstall it or download a different theme altogether. If none of the themes work fine and stable on your device, it is suggested to visit Google Play app store and download the latest official version to continue using Kik.

Kik Message Status

It is very irritating when a reply is not sent instantly by the person you are in a chat with and you want to know the kik message status. Let us not blame it to the modern age problem and technology fiasco but understand how the feature of message status works in Kik, one of the most popular online IM apps. Not only it will reduce the frustration significantly but let you know the current status of your message’s delivery. We will explain in this article what different Kik message statuses imply so that you don’t have to wait endlessly to get a reply from the other person. Many times, we often take a person’s business for ignorance and end up having conflicts. The message delivery statuses function whether largely reduces the problem or aggravates it, it depends on the persons in chat but at least it will put forth a clear picture of conversational progress with little room for excuses! Being knowledgeable of the message status will help you understand several things about the message and the mechanism of its delivery from your phone to another person’s phone.

Terminology – S, D, and R for kik message status

Basically, there are three symbols: S for ‘sent, R for ‘read’, and D for ‘delivered’. Of course, this is not a detailed explanation rather will leave you in even more confusion. These three symbols define the current status of a message in chat. We shall take one symbol at a time and try to explain their meanings. ‘Sent’ means that you have sent a message from your phone to the Kik’s server. If a message has ‘S’ as a symbol, it implies that the message you have composed has been successfully sent by the app to the main server of Kik. It is a guarantee that you have sent the message from your end but is yet to be received by the receiver.

The message, depending upon the web speed of the sender and receiver might take some time but once the sent symbol is displayed, it means that the sender has done his job from his end and now it is up to Kik’s serve to send the message further to the receiver’s mobile. The next symbol is ‘D’ which stands for ‘delivered’. It means that the message from sender has been delivered to the receiver’s mobile. So if the receiver lies to you about getting any message, you will know because the message will show ‘D’. However if instead of ‘D’, ‘S’ is displayed, it means that the message is yet to be received by the receiver and it is in transit by the Kik server.

kik message status

If a message or many messages are showing ‘S’ for a long time, it means that there is something wrong at the receiver’s end. It is possible that his phone is disconnected from the internet or he is not getting the strong network. ‘S’ means the messages are not sent to the receiver’s phone but lying with the Kik server. Now, if a message has shown ‘D’, it doesn’t mean that they have read it. ‘D’ only means that the message has reached their phone but is yet to be read. Now, it might be a little confusing to know the fundamental difference between ‘S’ and ‘D’, isn’t it? Simply put, if a message shows ‘S’, it means the message is sent to the Kik server and ‘D’ means the message is sent to the receiver’s mobile. Nothing is wrong at your end if the message shows ‘S’ or ‘D’ for a long time. If any of these symbols show up, there is nothing you can do except wait for a reply. A user may not receive messages for the following reasons:

  • His active data connection is off (for cellular data only)
  • The phone is in airplane mode
  • The phone is somewhere near cellphone jammers
  • The Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough (for Wi-Fi only)
  • The phone is turned off due to low battery or whatever reason

In any of the above cases, the message will be sent to the receiver’s phone only when the phone is turned on or data connection (either thru cellular or Wi-Fi) is established. Till the person turns on his phone and data connected is regained, the message will show ‘S’. Once the data is on, Kik server will send the message to Kik app; and the read receipt will change from ‘S’ to ‘D’. On seeing the ‘D’ symbol, you must understand that the message has now reached the receiver’s phone and is ready to be read. Obviously, one cannot read a message unless it has reached his phone. Let us now understand what ‘R’ means. ‘Read’ is denoted by ‘R’ symbol which means that the sent message has now been read by the receiver.

Now you can be assured that the message has been read and you can wait for an instant reply. The symbol of a message will change from ‘D’ to ‘R’ as soon as the receiver opens the chat and reads the message. A short recall again, ‘D’ means that the other user has received the messages and ‘R’ means the user has read the messages. Many times a user is unable to read the messages but in this case if his data connection is on, the messages will keep on coming to his phone. It is advised to be a little sensitive and understanding if the user takes a little time in replying or doesn’t reply at all. There are many situations where typing is not possible or the network is not strong. Long story short, do not jump on to conclusions easily and wait for some time before sending another ‘reminder’ message.

Other Message Status Symbols

Apart from these three regular symbols, there are three more symbols that you should be aware of. The following table explains these symbols:

…. It means that the messenger app is not connected to the server but trying to establish a connection. If you see this symbol, it means your internet connection is not strong enough to send the message. Once the network is strong enough, this symbol will instantly change into ‘S’ very quickly. You can try changing your location or switching data off and then on.
! It means that there is actually a problem in sending a message. Sometimes, it may be due to either Wi-Fi problem connectivity or system technical updates.
Gray colored “D” Gray ‘D’ means that the message has reached the recipient’s mobile phone but they have not opened the app yet. Once they open the app, the gray color will change to blue. Remember, blue ‘D’ still doesn’t mean the user has read the message.


Kik For PlayStation Vita, 3, 4, Linux, Tablet

Kik is a versatile online messaging app which can be used on a variety of devices and operating systems. So if you have a smartphone or mobile device and an active internet connection, you can use Kik for playstation easily. What is great is that it comes free of cost and doesn’t involve any hidden cost at all. You can visit the app store of your OS and download the app easily. If you have an android phone, you have to visit Google Play; if you are having a Windows phone, you have to visit Windows App Store, and Apple owners are required to visit iTunes app store. This makes Kik very ideal which has a great coverage on various devices and operating systems. Still, some people insist on using the app on other devices. There are options to use Kik on other devices as well but all of these are unofficial and not supported by Kik Interactive, the developer of Kik app. You can easily use Kik on a computer and the overall process though may sound long, is easy. As you need to do is download an android emulator and then, the Kik app from Google Play store.

kik for playstation

In that sense, you can use Kik app on any computer and also kik for playstation. A catch here is that you must have an account with Google Play and to have an account on Google Play, you must have at least one android registered device. Each mode of using Kik has its own benefits and disadvantages. It can be very convenient to be able to switch to different devices without losing track of communication. There may be certain situations where you will be able to use a specific device only, for example, a computer at workplace and phone while traveling. In this situation, you will always be connected to people through Kik app. Let us now come to the point of using Kik on devices other than mobile and computer systems. Unfortunately, Kik Interactive has limited its support to only official Kik app which is downloaded from the app store. There is no official provision of using Kik on the computer as well, not just PlayStation, Linux, Ubuntu, and tablets. There is no way as of now to use Kik on these devices so you can’t download, install, or use Kik app in any version of PlayStation. Obviously, with time we might see Kik Interactive working on this feature and improving the app to the point where it supports multiple devices.

Alternatives To Kik For PlayStation Vita, 3, 4, Linux, Tablet

Kik is not available as of now for any version of PlayStation. However, if you have PlayStation Vita or any different version and would like to share messages with your fellow PlayStation friends, you can use the recently launched PlayStation messaging service known as PlayStation Messages. If you also use Kik, you will find some similarities between these two messaging apps. To download the PlayStation messaging app, you will have to visit the app store on your phone and download it to the system. Once logged in, you will be easily able to access the app. Let us now compare them and know their features:

  • With PlayStation Messages and Kik messaging app, you can share messages with your friends. You can either have a one-to-one conversation or many-to-many (group) conversation. Sending messages in both the apps follow the same method where one person types and presses the send button.
  • With both apps, you can share pictures with your online friends. You can either send a fresh picture or already stored one that is on your mobile device or PS; either way, you can share images of multiple file formats, and that too many at once so that you don’t have to pick one image at a time.
  • Both messaging apps allow users to send stickers. There are a lot of stickers available to enhance chat and make messaging a better experience altogether. Stickers come in a variety of moods and description. With each update, new stickers are added to the already existing folio.
  • Both apps allow searching friends on the same platform. Of course, you will be able to find only those friends who use the same chatting app as you do i.e. Kik for Kik and PlayStation for PlayStation. So a Kik user can’t find his friend on Kik who is using PS Messenger app and vice versa.

Features Exclusive to PlayStation

There are some points where PlayStation leads and Kik doesn’t. However, that doesn’t make Kik any less of a competitor since it works on a different platform and device altogether. There may be a time where Kik Interactive expands the app to work officially on computers of all operating systems, including Linux and Ubuntu. Till then, we can just wait for the day and hope that Kik Interactive, seeing the neck to neck competition, releases official versions of Kik for all devices and OS. Many of the features that PlayStation has included and Kik hasn’t are as follows:

  • With PlayStation Messages, you will be able to see who is online at any given point of time. This means you will know from your friends’ list, who is available to chat and who is not.
  • You can also see who is playing games on PlayStation and the game as well. This can be a great point for initiating a conversation with a recently added friend.
  • Since this app is linked to a gaming platform, you will be able to manage your game downloads with the message app. This is very useful especially when you are chatting.
  • The PlayStation Messages app allows its users to control PlayStation remotely. This provides flexibility when they are playing their favorite games or messaging.
  • Another interesting feature is PSN Messenger allows its user to enable the second screen for some games. Only a fixed set of games allow this so you have to check in advance.

Kik Codes : Its Application, and Benefits

Kik has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other through online instant messaging apps and rightfully via kik codes, it deserves all the hype and attention. It is a wonderful way to make new friends, connect with old ones, and overall have a great chatting experience. What makes Kik immensely popular are its features, of which Kik codes is very important and unique. We will explain how to use Kik codes to make new friends and meet new people. That said, you might think Kik codes is only for making new friends however this is not the case. As a matter of fact, you can connect with new people as much as you can connect with your old and existing friends. The best reason of using Kik code is that it saves a lot of time before chatting with a new Kik user. Traditionally, when Kik was launched, you would have to get the Kik username of the person you want to chat with. Then, the username was typed in the search bar of the app. The relevant result was shown instantly. Though this is a simple process, it consumed time. Further, there were chances of misunderstandings and errors in typing. One wrong letter and you would have got a totally different user.

And if you added that person thinking of the person from who you took the username, you could have passed on information that was intended for him in the first place. There are two situations in this case – either the giver gave the wrong username or you recorded the name wrongly. Regardless of the reason, it was a bit troublesome because you were required to enter the username with 100% accuracy. Of course, there are many people who still abide by this classic method but there is no reason you should stick to this method especially when you an error-proof method in the form of Kik code. It takes only a few seconds to add people using their Kik codes, much less than what the traditional method takes. Kik code works accurately every time without any chance of error. Now before you make any wrong assumptions about Kik codes, be known that they are unique QR codes which can be scanned using any compatible mobile device. Think of this as a unique technical biometric impression which is unique to every user. So if you want to add somebody up on Kik and start chatting, all you have to do is to ask him to post his Kik code so that you can scan it.

kik codes

Connecting With Friends Using Kik Codes

Now you have a friend who uses Kik codes, like you do, and you both want to chat with each other on Kik. Now, one of you has to display the respective Kik code on the smartphone for the other to scan with his device. A detailed explanation is here:

  • Take your smartphone or tablet.
  • Open the Kik app by tapping its icon.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the main chat list and open the scanner.
  • To open the scanner, pull down from the top of the screen.
  • Point the scanner to your friend’s Kik code.

Once your device has scanned your friends’ Kik code, his username will be automatically added to your Kik friends’ list. Now, you can start chatting with him, share pictures, audio, video, and what not! Suppose you or your friend doesn’t know how to see Kik code and display it, in this case, follow these steps:

  • Take your smartphone or tablet.
  • Open the Kik app by tapping its icon.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the main chat list and open the scanner.
  • To open the scanner, pull down from the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the code icon located at the bottom of the screen.

Making New Friends Using Kik Codes

Now, you have learnt the method of adding anybody using his Kik code. The question which arises is how to add new people to your friends’ list, predominantly those who you don’t know. In this case, the process of adding the friend is same as described above however we will explain how to search for new potential friends. The most popular method of obtaining Kik code of strangers or potential friends, as we will like to call them, involves accessing social media platforms and Kik websites. So whether you are present on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or pretty much any social media platform, it is very easy to add people using their Kik codes. Many people share their Kik codes on such websites and social media platforms. You can easily scan their respective codes and add them up. You can specify your search by using Kik websites which have plenty of Kik users waiting to connect with random strangers around the world. So whether you want to search for Kik guys or Kik girls, all you have to do is visit Kik websites and scan the users’ Kik codes. A word of caution is here that do not pass on personal information to anybody on Kik until you are drop dead sure. You can block anyone on Kik if he is annoying you or threatening you.

Bots, Groups, And Kik Codes

Some of the bets Kik bots share their Kik codes on various social media platforms. So you can visit various social media platforms and scan the bot’s Kik code. This is equally easy as adding Kik individuals. To create a group on Kik is a fun way to extend your friend circle and meet new friends. Suppose you want to connect with Star Trek fans from all over the world and want to create a Kik group for that. Now, once you have created a group and want to share it with other Kik users, all you have to do is access the group and pull down the screen when you are actually in the group or explicitly, when your group chat window is open. It must be done very carefully because if you pull down the screen when you are not in the group, you will get your own personal Kik code and you certainly won’t want random people messaging you privately.

Kik Address Book : kik privacy concerns for private profile

Worrying about privacy and security on web is a genuine concern and specially when it comes to kik privacy, especially when there are numerous cases of cyber crime every day. This problem has escalated with the advent of online instant messaging apps. There are many such apps for example Kik, FB Messenger, Line, and the biggest of them all, Kik messenger. Nearly all of these apps want to give us the best experience by putting in touch with the maximum people we know. For this, they access the address book of our phone. Now, this might not appeal to some users because they wouldn’t have wanted the app access in the address book. We, in this article, will discuss in detail about Kik messenger app and the feature of address book reading.

An Introduction To Kik Address Book privacy conerns

Let us first understand the process of Kik registration before we proceed to understand address book matching. The process of registration on Kik involves providing details such as – username, first name, last name, date of birth, and email ID. The purpose of asking date of birth is to ensure that the user is above 13 years of age. The purpose behind asking for email ID is to authenticate that a genuine person is creating an account and letting only the registered person to delete or deactivate the account. Another purpose of asking the email ID is because the app syncs the contacts in the phone with email ID. This part makes some potential Kik users nervous because they fear of having their details public by the app. This is absolutely certain that Kik doesn’t make user IDs public. It is up to you whether you want the app to sync your email ID or not.

No details of any kind, provided or personal, is shared anywhere so there is no potential risk of identity theft. Only you can allow the app to sync the contacts for your own convenience. If you are skeptical regarding allowing the app to sync contacts, you can disable the option at any time. Thus, whether you let the add match address book or not, your personal details will always be protected and kept safe. Unlike other apps, Kik messenger doesn’t require your real name but a username which you can decide by yourself. You have to choose a unique username which will be the only detail other persons on Kik will see, and that too if you allow yourself to be searched through the app. It is recommended to choose a username that bears no resemblance to your real name or any of your personal details. This is much needed if you want to go totally anonymous on the app and to protect your identity from cybercrime.

Turning Kik Address Book Matching On or Off

Now that you have understood the purpose of address book matching, you must be wondering how it works and how you can turn this feature off or on. A great feature to be mentioned here is that you, at any point of time, can enable or disable the option and that too, without any count restrictions. The first thing to ensure is that you have the latest version of official Kik app (downloaded from the app store of your phone). Now, if you have already an account on the app, you just have to login into your account.  Let us now come to the steps needed to turn on/ off the address book matching feature on the app.

  • Take your smartphone or any other mobile device.
  • Tap on the Kik messenger app icon to open it.
  • Go to the app settings and then, privacy menu.
  • Find address book matching icon.
  • Turn it on to match the address book.
  • Turn it off to disable address book match.

Working Of Kik privacy Address Book Matching

On turning the address book matching feature on in the app, the app will automatically match the smartphone’s address book and app’s address book. All the contacts in your phone address book that are using Kik will be listed in the app’s address book. In other words, if your friend is using Kik and you have his number saved in your phone’s address book, his contact will appear in the app’s address book as well. So basically you will come to know who all in your contacts are using Kik. Now, the catch of privacy is only those users will be listed who have turned this feature on in their phones as well. When your app address book is updated with their names, their app address book will be updated with your name making it a two way connection. Now, the important thing is even if you turn on the sync feature, they will not be able to see your email address, telephone number, and other personal info. This also means that if your contacts are added to Kik chat lists, you will not be able to guess who among your contacts has been added to the chat list i.e. a kik privacy concern.


Adding New Contacts On Kik

It may happen that not all of your friends are added to the chat list, thanks to the app’s awesome privacy strategy and your friends’ respective settings. It can be frustrating to know that not all of your friends are added, despite having the address book matching feature on. Now, if you want to add your friends and don’t have any clue about them on the app, you can ask them to download the app. Once they download the app and create an account, you can exchange your username with him without giving any other information, if you don’t want to. It might not be possible for you to visit every friend or ask him in person to download the app so there is a solution for this. When you go the address book feature, there is an option ‘tell friends about Kik’. Go back to settings and tap that option; the app will now ask you how you want to let your friends know about Kik privacy. You can choose any mode from SMS, social media network, and e-mail. Window users are notified that the option is called ‘invite a friend’ instead of ‘tell friends about Kik’ in their phones. The rest of the process is the same.

How To Get More Kik Points

Ever felt the sadness when you are not able to buy a smiley just because you are not having enough Kik points ? Well, in this article, we will explain how to get more Kik points so that you can buy all the smileys and emojis you want to, without the fear of running out of points. In Kik Messenger, points are an in-app currency with the use of which Kik members enhance the look and feel of chats. With the help of Kik points, you can buy exclusive emojis and insert them in the chats. Points are totally free and we shall explain how to procure them after we learn how to use them. It is to be remembered that no matter how hard you try, you cannot buy these emojis from real money.

kik points image

When you chat with a friend, you get a variety of options to make the chat fancier. All of these options are free and easy to use. Obviously, plain text messages lack the luster quotient. So the ways in which you can boost a chat experience are:

  • Choosing GIF files with the help of Riffsy .gif gallery and inserting them in the Kik text messages.
  • Taking a photo or short video clip with the help of the camera and sending it to the friend in chat.
  • Adding smileys from the standard phone keyboard or emojis by pressing “+” sign when creating a new message.
  • Sending a freshly generated funny meme with the help of Kik meme generator to send to the friend.

Kik Points Bot

When you chat with Kik points bot, you will get some KP in exchange for the time you spend with him. The bot might be sponsored by a Kik sponsor. It usually takes a few seconds to watch the video, play the game, download the free branded sticker pack, or visit the website link as directed by the bot itself. Usually, a bot presents 3 offers per day and you can choose to complete them and get KP in return. You may also refuse and the bot will come up with something that you like better. When all the three offers are exhausted, Kik points bot will ask for another spin game to win more KP. It is matter of chance as you may or may not win KP always. It is a great way to bag KP and you can easily get 150 KP a day. Obviously, with passage of time, you will learn the ropes of the game and may even earn twice or thrice!

kik points hack

On chatting with Kik’s partner bots regularly, you will come across many offers to get KP in exchange of fulfillment of the service offered by the bot. It doesn’t take long for KP to credit in your KP account and if you are regular in chatting with Kik points bot, you will soon gather a lot of KP. Don’t use cheat codes or tricks because it is risky. You might lose your account because Kik can suspend it for unauthorized activities. It is very easy to add credit to your KP balance every day, all it takes is a little patience. If you want something that costs thousands of KP, just do not forget to visit Kik points bot and take the offer he presents. Be patient because it builds character and gets you far in the long run. Now that you know how to add Kik points to the balance, let us know some ways to spend them!

1.The Smiley Shop

You can choose to spend your Kik Points (KP) in the smiley shop, sticker shop, or even bot shop. In the smiley shop, you will come across exclusive emojis that you can buy individually or in Mystery Packs of three. There is Unique Horn from the Ye Olde Smileys collection which is absolutely cute and displays “mad” or “misc” feelings in a message. It is a little pricey and may not be within everyone’s reach but of course, ‘Legendary’ collection never comes cheap! Smileys can be categorized in ‘Common’, ‘Epic’, and ‘Legendary’. They will cost more when their status is higher. Unique Horn costs 4000 KP. A great feature about Unique Horn is that it goes into your locker and you can use it even after the collection is discontinued for purchase. Another interesting smiley is ‘Falling for the Fuzz in the Fuzz Friends’ collection. It is Legendary as well and costs 8000 KP. Both of these collections offer a Mystery Pack for 150 KP. Mystery Pack means you never know what is there inside; it can be anything. You cannot choose the emojis and they are given randomly.

2.Bot Shop

Now that you have realized how to get more KP, let us know some more fun ways to spend them. Let us introduce to you, ‘Secret Admirer’ bot. It will send an anonymous message to someone who is in your contact list. Take this as a positive and happy admiration and not stalking, pestering, or worse. The receiver might not know who sent the message but he will have the option to report inapt content and for sure, Kik will know the sender. The bot offers three levels of assurance that your anonymous message will go through. When you send it free, there is a 50-50 chance that he or she will cloak you. On spending 15 KP, your chances of remaining secret increase to 75% and on spending 25 KP, your identity will never be disclosed.

3.Sticker Shop

Stickers are little piece of art which you can add to the texts in Kik messenger. You can choose to spend your KP in the sticker shop and enhance your chatting style. Unlike the emojis, stickers are priced consistently and modestly. Stickers offered in packs cost 250 KP per pack. As of now, pack stickers include the Emotes, Basketball, and Hashtags collections. Other collections offer stickers individually at 40 KP. Some of these collections are Daisy Doodles, Student Life, Owl Town, Vintage LOLs, and others.

4.Using Lucky Patcher

This tweak does not require you to root your smartphone, this is the reason I strongly suggest this method of getting unlimited points in KIK messenger. To get Lucky Patcher click Here.
The Lucky Patcher website will guide you how to use Lucky Patcher with step by step method and with a video tutorial. The latest version of lucky patcher is v6.4.5.

Funny Kik Bots

Bots are the future of online instant messaging and Kik has excelled them like no other app has by maintaining funny kik bots. They are one of the greatest virtual reality developments that have been materialized in a fun way in Kik messenger app. Bots do not just represent the future, but the present as well. There are numerous bots for every occasion, purpose, and mood that you can enjoy. You can check news, weather, career prospects, fashion products, innovative ideas, events, and practically everything. However, we will focus on funny Kik bots in this article to tickle your funny bone and your friends’. So, whether you are vacaying or back to school, a little fun will not harm.

How to interact with funny kik bots

These Kik bots are available at Kik messenger app store. You can go on and easily use them by just visiting the Kik app store. Bots are very interesting as often hailed as the future of human-computer interaction. It is obvious that the bots will see expansion in the time to come which means a lot of fun and new information can be expected. The development of Kik bots will make them better with each day passing. There are many bots out there which mimic real life Kik user perfectly. So let us take a look at some of the hilarious and popular funny Kik bots. This list is not finite and all the bots here might not appeal to everybody which is why we have included a variety of bots, from light humor to surrealistic one.

  1. Jokes Bot Kik Bot

    kik bots

The name testifies the bot and this is one of the coolest bots for your daily dose of laughter. You can totally rely on it when you are having a bad day or just upset, there will surely be a joke that will lift your spirits and make you jovial once again. You can interact with this bot and soon, you will find out how much fun it is. For Jokes Bot to work, you have to ask for a joke. Simply mention and ask it to tell you a joke. There are no bounds on the number of jokes; you can ask for as many jokes as you want! This is a must-have bot for every Kik user. We highly recommend this because many jokes are easily relatable with your friends and family members!

  1. Funny or Die Kik Bot

Funny or Die doesn’t need any introduction; it is one of the hippest websites on the web. But those who haven’t ever heard of it before, do not miss and straight away mention @funnyordie in Kik app. It is one of the funniest Kik bots and one of its kinds. You will also find a little bit of sophistication here with advanced jokes and memes. You can customize your preference for topics of jokes. It means that whether you ask this bot for either funny or die responses, you will get some that will fit your personal taste and preferences. It means even the jokes will be suited to your choice. Is there anything funnier and fancier than reading jokes of your choice?

  1. Dat Bot Kik Bot

The next funny Kik bot in the list is Dat Bot or It is quite different in nature when compared to the other Kik bots discusses in this list. This is an advanced Kik bot which particularly acts and behaves like a real Kik user. Such is the experience of this bot that you eventually feel that you are not chatting with a virtual reality generated Kik user but an actual human being. This bot is not about memes or jokes. You can send pictures to this bot and see the hilarious reply. The bot fails to recognize the pictures and gives funny answers in return. You can always have a good laugh at its funny responses and innocent observation of a picture.

  1. iFunny Kik Bot

This awesome bot goes under the name, @ifunny. Like the Jokes Bot, iFunny Bot lets you interact with it. Think of it as chatting with the most hilarious of your friends! It shall give you great jokes and funniest of memes on the web. There is no restriction on the count of the jokes and you can go on asking for jokes till your cheeks hurt from laughing. We highly recommend this bot for everyone who wants to have awesome jokes right in his mobile device. There is no repetition of any joke, until you ask for that specific joke. What’s great is you can share laughs with your friends too! So just use this app for light but great humor.

  1. Mikey Kik Bot

This is one of the funny Kik bots which will not disappoint you. Pretty much like Dat Bot, you can easily mistake this bot for an actual Kik user. For the uninitiated, Mikey is a popular character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. You can really interact with it and get hilarious responses in return, something for which Mikey is famous for! You can find this bot from Kik bot store @mikey.partydude. What makes this bot great is that it throws an idea for other developers, where other popular characters such as Superman, Batman, Sheldon Cooper, or Khalisi can be made into Kik bots. What is greater than conversing with your favorite characters?

  1. Lit Weekend Kik Bot

It is one of the weirdest funny Kik bots which will specifically appeal to those who have a weird sense of humor. You will love chatting with @mylitweekend if you have a twisted sense of humor. It might not be as surrealistic as you expect it to be but for sure, it will not disappoint you at all. So if you are bored or looking for something fun, you can head over to his app and start interacting. This bot will give you weird and intriguing plans for weekends. It is recommended to be realistic about the instructions of the plan because some of them might be a little tough to carry out in real life. But still, it will give you all the dark and dank humor you expect from it.

Kik Chat Rooms : A complete guide on using the kik chat rooms

Around 240 million people are using Kik worldwide to connect with their family and friends and most of them use kik chat rooms. With such a large database of users, there is a huge possibility of extending the circle beyond the usual contacts and get in touch with diverse people located globally. A growing feature with the help of which this opportunity can be harnessed is Kik Chat Rooms or Kik Group. The app offers a user to create a chat room or group to add people from similar background or with similar interests. However, this is not a strict norm that users must have something in common to be a part of the chat room. Basically, any Kik user can be added to a chat room by the chat room creator, or owner as preferred by some. Users can create their own chat rooms or become a part of others’ chat rooms.

A user can be a member of multiple chat rooms at once hence there is no restriction on the number of chat rooms a person is involved in. These chat rooms are often created to add people with similar taste, background, or interest. There is no restriction of country as well so a user from Indonesia can be a part of a chat room in India. Such is the beauty of World Wide Web and our own Kik app! Suppose you are unable to find a chat room of your interest and have tried searching on all possible platforms, including websites and apps. Why not create one yourself? Yes, Kik allows a registered user to create a chat room so that you can add people with similar interests and hobbies. In this article, we will focus on chat rooms, creating them, and adding people.

kik chat rooms

Creation Of Kik Chat Rooms

It is very easy to create a chat room of your own! Everyone on Kik can do it and there is no restriction of the number of chat rooms a user can create. All you need to know are the steps give here, at the end of which you will have a chat room of your own:

  • Take your smartphone or any mobile device – android, Windows, and iPhone. Open the Kik app by tapping its icon. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of it.
  • Go to the main chats list. For iOS devices, tap on the ‘talk to’ icon on the top right area of the screen. For android users, tap on the ‘chat to’ icon on the bottom right area.
  • Choose ‘select a group’ from all the available options. If you wish to invite any of your Kik friends to the newly formed group, tap on their names one by one.
  • Every time you tap on somebody’s name in your list, he will be automatically added to the newly formed group of yours. The user will now become a member of the group.
  • Your friend, who you have added to the group, has the choice to remove himself from the group. He will not be notified separately of his addition to the Kik group of yours.
  • He will be able to notice his addition in a Kik group only when he opens the app. It is up to you to add them without their consent or tell them in advance about the group.

Setting Display Picture Of The Kik chat rooms

  • If you want, you can set a name or a picture to identify the newly created chat room. It’s suggested the picture and name should be suggestive of the group motive and purpose.
  • The picture and name shall be clear enough to let the people in the group know what the group is all about. Not everyone likes to be in a group so better safe than sorry.
  • You do not necessarily add a name or picture but it is a good practice to categorize your other chat rooms from this newly created chat room. It avoids confusion after all.
  • Once you have finishes setting the group by adding members and designating a name and picture, tap on the ‘start’ icon on the top right/ bottom right of the screen.
  • Now the chat room has been set up and it is up to you to manage it in all terms. You can add any friend you want by using his username.

Adding New People To The Kik Chat Rooms

Once your group chat or chat room has been created, it is up to you to manage it. You can add any friends you want to at any time by using their usernames. If you would like to add new Kik friends to your chat room, follow the steps given here:

  • Take your smartphone or mobile device and open the Kik app.
  • Open the group-chat in the main chats list you will like to add friends in into the kik chat rooms.
  • Locate the “info” icon in the top right corner of the screen and tap on it.
  • Tap on the ‘add’ icon to add one friend or several in the group chat.
  • Select the username(s) of friend or friends you will like to add.
  • Once you have selected desired usernames, tap on ‘done’ icon to complete.

Adding Exciting Factor To Kik Chat Rooms

While some people prefer adding already existing friends, other prefers making new friends in the Kik chat room. There are many ways to make Kik chat room exciting and purposeful but as it is said, ‘‘to each his own”. If you want to have other Kik users, with who you have never chatted before, in your Kik group, there are broadly two ways to proceed with it. Both methods require accessing social media websites and apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and alike. Now the first method is to post details about your Kik group on social media platform. It will reach out to your friends and their friends or even public, as per your privacy settings. You will be surprised to know how many people turn up and show interest in joining the chat room! To increase the chances, you can apply multiple hashtags because hashtags are searched by users globally by the users.

If your group has a specific purpose or motive, be a little clear about it in the post. It will have two benefits – first, you will get possibly genuine replies regarding the Kik chat room and second, it will interest people more; as we already know, brief intros never intrigue much. If you want to have a little control on who joins your chat room, you can ask people to send their usernames privately or add them to the post. That way you will have control on the people you add up in the group. If you want to be less precious about your chat room, you can advertise your Kik chat room code to various social media platforms. For this, you have to open the chat room and tap on the ‘info’ option and then ‘Kik code’. It will now show the Kik chat room QR code which you can share by tapping on the ‘share’ button.

An Idea Of Kik Chat Rooms

Generally, there are many chat rooms which are posted across many Kik websites. There are chat rooms for girls, boys, dating, sports, movies, fandom, and what not. Many times, the only problem faced is that these chat rooms do not remain active for long and tend to become stagnant. Of course, active participation and conversation are necessary for any chat room to run fine, but it is how it is. People usually add other users and then tend to disappear from active chats which make the chat room overall redundant in some time. Some features of good Kik chat rooms are as follows:

  • They are full of active and welcoming users from around the world.
  • They are specific in nature for e.g. dating, sports, and cultural exchange.
  • Every member of the group is added after careful screening and verification.
  • Spamming, scamming, and other illegal activities result in expulsion from the chat room.
  • Users keep contributing by active conversations and chats.

How to spot kik scammers and spammers

Kik is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and there are some vices attached to it as well that include kik scammers and spammers. Like any other social media service or product, there are some elements on Kik which are harmful and filled with bad intents. Kik scammers are constantly in search of new ways to reach their potential victim users. They want to extract crucial personal and social life details from the unaware users. What makes people fall for their talks is that either they are unaware of the threats or they are not ‘trained’ enough to detect the attacks. Many times it is too late to realize that you are being targeted by the scammers for their own personal benefits. This is why we have written this article, to make you aware of the social media life risks. We shall focus on Kik scammers and the course of action to be followed if a potential scammer is detected. People have been scammed by various methods from years. With the advent of technology, the scammers have devised new ways of duping people of their money. It is always possible to get scammed in real life in person or over the phone and hundreds of complaints are a testimony of the same. With various social media platforms, they have found a new way to cheat people. Let us now read some ways to detect scammers and the ways to avert them.

What Makes A Kik Scammer 


The best thing to know about Kik scammers is that they can be real users or bots. There is not much difference in the intentions but the approach might be a little different. Since bots mimic real users, it sometimes becomes very tough to identify a real user and a bot. Since Kik bots are exclusive to Kik, there is an additional danger but the real life scammers can be found on every social media website or app. Let us first crack bots which are relatively easier to identify. Bots are automated and follow a script. They can be quite sophisticated and many a time, as we have explained, to separate Kik from real users. These bots are designed to replicate chatting with a real user which makes it a little difficult to identify a bot from a real user. If you don’t play attention carefully, you may easily confuse a bot for a real person.kik scammers

The first thing you must notice is the language used. Any unnatural sounding English should be looked upon suspiciously. You got to trust your instincts here and follow the course of natural detection. Now since Kik is being used by many people around the world, not every one of them is proficient in English. Many of them might not have English as their first language so this is not the only criteria you should follow. Further, not every English speaking country speaks or types English in the US accent or manner. If the language sounds over formal and structured, watch out. Usually, the conversations on Kik are informal in nature so if the language is too much structured and uses perfect grammar, it might be a bot. The next thing is to see the flow of conversation which might be unusual in the case of a bot. Genuine Kik users start by getting to know you first.

They may not ask direct questions naturally. So if you are chatting with someone who directly asks some questions of personal information nature, get alerted. The ultimate target of scammers is to extract your credit card details or bank details. They will not directly ask you these details for obvious reasons but lure you in availing a free discount coupon or gift card on a website. They will ask you to visit the website and enter these details as a part of verification process. This is again an alert alarm because no one throws gift coupons just like that. If you are redirected to a website where you are asked to enter any details, exit the website immediately. Another trick applied by bots is to send ‘invites’ to play online games.

These bots often pose as a ‘female’ to target Kik using men and boys and extract bank details out of them. Bots are programmed to mimic humans so it is quite natural to fall for their luring offers. If the ‘person’ you are chatting with sounds too good to be true, be aware of his intentions. Start questioning a lot because it will irritate him to the point he will back out or get confused. If the bot asks you to click any website link or download any app, do not proceed at all. This is the common method of scamming people into getting their details. So this is how you detect a scammer bot and eventually save yourself from being duped or cheated.


Many times the kik scammers are not actually bots but real users. These users work day and night to scam people, cheat them in any manner possible, and even cause harm. You cannot afford to be naïve when it comes to the web. It is very essential to be alert while using any website, app, or downloading any content. With the plethora of websites and apps, the possibility of malware, virus, Trojans, and spam ware has increased manifold. If you don’t remain alert, you are likely to fall for their enticing offers and claims. Now since these scammers are real people, it is tough to identify them in the first place. However, many of the factors that we explained about scammer bot detection apply here as well.

After all, every kik scammer just wants to get hold of your money. Scammers may be located in your neighborhood or any other country. Since they are professionally scamming people, it is a bit difficult to understand their intentions on the basis of language alone. They may have developed a good command of English with years of practice and training. Now coming to the next stage of the identification process, be very careful when someone approaches you. Now, it means that when a totally random stranger messages you on Kik, get a little suspicious.

Do not divulge any information till the person confirms his identity and you start to recognize him. It is the rule of the thumb that the person who imitates messaging introduces himself so if the person messages you first, just ask him to confirm his identity by any manner. If the person just sends you a link and disappears, do not click the link at all. Some scammers cook up a story about their ailing parents and will try to ask for donations. Do not fall for such stories and don’t proceed with anything until you recognize him. If you have some doubt about the story or the person, stop chatting immediately. To double check on the person, you can search for his username on any search engine.

If people have reported about him or had bitter experience with him, you will come to know. This is not a sure shot method though very effective if the person has not made several IDs and usernames on Kik. Of course, the best way is to avoid chatting with people you don’t know in real life. This is the best method to be safe from being approached by creepy strangers and scammers. If it seems too radical, well it is! But this is how 100% guarantee of safety is ensured. Further, you must pass on your username only to the people you know if you want to talk to a limited number of friends and family members.

How to Kikme on kik messenger, ping all your kik friends at once

Kikme is how Kik users greet each other or invite strangers to use this highly popular online instant messaging app known as Kik. To any uninitiated person, it may sound like as if someone is asking for a ‘Kick’ but it is a way of inviting people to use Kik or chat on Kik. If you are looking for new friends to chat with or want everyone in your contact list, it is always said ‘Kikme’. Of the entire online messaging app, Kik is distinctive and very cool which is why around 70% of its users are below 24 years of age. They are socially active and making friends on Kik from all over the world. Around 240 million people have already downloaded Kik on their mobile devices and around 250,000 people are downloading the app to register, every single day! The app was built to bring people closer so it is very easy to find new friends on it. All you have to do is share your username and start chatting. You can share your username on all the social media platforms you use such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. You can either post the username or use hashtag to reach out for wider audience. Also, there are numerous Kik Friends Finder websites which have millions or profiles waiting to connect and get connected globally.

Security And Identity Protection

One of the main features of this app is that it protects identity completely. The app has been designed to keep your identity secure from displaying anywhere. All the login details are not shared publicly. You don’t use your social media profile or mobile number to get chatting with anyone. All you need to share it your username which can be totally random and doesn’t have to bear any resemblance with your real name or identity. Kik messenger doesn’t use your mobile phone number or social media profile to identify you to other users. The username we have talked about here can be anything but it must be unique and shouldn’t have been taken by anybody else.

So a Kik user just gets to see the username and nothing else. Of course, you still have to play your part in maintaining your online anonymity and safety. For this, do not give any personal details ever without identifying the person on the other end. Be very cautious if he asks for your name, address, city, street, phone number, workplace, school, college, email ID, birth-date, or vehicle number. Passing on such information to any stranger is like inviting a lot of troubles. For cross verification of the person on the other end, you may ask for his photo or video.

It will give you an assurance that the other person you are chatting with has not lied about his age and gender. That said, there are many fake camera apps available that allow people to make a stored photo appear as if it taken when it was sent. There are some modified Kik apps as well which support this function. Fake camera apps let you send a photo with fake timestamp of date and time. So a photo taken in June 2015 will appear as if it is taken instantly. Many dubious and fraud people use this function excessively to extract information for any reason.

There may be an older person who is claiming to be in his 20s or there may be a man pretending to be a girl; so the bottom-line is there can be anything and you need to be alert about this. It is recommended to exchange a short clip or photos to cross verify a person. Further, you must also tell each other some action to be followed in the video to double check the person is genuine. Prescribed video is the sure-shot method which no fake camera app can cheat. For example, ask the person to send a video while he is brushing lower teeth. Crazy it may appear but hope you got the idea! Or ask her to say your username thrice with putting finger on the cheeks. Make sure to change it with every new person you meet or initiate chat with.

Getting To Know Kik

When someone says ‘Kik’, it can imply the following:

  • The app itself, ‘Are you on Kik?’ OR ‘Do you use Kik?’
  • The username, ‘What’s your Kik?’ OR ‘Drop your Kik.’
  • The message sent, ‘Send me a Kik’ OR ‘Kik that video.’

Kikme is the phrase which is unique to Kik users. It is a special kind of web-lingo they have developed. If you wish to invite someone to use Kik or send you a message on Kik, all you have to say is Kikme. It has become universal and all the Kik users will understand that you are referring to a chat or invite. It is often used as a hashtag and combined with other hashtags as well such as #kikboys, #kikgirls #kiksportsfreaks. You can use it alone or in combination to find the friends of your choice. So it is a guarantee that you will find a lot of friends to chat with, and most often with common interests and hobbies.

So you can start chatting with them and have fun! There are multiple features such as emojis, stickers, and points to share. Above that, there are bots you can share with your friends and extend the communication level. There are so many Kik users around the world that you will never get bored again! You can take the help of social media as well and search for your friends on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, depending upon your post privacy settings, you can find thousands of people waiting to be messaged or message.


Or you may choose a safer route and set the privacy of your post to friends only or friends of friends. You can specify your chat preferences with another hashtag. For example, if you are about to chat with strangers only on culture and tourism, you can post like – kikme #kikme #cultureandtourism #cleanchatonly. It will help other people know your chat preferences. Trust us; it will save you a lot of time and frustration. If anyone starts chatting with you and seems to violate your terms of chatting, you can block him. It is very necessary to post the hashtags because otherwise you will have hundreds of chats in your chat-room, and not every one of them will be good enough to proceed with.

A lot of people, using Kik for fun only, post their usernames without any restriction and specification. These people are often found across all the social media platforms and discussion forums. Many of these people are genuine but there are a few with malicious intentions. In any case, it is better to follow the safety guidelines as mentioned in the above sub-topics. Kik is freely available which is why many users create profiles just like that. For avoiding unfortunate encounters, it is better to play safe and strictly follow the norms.

Finding Friends

One of the original Kik Friends Finder is the KikPals page at Reddit. To post a kikme thread at KikPals, you must be registered with Reddit. Once you are registered, you can message your username to connect with even more friends. You must, however, abide by the page rules which are listed in the right side of the page. One such rule is that no member is permitted to post their Kik in a post within the thread. If anyone wants to make a contact, he has to send it through private message. It maintains a little bit of accountability and credibility among the users. Each person at Reddit has an email ID attached to him so it is a better idea to make safe and genuine friends. Other friend finder websites though may list hundreds and thousands of Kik usernames but there is no guarantee that these usernames are of genuine users.

Other such websites may ask for a pre-registration before joining them. These websites usually allow you to specify the nature of chat you want to proceed with so you can safely chat and meet only those people you want to share talks about common interests and hobbies. Sharing of usernames must be undertaken carefully in all the circumstances because if a person is blocked by you for any reason, he may message you again by creating a different Kik ID. We are not scaring you, just letting you know the risk involved in sharing username publicly.

A complete guide to Kik Videos

There are many features offered by Kik Messenger to the millions of users worldwide and one of them is kik videos. It gives the ability to the users to chat with each other and send or receive videos through their smartphones. Kik video is the next level of communication where you can send a video rather than describing something. After all, it is always better to see something rather than read. You can make a video of anything and send it to your friends and family members or if you want to send an existing video, you can do it easily. Through videos, you can impress or surprise your friends to a great extent. And it is rightly said that an image is worth a thousand words; which makes videos even greater!

Through Kik videos, you can express yourself better. You can send viral videos, self-shot videos, and just any clip content of which suits the nature of your relationship with the other person on Kik. You can choose to either send a video clip alone or accompany it with text messages. It is advisable to send text message note in advance or later to let the person know what the video is about. The kik videos feature is very helpful when you want to share a video tutorial, send a funny clip you just found on the web, or start a conversation with a stranger. To begin with the kik video sharing process, it is suggested to upgrade to the latest version of android and Kik app because some of the older versions of android do not allow sending videos.

Sending Kik Videos on Android

The first thing is that Kik video function will work differently for each smartphone or any other mobile device. All smartphones are compatible to send and receive videos however if you are using an older version of an android device, you will not be able to send videos but receive them. The following steps will guide you to send videos on Kik messenger:

  • On your smartphone or mobile device, open the Kik messenger app.
  • Go to the chats and open the chat of the friend you want to send kik videos.
  • Tap on the + icon in the left area to the space where you type text.
  • A variety of options will now be presented on the screen now.
  • Choose an existing video to send or record your own with the camera.
  • Tap on the chat bubble located in the right bottom corner of the screen.
  • The video will now be sent to the friend you have opened chat off.kik videos

Regardless of the source of kik videos (received from someone, shot by self, or downloaded from the web), Kik allows only a limited duration short clip to be sent. You cannot send an hour long clip on Kik and it is advised to do it on any shared drive or email. You have to edit the video before sending it to make it short and suitable for sending through Kik. To trim the long video length, you will see an option ‘edit video’ automatically. It will be shown particularly if your video length is long by Kik standards. From the ‘edit video’ screen, simply drag the yellow bars until you have sufficiently clipped the video for sending. A normal Kik video is under 2 minutes long. To make a short video, you will have to tap on the camera icon. This will open the camera app of your smartphone from where you can record a new clip. Just press the button and hold it down to the duration to the video. As you lift your finger or thumb, the recording will stop automatically.

Sending Kik Videos on iPhone or iPad

If you own an Apple device, you will be also easily able to send video clips to your Kik friends. Make sure you have the latest version of the Kik app before you proceed to use video function. Follow these steps if you are an Apple user and want to send video clips through Kik app.

  • On your smartphone or mobile device, open the Kik messenger app.
  • Go to the chats and open the chat of the friend you want to send video.
  • Tap on the + icon in the left area to the space where you type text.
  • A variety of options will now be presented on the screen now.
  • Just copy and paste any video by pressing the holding the video.
  • It will allow you to paste the video in any chat while typing.
  • Tap on the ‘type a message’ field and then, tap on the ‘paste’ icon.
  • The video will now be sent to the friend you have opened chat of.

Similar to android, you will have to trim your video length if it is long by Kik standards. You can easily preview the edited videos that you have trimmed by heading over to the gallery and finding the video you would like to preview. The next step is to go to the edit video screen, press on the video, and hold down before you press the play button. There is no restriction on the number of times a video can be edited. Once you are done with editing a video on Kik messenger, it will play on its own thus giving you a preview. If you are satisfied, you can send it to your friends on Kik. If you didn’t like the video you have taken, you can dismiss it and start over again.

Whether you want to dismiss a video and reshoot or just cancel sending any video at all, you will have to tap on the back icon located in the bottom left corner of the screen. To see all the videos and pictures, you have to open the gallery and maximize it by tapping on the icon located in the top-right corner of the screen. Usually, the albums are categorized alphabetically by their folder names. Often, if you have not changed the folder name of your album, it will show ‘recent’. To see the different albums, you will have to tap on the drop-down menu and keep on searching until the correct album is found.

Kik Messenger Safety Issues for App and Kik website

The popularity of Kik Messenger has resulted in mushrooming of namesake websites and apps. These apps and websites often turn up in our search results and appear to offer a great experience, but taking specifically for kik, Kik Messenger Safety Issues are a big concern. It has also raised some security concerns among the parents of Kik users and other Kik users as well. These websites are not affiliated to Kik Interactive, the company behind Kik Messenger app and thus may not offer proper security and safety. Kik app in itself is highly secure and promises to keep a user identity protected in the way no other app or social media platform can. A great feature is ‘anonymity’ in which users need not exchange their phone number or email addresses to contact each other and get started with the conversation. In this article, we will discuss specifically on Kik websites and security concerns related to the app itself. We shall also cover the basics of security and identity protection for a happy Kik experience.

Kik Messenger Safety Issues for Profile And Threats

Kik app connects users across the globe by their usernames, not real names, not the mobile number, and not even email address. The details in Kik profile are not publicly shared with anyone on Kik or outside it. This feature is very strong to highlight because as of now, no other app is offering this. While this feature is positive and very assuring towards safety, this is also how some people with malicious intentions exploit other genuine users. All the users are required to be above 13 to use Kik; minors of age group 13-17 need the permission of one of their parents or legal guardians to create an account.

If a user is below 13, he cannot technically create an account on Kik, of course, unless he lies about his age. After registration, you have to set a username through which other users will search for you on the app to chat. You can also disable getting searched by other people if you wish to stay hidden. In theory, you are largely protected because Kik doesn’t need anything apart from username to connect and further, you can disable this feature as well if you intend to talk to only a fixed set of people in your circle. No one will be able to guess who is behind a Kik username. Now, if you use the same username for all your online activity and social media platforms, it makes you a little vulnerable since tracking you now becomes easier.


A person might look up to various social media sites and apps to find out your real identity or at least get a wild idea about it. We recommend using different usernames for every social media platform and connect with only genuinely seeming people. People on Kik can communicate with each other without adding or sending requests unlike they do in Facebook. So anyone can get in touch with you without crossing any filter per se. Now, this can be seen as an advantage since you get the chance to make new friends or a disadvantage since you become vulnerable to predators.

These predators or cyber criminals often pose as a friend and try to extract information. If you find that your child, who is less than 13 years of age, is on Kik, you can deactivate the account yourself. For this, you can access your child’s phone and deactivate the account by clicking the link sent by Kik in return of deactivation of account. Remember, you must have access to the email ID. If you know your child’s username, you can drop a mail to Kik Interactive for Kik Messenger Safety Issues on explaining the situation clearly. Precisely speaking, a child below 13 years, with a Kik account has lied about his age during registration.

Some More Risks And Threats On Kik Websites

Kik websites is a great way to enlarge your friend circle and connect with Kik users from all walks of the life. However, these sites should be used very carefully. Some of the threats associated with these sites are:

  • Kik websites are not endorsed by or affiliated with Kik Interactive. If you encounter any problem using the website of modified Kik app, you will not get any assistance from Kik Interactive for Kik Messenger Safety Issues, the developers of original Kik app.
  • Kik websites have hoards of fake Kik profiles. There may be men posing as girls, criminals posing as friends, and what not. Proceed with chatting with any user very cautiously. They may try to harm you in any possible manner.
  • Most often, Kik websites are laced with sexually suggestive or explicit content. If you are a minor below 18 years of age, do not use these sites. Behind the veil of beautiful friends, there may be potential abusers and harassers.
  • Some people may even try to extract your bank details or credit card details in lieu or offering a huge sum of money you just ‘won’. Be very cautious because these kinds of messages are just bogus and illegal in nature.

Safety Measures and Precautions while using KIK 

To ensure that you have a good experience of messaging through Kik, follow some safety precautions as follows:

  • Be cautious in chatting with new people. Do not spill beans about your personal information such as address, phone number, email ID, bank details, residence details, etc.
  • Scammers target people to extract their information, create a fake identity, and eventually add people you know. By this, they will fool people into thinking they have added ‘you.’
  • Do not click any link right away because it may redirect you to third party websites which may contain viruses and other harmful elements.
  • If anyone of Kik makes you uncomfortable with chatting, do not proceed any further. Any smallest suspicion should be taken seriously in light of various cyber crimes.
  • Block a person right away if he is asking you for personal details or photos. Do not proceed with the exchange of images until you are sure of their identity and intentions.
  • Do not trust any photo or video quickly because some apps are specially designed for this purpose in which these images or videos can be forged to look like real and latest.
  • If you want to make sure that you chat with people you know in real life, better ask their username yourself. This will limit your reach on Kik but make it the safest possible
  • Suppose you come across a person who is impersonating someone you know or passing content that is either spam or criminal in nature; you must report it to Kik Interactive.
  • Following the above step will ensure that such people are reported, and they are not able to follow up on other genuine Kik users.

Like any other app or social media website, using Kik comes with a bundle of responsibilities. You must follow the guidelines stated above to make sure that you don’t fall prey to any person with bad intentions. It is vital to know the safety guidelines associated with Kik to get the best possible experience of conversing with your friends and family members alike. We hope you have a wonderful time using Kik!

Kik Messenger Download Without App Store

The conventional way of  Kik messenger download is to download it from the app store of your phone. Depending upon your mobile device, tablet or smartphone, you have to visit app store of your phone and download it. The app is free to download anad doesn’t involve any costs, explicit or hidden. It is easy to download and doesn’t require any rocket science. Anybody interested in downloading the app can do so in easy steps. Now, there is another method of obtaining Kik which is unconventional; this process doesn’t need an app store. We will explain the pros and cons of downloading the app from this process.

Downloading Kik In Traditional Way

To download Kik in the traditional way is very easy and recommended. Following regardless of the device you have is easy. This method involves accessing the app store and downloading the app, as easy as that.

So if you have Android OS phone or tablet, you have to visit Google Play, if you have iOS then visit iTunes and for Windows visit Windows app store.

Getting the app from the app store is easy and convenient. Another benefit is that you will find official and fully supported app version on these app stores. It is needed to have an account on these app stores because without an account; you will not be able to download Kik app. It is equally easy to create an account on these stores and require basic details. Kik messenger download official version is backed by Kik Interactive which means you have full support from the developers. If you encounter any bug, you can report it easily for correction.


Why you need download Kik messenger without App Store?

Now you have understood that downloading Kik from the app store is easy and convenient, you must be wondering why to download Kik without the app store? The official version of Kik (that you download from play store) lacks some great features that unofficial versions have to offer. These functions are not as of now incorporated in the official app however there is no denying that some of them might get included later. These extra features will help you enhance your chat experience in a way you have never imagined. Kik app is more than online instant messaging app and reading its features below will convince you about it:

  • Privacy

There are many apps out there which require an exchange of mobile numbers or email IDs to communicate. Kik app doesn’t need any exchange of email IDs and mobile numbers to initiate the conversion with anyone on the app. All you need to have is a username which you can choose yourself. It is one great feature of the app which works for it and against the users as well, which mostly depends on the user itself. Anyway, the app offers lots of identity protection from random strangers and cyber criminals in a way no other app does. For registration on the app, you need to provide your email ID but stay assured; the email ID is not shared anywhere by the app. Some modified Kik apps offer even an added layer of security regarding user verification and authentication by possible global search and cyber footprints.

  • Productivity

You can enhance your chats with Kik messenger app which means not only texts, but you will also be able to send different multimedia content such as photos, videos, and GIFs. There are bots now which is another level of messaging. These bots are virtual users which can help you with feeds from sports, health, news, entertainment, and other domains. Bots also help you with knowing more about services and products of various companies and brands in general. Then there are emoji stickers to make your chat brighter, attractive, and expressive all at the same time. You can choose from over 100 emojis to make your chat cool. An in-app sticker store is always present just in case if you wish to buy stickers and put them in your chat. So we can see that Kik messenger is not just about sending plain old school messages but a lot more.

  •  Interfaces and Themes

Modified Kik apps come with attractive interfaces, themes, and other great visual features. So if you are into customizing your app as per color, fonts, the size of icons, and more, you know what to do. These features sometimes get updates so don’t be surprised next time you see a new theme in your themes folder. Some of the ideas and visual features are free whereas some others may cost you a few bucks. Nevertheless, just like you like a customized back cover for your phone, themes, and OS launchers, you can proceed with using these interfaces and themes. Considering the wide horizon and possibilities of themes, there shall be millions of options to choose from. So it doesn’t matter if you are a Star Wars fan or a Star Trek fan, there shall be something for you.

  • Chatting, All At Once

Group chatting through modified Kik app is altogether a different experience. It is entirely up to you if you want to communicate with one person or a group of individuals. The app lets you decide if you want to extend your circle of friends or limit your Kik interaction with only a chosen few. Users can create their groups and let other users search them. They can also disable the option of getting searched so as to protect identity and maintain privacy. To add people to group is easy, all you need to do is manually add people to the group by going to relevant option. You can also advertise your group on various social media platforms to invite your social media followers and friends to your group. Creating a group brings followers and friends with same interest and hobbies so that you can share ideas, create events, and even meet up.

How To Download Kik Messenger App with APK?

Downloading Kik app without app store is not as easy as downloading it from the app store however it is simple, if not simpler. There are various websites which offer modified version of Kik apps however we will leave that to you which site to prefer and download Kik app from. A basic Google search will show you various websites from where you can download Kik app. You must be very careful in downloading Kik Messenger app from website because sometimes the app you download in the name of Kik is a spam ware or a Trojan in disguise. Here is the list of steps to follow to download Kik from website and get it running:

  • Open your web browser on the computer system and search for ‘modded Kik’ or ‘modded Kik messenger app’.
  • Find the download link of Kik app and click it. An APK file will now be downloaded to your system/ dropbox.
  • It is recommended to download app file to Dropbox or any other drive to share content between mobile and computer.
  • Once the app is downloaded, scan the APK file with any antivirus software to detect any possible harm.
  • Now, grab your mobile phone and transfer the APK file either to your phone memory or card through data cable.
  • If you have download APK file to Dropbox, open the Dropbox app and install the app to your mobile phone.
  • If you have copied the APK file to your cell phone, open the copied app icon and install it.
  • Once you have installed the app, log in to your account like you does in the regular version of the app.
  • If you have never used Kik before, you will have to create an account by giving some basic details.

Downside Of Unofficial Kik App

The download of the downloading unofficial version of Kik app is that you will often end up downloading the older versions. Usually, these apps are not updated frequently and may not be backed with a team of developers to work on it. For downloading the latest version of Kik, you will need to head to the official app store. These unofficial apps are not authorized by Kik Interactive, so if there is any harm to your mobile device, Kik Interactive is not liable for the same. Further, on facing any bug, Kik Interactive will not help you with it. Some of the modified Kik apps may contain harmful content, often sexually explicit in nature, which can cause damage to your mobile. Another disadvantage is that these modified versions are heavily equipped with ads which may pop up at any time. Even if you accidentally tap on these ads, it may result in deduction of your mobile balance.

I Found A Bug In Kik Messenger ! What To Do?

Kik Messenger is being continuously improved in terms of functioning, stability, security, and sturdiness. However, a bug in kik messenger like any other app or website, may hamper its normal operation and may cause discomfort in terms of lag or hang. Though the chances of occurrence of such bugs are negligible but they cannot be ignored for sure. Developers of the app work hard to make the app a hassle free experience and take in users’ feedback and reports to improve the app. Now, suppose you encounter a bug and wish to get it fixed. The following article tells you how to proceed with it and how to report the bug to Kik Interactive, the developers of Kik app.

Kik Interactive – A Brief Introduction

Kik Interactive is the company behind Kik messenger app. It was found back in 2003 but the app was first launched in 2009. It might interest you to know that although a majority of Kik users are from the USA, it is a Canadian company. A bunch of college students from University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada incorporated the company to deliver great online instant messaging solutions through an app. The revolution of smart phone technology and increasing number of smartphone users acted like a catalyst and prompted them to develop an app which makes online messaging easy and fun. Since then, Kik Interactive has grown phenomenally and such is the success that it has major investments from leading business giants of the world.

Common Kik App Problems

Howsoever well built and developed an app may be, there are chances of its crash due to bugs. If you are lucky, you may never face such problems at all. The bugs may appear unexpectedly when everything is going perfect. It is better to be aware of the bugs that might diverge the flow of your conversation and the course of action to follow later. Some of the common problems a Kik user might face are:

  • Kik messenger fails to connect regardless of strong connection or high data speed. You may go on rebooting your phone or restarting your Wi-Fi but it just doesn’t seem to connect.
  • The app connects only to the home Wi-Fi and fails to connect with other wireless networks. You may face ‘connection failed’ messages when trying to connect with Wi-Fi in any other location.
  • Failure of delivery of messages is another problem that you might face. Suppose you type a message and press the send button but somehow the message is not delivered to the receipt.
  • Delay in delivery of the messages by a considerable time. This problem is usually accompanied with long spells of downloading something which may take longer time than usual.

Reporting Of a bug in kik messenger

So you encountered a bug in kik messenger which you had never expected in the first place. Now, you might be thinking what to do so that the bug never appears again. The best thing you can do at this instance is to report the issue to Kik Interactive. The process of reporting a bug to Kik Interactive is simple and easy to follow. Just read the steps here to know what to do in face of detecting a bug:

  • Take your mobile device, phone or tablet.
  • Open the Kik messenger app by tapping its icon.
  • Tap the settings icon from main chat list.
  • Tap on help icon from available options.
  • Tap on report an issue option to proceed.
  • Choose the most relevant problem from the list.
  • Include screenshots to make the report clearer.
  • Finally tap on report to submit option to report a bug in kik messenger.

The Course Of Action

Kik Interactive will follow up on the report submitted by you and try to eliminate the bug in kik messenger by tracing its origin. You can not only report any technical problem but also a bot or a spam. So the bottom line is, if you face a problem of any nature, you must straight away report it to Kik Interactive for solution. The developers of Kik app, which consists of a team of well learnt and experienced techies, will address your issue and resolve it at the earliest possible. In no way will your report go unnoticed, that’s for sure. For all the latest updates by Kik Interactive, you may choose to follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well. Although you may put your problem on their social media profiles but it is not suggested because even then you will be asked to follow the above steps. It means that if you decide to tweet at @kik (official Kik handle), you will be sent a message or tweeted to follow the steps or reporting the bug as already described. Following this process will only increase the time of your query resolution. So why follow a long method when you can report it directly from the app?


Where Kik Interactive Might Not Help?

As long as you are following the usage advisory of Kik and going about everything as suggested, you will not face in problems in getting help from Kik Interactive. However if you are using an unofficial version of the app, Kik Interactive might not be able to help you. Before reporting the bug in kik messenger, you must ensure that you are using only the official version of the app. To ensure that only official version is used, you should download the app from your phone’s app store only. Downloading APK file from web and installing the same in your mobile phone may cause damage since many such APK files are laced with viruses and spam. For Windows, Android, and Apple phones, you will be required to visit Windows App Store, Google Play, and iTunes app store respectively. If you are using Kik messenger app from your computer using an emulator, you might not get any assistance from Kik Interactive.

Problems With Modded Kik Apps

Similarly, this very problem will be faced when using the unofficial version of the app. There are dozens of modified Kik apps which are basically unofficial Kik apps with modified and enhanced features. These apps are not supported by Kik Interactive and might face many difficulties in regular functioning. These apps are created by amateur developers and are made available on the app store as well as websites. Features such as disabled read receipt, graphics, stickers, fake camera, new interface, and themes might lure you into downloading the app but beware some of these apps might slow your phone considerably. Further, you even face the threat of viruses and other spam. While not all of these modified Kik apps are dangerous but it is recommended to use only the official version for your as well as your smartphone’s safety. Any bug in kik messenger or technical errors in these modified apps are not resolved by Kik Interactive simply because they are not liable for unofficial versions of the app.


For best Kik experience, it is suggested to use only official version of the app which is readily available from app stores on different OS. The simple reason is official version are safe and secure to use and doesn’t steal identity or go around phishing. While modified Kik apps might sound like more fun, they are potential threats which can seriously harm your device. In this case, even Kik Interactive will pull out. Some of the features that modified Kik apps boast of will be soon incorporated in the official app, especially when we see the team of developers at Kik Interactive working hard day and night to make Kik the best app for online instant messaging. We can expect many more great updates in the time to come to enhance our Kik experience.

kik messenger for teens – Is My Kid Discreetly Using Kik?

It is no doubt that a majority of parents are still concerned about their kids’ presence on internet, content they read, the services they avail, and the people they converse to. With arrival of instant messaging apps, and specially kik messenger for teens the concern has only got deeper. Though internet is now almost 2 decades old and it has become an integral part of our lifestyle but the thought of kids accessing internet still haunts many parents. There was a time when a fixed computer system, desktop, was the only computer in the family and it was readily accessible to all of the family members. Now, we have come to the point where everyone has at least a mobile device, either a smartphone or a tablet. Laptops are fairly common to even speak in this context. Now that kids as young as 10 have their own mobile phones, parents are into the belief that they can no longer monitor what their kid is up to on internet. They can no longer access the device and detect the activities followed up on web.

The concern is highly aggravated by the fact that cyber crime has increased manifold as well and every day we hear unpleasant stories of crime and harassment that start from irresponsible use of internet and telephony. In this article, we will focus on Kik Messenger app and how parents can check if their kid is using the app secretly. What drove us to write this article is that of all the Kik users, 70% are in the age group of 14-24 and there are around 250 million Kik users worldwide. So naturally, parents of these kids must be worried how their wards are using the app and for what purpose. This article deals with Kik Messenger app and not parenting since the latter subject is too broad to discuss and comprehend. The highlights of this article will be to analyze if Kik is safe, what are the perils of using Kik messenger irresponsibly, and if your kid has a secret Kik account. Take this article as a directive and advisory rather that a set of commandments to ensure you and your kid have a happy Kik experience.

Getting To Know Kik messenger for teens & Account Creation For Minors

Kik was developed by Kik Interactive in 2009 to enable its users to exchange messages, photos, videos, and graphics via internet. It comes in the category of other instant online messaging apps but it is not the same. Kik users have a variety of content to exchange which also includes GIFs and stickers. The app consumes cellular data or Wi-Fi as the case may be. Unlike SMS, there is no restriction on the count of messages. Talking of age restriction, the minimum age to use this popular messaging app is 13 years. To use the app, user has to download it from the app store and create an account on it. While creating the account, age is required to fill in the column apart from name and email address.


If a kid is between 13 to 18 years of age, he will be required to get permission from one of the parents or legal guardian. So in theory, if your kid falls under the category of 13-18 years old, he will have to take your permission to proceed with registration and eventually use kik messenger for teens. If your kid is under 13 years of age, he will not be able to make an account at all. To conclude, we can say that your kid will not be able to use Kik without your permission or knowledge. However, talking in real terms, if your kid is smart enough to lie about age, he can proceed without any hassles at all. So for example if a kid of age 12 wishes to use Kik secretly without your permission, he can fill wrong age in the column and get away with it.

Is Kik Suitable and Safe For Kids?

Like any other app or social media platform, Kik is also used by people with malicious intentions. They may not always harass other people or get into more personal details, but surely they can post or publish content unsuitable for minors. To add to the worry is fake profiles and impersonators which blatantly copy identities. Many times sexual content floats around on Kik; some profiles are even created around exchange of sexual graphic content and pornography. However this is not exclusive to kik messenger for teens and it should not be seen as a reason to not use Kik. These profiles and similar content is present on even Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr. Owing to the feature of anonymity, the app is highly popular for ‘sexting’ and flirting.

For the uninitiated, ‘sexting’ refers to exchange of sexually explicit or suggestive messages, photos, videos, stickers, and GIFs. This type of content can be either be taken or downloaded from web or the users can generate it themselves. This certainly raises eyebrows of many parents and is often cited a reason for concern regarding presence on Kik app. Another grave matter is presence of stalkers and predators. These users most often create fake IDs and befriend unsuspecting teens, only to stalk and exploit them. They will try to extract highly personal and sensitive information such as name, address, mobile number, email ID, workplace, school, and bank details. Giving them these details makes your child susceptible to harm.

Detecting Presence Of Your Child On Kik

Now if you have a kid below 18 years of age and you suspect if he has a Kik account of which you are unaware, you must proceed with investigation. If your kid is under 13 and has not lied about his age, he will for sure not have a Kik account and if the kid lies in the age group of 13-18, he would have asked your permission to set up Kik account. So in either cases, you can be aware that if your child is using Kik or not. If your child has a Kik account and he is under 13, get alert because he has lied about his age in the registration process. So quite naturally, you must be concerned. Some of the ways in which you can detect if your child has a Kik account are as follows:

Checking Email ID

You can check the email ID of your child and see if he has received a confirmation message or just any message from Kik. You can easily type ‘Kik’ in the search box of the email ID to filter all the mails with mention of Kik. On successful registration, Kik sends a confirmation message to the provided email address. This step is to ensure real identity of the user and double check if the email address provided by him belongs to the same person who is creating an account. If there is a mail from Kik, it means that your child has registered and created an account on the app. It is one of the easiest ways to detect presence of your kid on Kik. If your child is under 18 and wants to set up an email address, you must do it for them and provide your mobile number for authentication.

Checking Smartphone or Tablet

Another method is to check your child’s smartphone or tablet to see if they have Kik installed. You can also see if they installed Kik by checking the app download history in the store. This in particular will help if your child has hidden the app using another app. Another method to detect the downloaded but hidden app is to access the app manager in phone. It will list all the apps that are currently in the phone, including hidden ones. So if your child has downloaded any app other than Kik, which is unsuitable, you will come to know about it. It is advised to set age restrictions on the phone so that you are assured that the apps being downloaded to your child’s phone are suitable for his age group.

Asking By Yourself

All the above stated ways are technical and require special permissions and access. You can choose the obvious and ask your child himself. If he agrees to have a Kik account, you can talk to him in length about the ways Kik is misused by some people and how many end up in harassment on not following the safety guidelines. It is important that you educate him about boons and banes of using Kik and other social media apps and websites. For better understanding and communication, we suggest that you know how Kik works and what kind of users is active on it.

My Child Has A Kik Account, What To Do?

So you have discovered that your child is using Kik without your consent, now it is up to you if you want to get his account cancelled or let him use it. If age of the child is below 13 years, it is suggested that you ask him to deactivate his account. The process of account deactivation is simple and hardly takes 2 minutes. You can also deactivate the account yourself if you have ready access to his email ID that was used to register and create an account on the app. Without email ID access, deactivation of account is possible but involves contacting Kik Messenger over email ID. This step needs username of the Kik user, which you can either lookup into the app itself or ask your child. Steps to deactivate the account if you have access to email ID are:

  • Open the Kik messenger app and log in to the account.
  • Tap on the settings icon and select your account.
  • Tap on the reset icon to deactivate the account.
  • Type the email address used to register on Kik.
  • A deactivation confirmation mail will be sent now.
  • Open the mail sent by Kik and click the link therein.
  • kik messenger for teens is now completely deactivated for use.

Contacting Kik Messenger for Deactivation

If you have strong suspect that your child is using Kik and you are not able to access his email ID and mobile device, you can contact Kik Messenger directly for deactivation of his account. For this you will have to know Kik username of your child which you can check from his device or directly ask him. To find out Kik username from the mobile device, follow these steps:

Go to Kik app installed in the phone or tablet. à From the main chat list, tap on the icon that resembles a cog located at the top area of the screen. à Settings screen will display next. à Now, you will be able to see username under the profile picture, written in gray font. à Do not confuse it with display name which shall be written in black font and located right above the username.

Now that you have your child’s username, you have to email kik messenger for teens on ‘’ asking them to deactivate the account. Subject line of the mail shall be ‘parent enquiry’. In the mail you should put your child’s username and age. Kik will promptly deactivate account of your child and send you a confirmation. Better than all is communicating with your child and make him aware of precautions to be followed while using social media, not just Kik.

Kik CNN Bot – Realtime News covered on kik messenger

Kik cnn bot – Bots are the future of Kik and just every other online IM app is soon going to imitate Kik for it. One of the great features of Kik is bot which is a bundle of fun and information together. For the uninitiated, bot is an artificially intelligent virtual Kik user which converses like a real user. It gathers data from user’s feedback and provides customized services and answers. There are literally hundreds of bots available on Kik which range from music to sports, jobs to health, weather to traffic, and fashion to gadgets. So basically there is something for every Kik user! This trend has attracted competitors of Kik as well as various biggies of the business. To add to the list of Kik bots, CNN has developed its own bot for the popular messaging app that we term as Kik cnn bot.

Why Do I Need CNN Bot?

To get hold of the latest happening around in the world, read news about politics, society, sports, health, infotainment, culture, just everything, you must use CNN bot for sure! This bot will provide you with what’s going around in your city, country, and the world all within your mobile screen and a single tap. So basically, CNN bot is like your personal news reader which will return you with news as per your fields of interest. CNN is making all efforts to stay relevant in the news media industry which is why it shifted its focus from internet to instant messaging. And what could have been better than Kik, one of the most popular online messaging apps in the USA. With the launch of CNN bot, it has become the first news network to have this sort of instant messaging service. The bot allows you to choose the stories you want to read. You can customize the feed according to your preferences. By actually choosing your preferences, you will be training your bot to become smarter. Thanks to the artificial intelligence, every conversation you make with the bot, it enhances its knowledge of human interaction and behavior.


Gradually, based on the type of news you read and the average duration you spend on a particular article, CNN bot will show relevant news to you. Whenever you find a news article interesting, all you have to do is tap on it and the news will open up! CNN is smart in developing the bot since a large number of users are from the age group of 14-24 and the number of young and teen Kik users is 70% of the total users. It automatically will improve their readership and draw in large number of readers. An advantage of using the bot is that if you are chatting with someone, you need not drop out of the chat to read news. Further, if you find any article worth sharing in your group, you can easily do so without leaving the app to run in the background. Of course, the bot cannot replace standalone news apps but it is a great way to keep in touch with the events of the world. Though the piece of information might be concise, but it will be sufficient in keeping you updated. Suppose you are interested in a piece of news and would like to read it in detail, you can use Kik app browser to read about it in depth.

Cool! Now Tell Me How To Get kik CNN Bot?

When you decide you get Kik cnn bot, you must take care of a few things. First, use only trusted source to download bot. For this, you are suggested to visit official Kik bot shop or Kik website. Second, make sure that you are downloading official bot and not a fake. There are really imitation bots out there which are misleading and often filled with graphic content and incorrect information. For making process of verification easier, Kik has implemented a system of bot verification. Just like verified profiles on Facebook and Twitter have special symbol, official Kik bots have a blue bolt symbol with their icon. If the bot is real, you will see a purple bot at the bottom right of the picture. So you can safely proceed to add it to the main chat list. Now that you are convinced to download Kik cnn bot, let us know the steps to get it. So, just follow the process here:

  • The first step is to head over to Kik Bot Shop on the device. To open the bot shop, you have to open the Kik Messenger app.
  • Now go to the main chat list and tap on the search icon. Select ‘find people’ from the available options and type ‘bot shop’.
  • Once the bot shop opens, enter ‘Kik cnn bot’ in the search field. Add the bot and star using it for getting all the latest news.
  • If you do not wish to open Kik Bot Shop, you can proceed to visit Kik Bot Shop online at and download the bot.

Using CNN Bot

Now that you downloaded the CNN bot and wish to know how to use it, you must grab your smartphone and open the Kik messenger app. Go to the main chat list where all the conversations are recorded. Open the chat in which you will like to use CNN bot. Type @ and wait for all the bots to display. Just tap on the name of the bot you will like to mention. In case you fail to find the desired bot, type full user name of the bot. on detecting the CNN bot, tap on it to send. You can communicate with bot and eventually it will learn the type of news you will like to read. All bots, including CNN, can be used in individual chats as well as group chats. You can also chat to bot to one-to-one basis. For this, you have to just mention a bot to which you are not chatting with.


Bots will be the future of messaging and service extension. There is no strict way to use bots as they are very flexible in approach and can be used as desired. Bots are being improved upon to ensure they are harnessed to maximum potential. Now that CNN has released its bot, we can be assured that many others will follow.

Insights into Scope and Future of Kik Messenger

It has been almost 10 years since Kik arrived in the world of online instant messaging. Ever since its conception and availability, the numbers of Kik users continue to grow. Popularity of the app can be comprehended from the fact that it is being used by people from around 230 countries. It is estimated that 240 million people are communicating with their friends and family members with the help of this fun app. Now, many of us might think that it is the zenith of the app; they may further inquire what more Kik has to offer in the time to come and what other developments we might see. To answer the question, we shall take a look at how the app has reached milestones of popularity and continue to do so, especially when there are almost a dozen of online messaging apps struggling to excel. Period users of Kik might have noticed the changes in the app from time to time, but for the beginners, here is the short history of Kik Messenger.

Timeline of Kik Messenger – A Brief History

  • 2009 – Kik Messenger app is launched by a group of students from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Gets incorporated by Kik Interactive.
  • 2011 – Kik Messenger integrates with various apps and becomes a versatile cross system chat platform.
  • 2011 – Several chats such as FileKicker, DrinkOwl, Smiler, Zwonks, and FlyScreen that integrated Kik were launched for Android and iPhones.
  • 2012 – Kik Cards were launched to enable users to enhance their chats and give them a possibility of sharing and searching for YouTube videos with other users, create artwork, search and share images, without downloading any of them.
  • 2014 – Kik launches its own browser so that users don’t have to use a separate app to browse web while they are on Kik. The browser was integrated in the messenger app itself.
  • 2015 – Arrival of Kik bots, the future of interaction of human and artificially intelligent robots over web and allied services.
  • 2016 – Bots continue to improve and various companies as well as service provider launch their bots to extend their facilities and product reach.

The Future of Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is here to stay, that’s for sure. With latest updates and new features, it is soon going to be in the league of top online IM apps beating WeChat and Line significantly. There is no doubt that popularity of messenger will grow among teens and youngsters in other countries as well. The app has as of now two challenges – to remain relevant in the sudden storm of internet messaging apps and to come up constantly with great features to keep them engaged. Another challenge is to expand the user database in other continents such as Africa and Asia. Demographics here come into play especially when there is a considerable percentage of young generation who is tech savvy and updated about the latest happenings in mobile world. Since 2009, the year of launch of Kik, it has come up with interesting updates and incorporated innovation as more number of people are switching from fixed workstations to mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, and now even smart wearable devices. There is dedicated team of highly sophisticated developers behind success of Kik. They keep on improving the app and making it better than its previous version. We can split Kik’s future plans in basically three categories – bots, enhancing chats and creating new features, and improving Kik codes application to more domains. The people at Kik read the feedback and comments by users and take it really seriously to enhance the functionality of app.


The Scope of Kik Messenger

Kik has become the most popular messaging app after Facebook in the USA. It is no surprise that nearly 70% of the Kik users are below 24 years of age. Since a majority of Kik users happen to be teenagers and young adults, it is quite obvious that development of Kik app and all the updates to be rolled out in future will be focused on their needs and desires. Kik Interactive continues to work upon the app and make it more appealing to those parts of the world, especially South East Asia, where its reach is relatively lower. Some of the features of the messenger are already unique to it such as anonymity, integrated apps, and user protection. But this is not the end because there is a constant healthy struggle among various IM apps to be the leader of messaging apps and grow number of users exponentially. This is where Kik Interactive has rolled out two important features – Kik Codes and Kik Bots, description on which is given below.

  1. Kik Codes

Kik Codes are QR codes which are unique to a user. It is a kind of barcode which can be read by camera on the smartphone or any other mobile device. You can scan QR code of a user and connect with him over app. In this way, you won’t have to exchange usernames. So to invite people to connect on Kik, you have one more method apart from posting the same on social media platforms. You can just post your code on social media and the other user desirous of connecting with you can scan the code with his app and connect to you. This method actually accelerates the process without having to type or search the username manually. Code is unique to every user hence there is not even a single chance of error or misinterpretation. On scanning the code, horizontal and vertical lines run across it and detect the person to which the code is assigned. We can foresee QR codes becoming quite a cool trend in the time to come which will not be used to detect users but to avail other services such as move tickets, gas station bills, restaurant bills, electricity bills, information on a product, and internet telephony.

  1. Kik Bots

Bots are artificially intelligent virtual Kik users that interact with real users to explain their services, products, and other relevant information. Bots vary from sports to fashion, health to traffic, and music to career to name a few. Around 17 million people have conversed with 100 bots already and the number is rising steadily. Various companies are developing their bots for Kik and CNN is the latest to join the bandwagon. Experiencing chatting with bot is similar to chatting with a real user. Bots have become famous to the point where competitors of Kik have started development of their own bots. One of the reasons why bots are getting immensely popular is that people prefer a humanized touch rather than plainly downloading apps and using them. It gives them a sense of talking to real user while enquiring all the doubts and getting them resolved. While apps are not facing a downfall, the developers are also making bots as an extension to the service. Such is the power of social media that everything is being customized around it. Further, artificial intelligence is making bots smarter which simultaneously collect data and user preferences for better service.

III. Other Features

Apart from bots and code, Kik Messenger is coming up with new features such as Kik points and GIF keyboard. We might as well see already existing features to be more flexible in terms of user and robust in terms of security and sturdiness. Going by the trends, there can be updates on security such as end to end encryption. In terms of sharing, Kik users might be able to send documents soon. Some other features might include – redeeming Kik points at popular points of sale, exchange of Kik points, extension of Kik store into a hyper local e-commerce store, and customization of chats.

Kik – Its Popularity, Meeting People, and “Kikme”

Advent of Kik in the world of online IM apps has come along with its own lingo and slangs. Millions of users around the word communicate by the means of exchange of messages, pictures, and graphics with each other through Kik. For an outsider or a person who has never used Kik, Kikme slang might sound like “Kick Me” which is quite offensive in our perspective. However seasons Kik users know what exactly the slang refers to. Such is the popularity of this messenger that around 240 million users are using Kik to converse with their friends and family members. And with the arrival of bots, the number is only expected to rise significantly. Kik users have started asking for message by telling other Kik user, “Kikme”. It is the way how Kik users ask each other to message them.

Often when any particular tool or facility gets immensely popular, it makes way in the modern day to day language. Take for an example, Google. Now, Googling something obviously means searching for it. Google has integrated so much in our lives that ‘to search’ equals ‘to Google’. That is how technology evolves and gets incorporated in our lives. For heavy social media users, kikme, tweet, DM, and PM just conveys the message asking for a message. Looking for other users having same app was never so easy and that too with anonymity, one of the prime features of Kik. Dropping a post on Facebook or tweeting ‘Kikme’ will attract all your friends and followers respectively to message you. Rest is all hours of conversing, sharing ideas, or having sheer fun. Sounds great already!

Scaling Popularity of KikMe

As of now, Kik has already been downloaded by more than 250,000 people around the world and we assure you the number is increasing every day. Versatility of the app and its availability on Windows, Apple, and Android has made it easier for any user with any smartphone to access the app and open a world of opportunities. What is cool is that even if you are relatively new to the app and don’t have any circle of friends using the app right now, you can always proceed to chat with random people. You may also choose to search for the people who share same interests as you. So, you will never run short of interesting people to talk to!

It is estimated that Kik is being used by around 40% of teenagers in the USA and 70% of them are less than 24 years old. This particular age group is really active on Kik and they are sharing it with their friends and family members to stay in touch 24 x 7. Exposure from internet, rave reviews, and word of mouth publicity are the factors what is bringing Kik to even other continents such as Asia and Europe. Let us tell you another fun fact, according to statistics, it is estimated that users are active from around 230 countries! Talk of popularity, eh?

I Feel Exhilarated, How To Meet People On Kik?

Once you have downloaded Kik and started using it, you may find it easier to connect with friends if they are already using Kik. However, if you are a new user with almost nil number of fellow Kik users, it might be a little tough for you to get started. On downloading the Kik, the app asks your permission to read contacts and sync them. If you allow the app to do so, it reads all your contacts and automatically syncs them to the app. Kik will read details such as name, mobile number, and email ID to get hold of fellow Kik users. Once it has done reading, it will list all the users in the app who are in your phone address book.

Now, let us come to the part where you want to meet new people apart from connecting to usual friends. Now, Kik not only puts you in touch with friends in your contact book but also people around the world who use Kik. It might be a little discouraging for you initially to end up chatting with usual friends only but don’t let your heart sink already! Think of integrating WhatsApp and Facebook where you can communicate to your friends and search for strangers as well! That’s what we are talking of! It is extremely easy to find new people on Kik and get started with them. Now, it is up to you whether you want to extend your circle or keep it short and sweet. Now, the real part of the question, how to connect to strangers or my friends on Kik?

  1. There are some third party sites which are not affiliated with KIK Interactive, the developers of Kik where users around the world share their profiles, avatars, and other details. Now, if you are interested in meeting or catching up with really random users, you just need to Google specifically your requirements. Depending upon your search, you may find scores of people that cater to your search. So if you are looking for random guys or girls to talk to, you just need to search ‘kik girls’ or ‘kik guys’. This is a tricky way to attract users and make friends since many times the users are often bogus with fake profiles. Some of them might even share graphic content including pornography.
  2. This option is highly recommended because it is discreet and more private in nature. Suppose you don’t want everyone to know that you are using Kik and wish to select your own set of friends. Now, what you can do is instead of waiting for them to message you, you can search for them yourselves. This particularly will help you if you wish to Kik a fixed set of friends and not all of them in your friends or followers list. This option requires the principle of hashtag where many users share their usernames publicly through hashtags. Just visit any social media platform and search ‘#kikme’. All the users who have shared the same hashtag will be listed and you can choose who to talk to.
  3. You can choose to share your Kik username through app settings. Now, it will show your username to people around the world that are using Kik and also enable them to search for you. It will make finding you easier for them. Now that you have publicly shared your Kik username, you can either tell the same to your friends verbally or through message/ post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You just need to add Kikme as prefix of your username and voila! Now, any one in your friends or followers list will be able to message you and get in touch. Take for example, a post like ‘Kikme @carljosesamson’ on Facebook will imply that you are available on Kik. Simple, isn’t it?

Privacy and Identity Concerns with kikme

Kik allows users to chat with strangers from around the world and it is a natural concern to be worried about identity and privacy. Especially when you are adding strangers, you must be extra cautious. This feature of Kik is what makes it popular and simultaneously lets people with bad intentions take undue advantages. First thing first, Kik is safe and very secure until you show loopholes to the other user yourself. Protecting users’ identity and maintaining their privacy has been priority of Kik Interactive ever since the app was conceptualized. Now, you may be skeptical about using Kik since there are a number of bots and fake usernames floating around. Fear not, because the age old saying ‘our safety in our hands’ stands true just anywhere, not just Kik. All the users of Kik are connected through a unique username, which you can choose to display.


The app doesn’t share phone numbers and email IDs publicly or on Kik unless you want them to be. You can freely connect with strangers without having their phone numbers and email IDs and giving yours in return. When you are assured of their identity and they stand true to their profile description, you may choose to share your detail however that is all your decision at the last. Other users find you on Kik if you have shared your username but if you choose to remain anonymous, you can do so without any hassle. Even the address book is accessed by the app when you give permission for the same. The app has been built in such a manner that you can safely connect to anyone without exposing your details. The user data stored in the server of Kik is removed after a fixed duration so the images and other graphics you share are not stored anywhere.

The bottom-line however comes down to the fact that cyber world is very sensitive and you should be aware of using all the apps and social media platforms with responsibility. It is very crucial that you never pass on your real information without properly ensuring identity of the other user. Typically, a bot or spammer will try to extract details such as name, address, city, date of birth, email ID, mobile number, state or county, place or work or school, and vehicle details. All these details are linked to your real documented identity in records of the concerned organization which makes it easy for the stranger to track you down in real life. These details might help you in connecting with strangers but these details are also used by stalkers alike.

Unless you have met the other person in real, don’t exchange sensitive information at all. Think of these details as your bank details, now surely you don’t pass on your information of card number and PIN to anyone, do you? It is always suggested to meet the other person in a public space rather than his residence or yours; your first meeting shall always be in public domain such as a café or park. Double check your privacy settings on downloading the Kik and understand the responsibility of using internet. If anyone keeps on asking you to share details to the point you are irritated, get alert! Block the person anyway because any random stranger hell-bent on extracting information might have some other motives. Do not use your real first or last name because it will only make task for the stalker easier than you think.

A Word of Caution

Before you proceed to add random strange people on Kik, there are a few things you must keep in mind. Like any other social media platform, there are fake users on Kik as well. Not everyone is genuine on Kik, that’s the truth. While this should not discourage you from adding people, we suggest double checking the profile and ensuring that the other person is not an impersonator or having malicious intentions. There are some users and bots which will try to extract information from you by any means. You shall be extra cautious in these matters because the information you pass on in good spirit might cause cyber-damage later. To ensure that the other person is genuine, you can take some precautionary measures as follows:

  • Cross verify the user by asking the same number of questions of similar interest in return. If he staggers in answering or passes on information that is factually incorrect, stop chatting. He may claim to be from the same school as yours so surely he would know the directions of cafeteria from main gate, won’t he?
  • Check the profile and username on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You might not get much information but chances are there of detecting a spammer. If the other person is spammer, you will find his name specifically on websites of Kik users with graphic content.
  • Ask the user to do something extremely random. For example, ask them to send a photo of a pen lying on the floor near a carpet or a shoe. Or may ask him to send a selfie with tongue sticking out and finger on the nose. We hope you got the idea!
  • You can also ask the user to send you random videos to check if the other person is the one he is presenting to be. A series of videos will eventually help well in this matter. Unlike photos, videos are secure and extremely customized since Googling the exact video is very tough.
  • Ask a set of questions to see discrepancy in their answers. Suppose the other person is from Italy, ask him the capital of Italy and current prime minister. Surely, the other person might Google the answers out but a chain of such questions will eventually help you in detecting the impersonator.

Kik Bots To Enjoy In your Vacations

Vacations have always been associated with trips,memories, and more importantly kik bots that make them a lot of fun. It is the most awaited time of the year when young and old plan to travel and get a break from the daily routine. Many of us enjoy visiting our family members living distantly whereas many others chose to spend time learning new things or for hobbies. For enhancing the overall experience of summer fun, you need not be outdoors all the time. Especially when the sun is blazing hot and you just chose to laze around in the comfort of your home. And here comes Kik messenger for kik bots to boost your productivity and have fun at the same time. You can carry Kik in your smartphone wherever you go and get the most out of it for fun filled activities. Enter Kik Bots, to harness all the features, including extended ones, of the popular messaging app. So, let us see the most popular bots you can enjoy not just in Vacations but upcoming winter and autumn break too!

How Can Kik Messenger Make My Vacations Awesome?

Well, many of you must be apprehensive or skeptical about using Kik messenger app in the summer vacations when you can do a lot of outdoor activities! But fear or doubt not because the app can be used in a great way to mingle with your outdoor activities and make Vacations more fun! You can keep in touch with your friends and family members while you are away. So no longer your mum or pa have to worry about you as you can always message them on the go and show them what great time you are having! You can send them photos and videos in a single click which is again a great feature of Kik bots.

You can search for your old schoolmates or friends you once left in moving to a new city. After all, it is always great to get back to your old friends with whom you have a lot of memories. In this turn, you will be able to meet new people around and extend your circle. If you get lucky, you may meet some of them who share same interests as yours! Isn’t it great? There are a lot of bots you can use for fun and useful services in summer vacation, on which this article is focused. Bots help you extend the functionality of Kik messenger app and provide you with cool features you can flaunt.


Bots? What Are That Anyway?

Bots are automated identities. Whoa, that seems like a random science fiction word, doesn’t it? Well, you can think of bots as a user with who you can interact but with a limitation. Think of Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri, they are automated system controlled identities which respond to most of your queries. These are created by a team of highly intelligent computer engineers on the principle of artificial intelligence. Well, surely that’s a bit tough to comprehend but all you need to know is bots are those system operated artificial intelligence backed users to which you can talk and get answers to your queries.

There are no people behind them but that will not bar you from using one of them, isn’t it? Some of the bots are serious in nature while some others will be there just to have fun. Messenger bots allow you to either interact with them or mention in conversation with other Kik bots users. A great advantage with using bots is that you will not have to download many apps as the respective bots will inform you everything about them. Think of it as a virtual assistant to help you out with information. So you can get hold of news of your county, see if Celtics or Lakers won, find out what is the weather in your hometown and much more.

Before We Proceed onto Kik Bots!

Howsoever cool bots sound, there is always a fraction of risk involved in downloading and using them. While many bots are genuine and offer a plethora of services, many others are filled with malicious intentions. Unfortunately, there are some bogus bots which are designed exclusively to commit fraud and pass on viruses or Trojans. You must be very-very cautious while interacting with bots. Thumb rule is to never let any bot get hold of your personal information, which includes your mobile number and address. If any bot tries to get such information, block them immediately. Genuine bots provide information and other services about Kik and affiliates. Do not download any software or file that seems fishy. Needless to say, if any bot asks you to click a link which redirects you to another page or service, be sure that it is genuine. A good move will be to check genuineness of the bot on web before proceeding with it.

Nice! Tell Me Some Of Cool kik Bots!

Now that you have got the idea of bots, how awesome they are, let us know some cool bots you can use this summer!

How hot it is outside? Weather check!

Suppose you are sitting in your home and wish to know is the weather okay to play basketball. Here you can use a great bot, @yahooweather, by Yahoo! It has been designed to give you an idea of the accurate weather, regardless of the place you are at. You can choose to see weather of your hometown or the city you are currently in. For this, all you need to do is choose the city and click on the option; you can see the weather for L.A., San Francisco, Phoenix, Tampa, just anywhere. The bot will let you know if the weather outside is cloudy, clear, or if there is a possibility of rains! You can also get an idea of predicted weather for today or tomorrow or even a week! It is advised to check the weather before you plan because nobody likes hot rays of the sun when you plan to go on a hike in the noon! @yahooweather comes to your rescue and gives you the best time to go hiking, play basketball, or just enjoy reading a book while lying on the hammock.

Games and more!

Snoozing around and not sure what to do? It is too hot outside and you have no plans of getting sunburn. So what do you do? Well, let @arterra help you with this. It is a great bot which we are sure will be liked by many! If you are a gaming addict, you know how tough it is to spend summer vacations without a little arcade or racing action. And while away from home, you surely miss the comfort of your PS4 or Xbox. Fear not, because this bot lets you play a number of games. You can choose to play chess or racing, just anything. This bot will learn the type of games you prefer and comes up with similar suggestions. So you just need to explore a bit and there you are, reading to test your ability in any game! We are sure this bot will be liked by school kids. Again an awesome feature is that you can share the game with your friends and exchange your highest scores. So next time it is hot outside and you wanna “play”, you know where to go!


Music, dance, and fun!

No Vacations are complete without music and dance and Kik bots surely that care of that too! An awesome bot @rithm is a popular music bot which lets you explore new music. The more you interact with it, the more it will know of your taste in music. It will get the idea of the particular genre you are interested in. So cool! It will take in all the suggestions and then return with similar genre of music, artists, labels, and music. So if you are a One Direction fan or Hannah Mortana makes you groove, @irithm will give you details of latest happenings around them. One more awesome feature is that you can share the music you are listening to with your friends so that they can also know what all awesome music you have been listening to. So, get ready to explore more music, come across great dancing tracks, and hey, isn’t a house party with new friends a fabulous idea? That’s why Kik bots are popular so much!

Your personal travel guide

This bot will particularly appeal to all those wanderers who wish to get the best on their trips. @sensay is a wonderful bot which lets you know more about the places you are going to visit through the perspective of a local person. It puts you in touch with the local Kik user of the city you are going to visit so that you can get all your queries resolved easily. All of it is done anonymously so you need not worry a bit. Suppose you are in India and want to ask the best place to have Chicken Tandoori, just head to @sensay and ask the question out. The bot will then reach out to other Kik bots users and return with a person who is willing to answer this question. You can then proceed to chat with the person anonymously and get all your doubts cleared. For better and quick results, it is suggested to ask specific questions and be precise in approach. Similarly you can go on and ask about places to see, memorabilia to buy, and recipes to savor.


Jobs and work

Some of us prefer utilizing summer vacations to search for jobs or internships. @wirknjobs is such one bot which will help you in searching jobs. It is an awesome feature of this bot that you can limit your job search for your area and around. You can take a 6 question personality quiz and receive job listings base on your preferences. Thus you can get customized listings based on your set of skills, preferences, and city of employment. You can also help your friends in getting a suitable summer job. It will not only help them out but also get you good regards from them! You can go on and enquire about the nature of job, the salary and incentives involved, and working hours. You can continue searching for the specific job listing on Kik browser and get more details on the same. What is greater than utilizing summer vacations through a job and get paid for hard work in return? We recommend @wirknjobs for practically every Kik bots user!

For the abroad flyers

Visiting another country is always a wonderful experience and to make it more of fun, you can use many Kik bots. Head over to @countryquiz, which is a wonderful bot you can use to learn about countries’ flags. Now, that you have decided the place to visit but the country’s native language is not English, what to do? Use @lingiotranslator bot, which will translate your phrase in English in the desired output language. Suppose you are in Japan and want to buy an ice-cream. Now you see the stall but you don’t know how to speak in Japanese. All you need to do is use @lingiotranslator and enter English phrase, the bot will translate it and show. You can show the translated phrase to the ice-cream vendor and bingo! So let it be Spanish or Korean, Hindi or Japanese, you have a handy translator right in your pocket you can use whenever there is a problem in conveying a message. Language is not a hurdle anymore in the foreign country now, isn’t it?

Login Kik Messenger Online on Windows, Mac and Phone

Disclaimer: The information provided in the following article is strictly for educational purpose. It should not be used in any manner to violate the terms of KIK Login Online and all the trademarks associated with it. Read KIK Messenger Terms of Service for details.

About KIK Messenger

KIK Messenger was developed by a group of passionate students from University of Waterloo in 2009. It was intended to shift the focus from computers to smartphones and enable users to keep up with the conversation on the go. A little short than a decade, it became a great way to connect with friends and family in the easiest possible manner. The app reduced the communicational distance and filled the void of staying connected all the while. One of the prime features of KIK is that it protects the identity of the user and is easy to sign up. There is no requirement of putting phone number anywhere. There is no restriction of the session, and you can message as long and as much as you wish to. A lot of people still don’t have access to a laptop or a desktop and primarily use smartphone, which is why the app is extremely popular among masses.

For those who have access to a computer system, KIK has evolved itself to be used on computer as well. It has been designed perfectly to integrate with personal life by the means of technology. Statistics say there are over 275 million KIK Messenger users across 230 countries. Check out how to use KIK Messenger online on computer system in the following article and other ways to harness its potential to the maximum.

Principles of KIK – Online Instant Messaging

Just like the SMS, KIK lets the user send messages to another person in his contacts. The difference being, to send an SMS, you need mobile number of another person but to send messages over KIK, you just need to know his KIK username. Apps like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and BBM use an active internet connection to send messages and multimedia however they need mobile number of the recipient, unlike KIK. It was designed keeping in mind the online security and anonymity of users. When it was launched in October 2010, little the developers know that it will rake in 1000000 users within 15 days of its launch. Since then, the app has garnered millions of users. KIK uses cellular data or Wi-Fi to send a message to anyone who has KIK installed in his device. Those who don’t have KIK installed on their device cannot receive or send a message from and to respectively another person with KIK.

Highlights of KIK Messenger App

KIK is completely free to use and there are no ads or pop-ups to bother between the chat. It makes money through in-app purchases like stickers. There is no limitation on the number of messages sent in a day to friends or family members. There is no restriction on the number of media messages as well. You can set a status and let everyone know your current status or availability. It will show if you are busy, at school, at gym. You can also set custom status for everyone to see, which includes the contacts in your messenger. Status of other contacts can also be seen through the messenger app. If you send a message to someone and he has read it, you will get to know. This is the form of acknowledgment of message delivery and reading.

KIK Features List

  • KIK allows its users to send and get text messages, photos, videos, sketches, websites, and much more all within the app.
  • It is based on created username, rather than real name derived from Facebook or Twitter hence protects privacy.
  • You can also group chat with other friends in your circle however the limit for the number of persons in a group is 10.
  • It has a built-in web browser that lets you surf the internet without leaving the app. You can easily share links too.
  • You can share profile within the app to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter thereby connecting to more friends globally.
  • KIK also lets you play games in single player and multiplayer mode and chat with other people conversing on trendy topics.

How To Do kik login online

Primarily, KIK was developed to be used on mobile devices of different platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. However, owing to the latest technological changes and improvements, KIK is also available to be used on computers. Thus, there are two ways to use KIK now – on mobile and on computer system. Using KIK on mobile requires a smartphone and data connection, either from phone or Wi-Fi whereas using it on computer requires a computer system (desktop or laptop), active internet connection, and special software called emulator. Let us first understand the conventional method of using KIK, on mobile and later on progress to using KIK on computer system.


Using KIK on Computer System

Owing to the developments and continuous efforts to integrate devices, KIK can also be used on PC without any difficulty. Apart from a PC and internet connection, you will need emulators to run KIK on your computer. Unfortunately, KIK Interactive, the developers of KIK, have not release a desktop or online version. Which leaves users to stick to the native method i.e. phone. However, with the help of a wonderful tool called emulator, we can simulate the phone environment on desktop and easily run KIK. Thus, the app will run on desktop in the same way it runs on mobile and that too without any lags or hang. The emulator here acts as an android device which is registered with Google and thus follows all the legal policies and terms of use. There are many emulators available to use however the top three are – BlueStacks, official Android emulator, and Andyroid.

We suggest either BlueStacks or Andyroid because the official Android emulator is intended for developers and has a difficulty curve for beginners. It is important that you have a Google Play account since emulators or KIK won’t install in absence of a Google Play account. Google won’t let you download apps from its store unless you have an android device that is compatible and which has Google Play logged in. if you don’t have an android device, ask your friend or family member to login into your account on their device. It doesn’t matter if you are using Windows or Mac; all you need to have is a little patience since the process takes a little longer than it takes in mobile.

You can easily download KIK to your computer and not just smart-phone. It will allow you to access KIK right in the comfort of your home at your personal computer. A great feature is that it is compatible with MAC and Windows simultaneously. Using KIK on computer will allow you to access the messenger where cell-phones are prohibited or nor getting sufficient network. Further, you can use the messenger on computer if your phone is on charge. There is no extra cost in using KIK on computer hence you need not worry about spending anymore. One important point here is that if you are using KIK on PC, you will be logged out of KIK on mobile phone automatically. This is to ensure that no impersonation is being carried out.

Features of KIK for Computer

  • KIK runs on computer system in the same way it runs on the mobile phone, thereby ensuring there is no difficulty in accessing the app on computer.
  • Using KIK on computer enables the user to exchange messages in the comfort of his home, with a larger screen, better graphics, and ease to type.
  • All the functions of KIK run similarly as they do in the mobile phone. The icons and options are same so the user doesn’t face any problem in using the app.
  • By using KIK on computer, you can continue working with other software. You can play music, send emails, and browse through your system altogether.
  • Like mobiles, KIK can be run on computer system without any cost. You can download the app for free from the respective app store and enjoy chatting.

Installation of KIK on Computer System

Use Of Emulator

An emulator is software or hardware that allows a particular computer system to act like another computer system. Using the emulator will allow your computer system to act as a mobile device. This is how KIK Messenger app will be made to fit to play on the computer system. An emulator is an excellent way to use the mobile apps on the computer, without any lag or hang. Two main emulators can be used in PC; we have given the description of both the emulators here.

KIK for PC using Andyroid

The best option for choosing an android emulator is Andyroid. It is relatively new but easy to install and configure. It has been awarded as well for its stability and simple interface that doesn’t confuse a user. The guide here will give you information on downloading the emulator Andyroid, then installing KIK, and finally running it on the computer. The whole process is free so all you need to have is patience and enthusiasm. Make sure you have an android device and Google Play account. If you don’t have any android device, borrow from a friend, sign in into your account and then sign out quick as soon as the device is registered. Here are the steps to download Andyroid and KIK:

  • Access net and download the emulator. On clicking the download, it will be saved automatically to the desired location of downloads.
  • Once it is finished, double click the Andyroid icon and start the installation process. Now, follow all the steps. Make sure not to skip anything.
  • On installing the emulator, you shall see a screen similar to a new Android tablet screen. The latest version of Andyroid is running on Jelly Bean version.
  • Now, access the Google Play icon at the bottom right of the screen by double clicking it. You will be prompted to login into your Google Play account.
  • It will sync your personal account onto Andyroid now. After syncing, search for KIK Messenger in Google Play and download the same when it shows up.
  • Once KIK is finished downloading, you can double click the app and start using it. You can either create an account or login into the existing one, congratulations now you have kik login online enabled at your end.kik-login-online-users

Note: It is important to have latest graphics card since emulators use graphics heavily. Weak graphic card or old version of the same card will suck the life out of RAM and make processing incredibly slow to work.

KIK for PC using BlueStacks

You may also use BlueStacks as an option, however there are some bugs. Usually, people face issues with it while pairing with different graphic cards. An error message is returned on pairing the graphics card. It is also tough to pair Google Play account with BlueStacks if you don’t own an android device. There have been also reports of error with 1-click option for syncing the devices. However, despite all these flaws, the emulator is very efficient and backed with great investments of time, efforts, and money. Developers are continuously improving the emulator in terms of performance. They are running the system on different platforms and with different apps. Emulator comes with preloaded package of apps; many of them are either suggested or sponsored. Here are the steps to download BlueStacks. All the aforementioned precautions and requirements regarding Google Play account apply here as well.

  • First, download Android emulator BlueStacks by clicking PC download button on its official website.
  • Now, install it in the PC by following all the instructions as they follow up and show on the screen.
  • Once the installation of BlueStacks is complete, open the emulator by double clicking its icon.
  • Interface of BlueStacks in terms of icons and placement will be similar to any other android smartphone.
  • Click the “1 click sync” button to sync Google Play account with BlueStacks app on the computer system.
  • Go through the login and enter Google username and password correctly in the respective fields.
  • Now, the KIK app will be synced with the BlueStacks emulator. Now, go to the app store and search for KIK.
  • Click the icon for KIK Messenger to install it to the computer system. Let the installation get complete.
  • When installation is over, sign-in into KIK app and begin using it. The complete process will take 10 minutes.

Caution: On logging into KIK using the computer, all the data of KIK on mobile phone will be erased. You may also face some compatibility issues between app and emulator. Now since the application has increasingly becoming popular, we hope this issue to be resolved soon.


Using KIK on Mac

If you are having a Mac in your home, you might be thinking that you may get Apple advantage however KIK has not been released for Mac either. It is now in Alpha testing so currently unavailable to use. Some of the options that can be tried to access KIK on Mac are:

  • Preinstalled Boot Camp, which will let you download Windows on Mac. Later, you can use Windows on Mac and follow any of the steps above to get KIK Messenger on computer.
  • Another option is ManyMo, which is an online emulator and doesn’t actually run on the computer. In this, a user logs into his ManyMo account and runs a virtual emulator. From there, he can upload KIK and run it easily on Mac. This option is also good for those who don’t want to install a software to their system.

KIK for Mac using Manymo

Manymo is a popular android emulator which can be used to do kik login online on the computer system. It will allow you to access any of the mobile apps directly from Manymo online service. Basically, an interface is created which mimics the android phone and virtual in nature. Manymo is free to download and easy to use, you can just signup for the service and upload KIK messenger to use on this virtual platform. To use Manymo and later KIK, you need a Google Play account, so that you can download the APK file and upload the same in emulator.

  • Open Google Play and register the device by signing up. This step will allow accessing the applications.
  • Now, sign into the emulator to begin. Find the KIK app on Google Play and download the APK file.
  • Save the APK file and create its backup copy because in free version, you have to download it every time.
  • Create an account and signup. Note down the information separately for login next time.
  • Choose to upload KIK app on the emulator. You can choose the screen size here for better visibility.
  • Hit the “Launch with App” button and locate the APK file for KIK on the computer.
  • Finally, upload the KIK Messenger online and start conversation with friends using your computer.
  • All the conversations will be synced with KIK on computer, if you use your KIK user information.

Using KIK on Computer System

Get started by registering account on KIK. Once the application opens on the mobile device, you will have to press “register” button as the next step. Now, all the asked personal information shall be filled. If you have an account already, press “login” button. You can use KIK users only if you have allowed the app to find your friends. The app is powered to find names, email IDs, and numbers in the contacts of the phone. It will return with the list of those users who have KIK installed and use the same. You can disable the option of getting searched later. For this, you have to tap the gear icon and click “Chat Settings” and follow “Address Matching”.

  1. Adding Friends

It is very easy to add friends on KIK. You have to start by tapping the “Speech Bubble” which will be in the upper right corner. Enter KIK username or real name in the search field to find that friend. Click name of the desired user and tap it. KIK also allows you to find people with interests same as yours. For this, you have to enter the respective interest or hobby in the search field. If there is a group for that particular interest, it will show up in the search column. You can create a group on your own if there isn’t any group. Other people may choose to join the group if they share similar interests.

  1. Adding Photos

KIK also enables you to send photos with messages. For this, you have to press the “+” button by the message field. On tapping the button, the app will open option to send a photo or video already in the gallery or take photo at the instance. For fresh photo, you have to click the icon that resembles a camera. When you take your photo and press the arrow button, photo will be sent to the person the chat is going on with. Depending upon the data speed, the photo or video will be sent immediately or after a few seconds.

  1. Adding Emojis

To add characters and fun graphics to the chats, you can send emojis. It will help you to enhance the quality of conversation and imparts an idea about the tone of the message. A message without emoji usually lacks the emotional connect. Emojis give you various facials expressions icons to send. All you have to do is choose the correct emoji and tap on it. The emoji will be placed where the type cursor is present. Not just facial expressions, there will be a wide array of emoticons that you can use which includes symbols, animals, dishes, and graphical numbers.

  1. Searching Contacts

You can search for the contacts on KIK in your phone book either by letting the app automatically read them or by manually searching. KIK app will read the contacts and search for the person by its name, mobile number, and email ID.

Comparison of Android Emulators

Here is the quick comparison of major emulators that can be used to run KIK on computer system i.e. to do kik login online. Performance of each emulator depends on the graphics card, computer system, and internet connection speed. You can choose any emulator that suits your taste however we suggest reading the following table before proceeding to get one. There is a new emulator after every few days but the top three have been listed here.

Serial Number Emulator Pros Cons
1 Official Android Emulator ·         Official Google emulator hence no or little bugs and tons of support.

·         Works perfectly on setting up.

·         Not meant for general use and inclined towards developers.

·         Requires coding to set up.

·         Big hurdle for beginners and novice users.

2 BlueStacks ·         Most widely used Android emulator out there.

·         Heavily funded and backed thus lots of support in development and updates.

·         General reviews found it to be the most difficult emulator to work with.

·         Creates problems with graphics card etc.

·         Doesn’t feature a full Android user interface like others.

3 Andyroid ·         It has fetched some of the best reviews on the web.

·         You can use your phone to direct and control Andyroid.

·         It accepts push notifications, if you wish to push KIK messages to Andyroid.

·         Since this is the newest simulator, it may be a little buggy. However, to each his own.

·         It is not well funded or backed hence may get updates less than the others.


Using KIK on Mobile Phone

Features of KIK for Mobile

  • Various platforms have various app stores for KIK to do kik login online; user needs to visit the respective app store to download the app.
  • Mobile is the conventional and primary form of using KIK. The app was primarily made to function on mobile phones.
  • It enables the users to communicate with other KIK users, while on the go thereby ensuring conversations never break.
  • Mobile KIK uses either phone’s data or Wi-Fi, which depends on the internet settings chosen by the user for access.
  • You can use mobile where laptops aren’t accessible and simultaneously, exchange messages while travelling or away.

Installation of KIK on Mobile Phone

To use KIK on mobile phone is the conventional method of using this online IM app. All you need to have is a smartphone and internet connection in the form of phone data or Wi-Fi. Now, depending upon the type of smartphone you have, you need to visit its app store. For Android, Windows, and Apple, you need to open Google Play, Windows App Marketplace, and iTunes respectively. Now, once the app store opens, search for KIK. On locating the app, tap its icon and begin installation of the same. Progress of installation can be seen in the notification bar on the screen.

Once the app is downloaded to the mobile, tap its icon to open. Now, you will have to create an account and register to begin using KIK. On the main screen, tap “Register”. The next screen will ask for first name, last name, email ID, birthday, and password. You also need to choose a KIK username. Once all the details have been filled, tap “Register”. To complete the registration, you will have to enter the capcha code from the image. This step ensures that you are not a robot. Enter the capcha code carefully and tap “Finish” button”. You will now be taken to the welcome page where you will be asked for sync of contacts. You can also choose contacts manually. Once the contacts are synced, you are ready to use KIK.

So, we can see that using KIK on the computer is same as using KIK on mobile device. So next time you are unable to use your mobile phone but have ready access to the computer system, KIK Messenger for PC is the way out! You can keep up with the conversation you are having and have fun!

KIK messenger – Introduction,How To Use,Features

A Brief History of KIK Messenger

KIK messenger is a popular real time online messaging app, developed by a group of students from University of Waterloo, Canada in 2003. Since its inception, it has been gaining growth primarily in the USA, and later in the other countries. The app offers a great deal of features and enables the users to chat and exchange media over internet. It uses smartphone’s data or WiFi to exchange messages, photos, videos, graphics, emoticons, and other content. One of the prime and best selling features of KIK messenger is that it preserves anonymity of the users by allowing them to register without providing details of mobile number.


Such is the popularity of KIK messenger that over 240 million, of which 40% are the teenagers of the USA, use the app for instant online messaging. It is available free of cost for iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems. A user can visit the respective app store to download the same to his mobile system or any other device. Users need to have an account on the app store (iTunes for Apple, Google Play for Android, and Windows App Marketplace for Windows) for downloading KIK. There is no limit on the count of messages sent in a day thus users can communicate freely without any restrictions of message count.

Prime Features of KIK

KIK is a popular online instant messaging app which boasts of many features which are exclusive to it. The number of registered KIK users is growing rapidly and it has 240 million users by now which is enough of a proof to determine its famousness among teens and young adults. It was built to mimic the look and functionality like smartphone’s SMS text messaging however it comes equipped with many cool features for maximum fun. Unlike SMS, users need to exchange KIK username and not mobile numbers to begin chatting. This ensures privacy and anonymity, one of the highlights of KIK app. Some features of KIK to gain the most out of it are as follows.


  1. Notifications: When you send or receive a message, you are notified with a short tone. Of course, you can disable the alarm tone if desired. Like traditional text messaging, notifications allow the user to get an acknowledgement of the delivery and receipt of messages. You can customize the tones as well for every new message that is sent or received. Customization can also be done for messages from a new user.
  2. Invitations: You can invite your friends and relatives to use KIK by the means of SMS, email, and Facebook or Twitter. When the invited friends downloads and signs up for KIK, you will be notified of the same. For this, KIK reads the contacts in the device and detects if the invited friend’s number or email address is saved in your phonebook or contacts.
  3. Multimedia Exchange: Not only text messages but you can also send images, sketches, doodles, emojis, videos and much more in KIK. For this, you have to tap the appropriate option and choose the media to be sent. You may also take photos with intergraded camera option which uses phone’s camera to click the picture.
  4. Profile Customization: You may customize your profile by providing a profile picture and other contact information such as mobile number. You can also choose to remain hidden from being searched by mobile number.
  5. Live Type Status: Through this feature, you can see if the other person you are chatting with is composing a reply or not. If he is typing, a blink notification of “typing” will be displayed on the top of the screen. Thus, it will let know if you should expect a reply or hold back for a while.
  6. Read Receipts: A user can know if the message sent by him to the recipient has been read by the latter. This feature works the entire time even if the recipient is not reply instantly or has not started typing yet.
  7. Customization of Chats: You can customize your chat and choose color for chat bubble. It will help you to find specific chat from the chat list and proceed with the conversation. It is a fun way to customize chats and assign different colors to different co-users of KIK in the contacts.
  8. Conversation List: KIK messenger lists all the conversations together, which can be scrolled if the number of conversations is higher to accommodate in a single screen. Once you message a person, a conversation entry will be formed in the list. So that next time, you don’t have to search for the specific person in the contacts and tap on his name to begin the conversation.
  9. Promoted Chats: It is an interesting feature which enables candidates to see a list of interesting chats and be a part of them. On tapping the search icon to add new people, an option of “Promoted Chats” will pop up. On clicking the option, various chats will be displayed with common discussion on any interest or topic in general.
  10. Privacy and Anonymity: You can choose if you want KIK messenger to access your address book to match it with your contacts. You can also block users from contacting you over KIK. Also, there is an option where you may choose to display your mobile number so that other persons may contact you over phone as well.
  11. Web Surfing: On the bottom of the conversation tab, a little globe icon will take you to KIK Browser. It is a gateway to access all the funny web-pages where you can meet new people, play games, surf the web, and share links with the persons in your contacts.
  12. Group Conversations: If you wish to create a group of your friends from a common background or interest, you can do so by tapping “Start a Group” icon and adding them. A group enables multidimensional messaging from several users altogether. A message sent in the group stays in the group and doesn’t go to the other members’ individual chat list.
  13. KIK QR Code: Each KIK user has a distinct KIK QR code which can be accessed from the settings (the gear icon in the top right corner of the conversations tab). To add a user from his KIK code, tap the search icon and then, “Find People”. Now, tap the option “Scan A KIK Code”. You will have to allow KIK to use the camera before scanning other user’s KIK QR code in order to add him.

How to Use KIK messenger on your android phone?

To use KIK on  an android  phone, a user needs to access the google play store and download the app. On downloading, locate the app in the mobile phone and tap its icon. Now, he has to create an account and register by providing first name, last name, email address, birth date (at least 13 years), and a desired username. It is up to the user to provide mobile number in the respective field as it is not mandatory.

kik messenger

kik messenger

Thereafter, a profile picture can be set, which is purely option like mobile phone number. On successful registration, KIK messenger account will be created which will enable the users to start messaging or exchange media with other users with KIK installed on their devices.